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    Larvae of Early Moth from Hutton area early 2008 (A Barker) ARCHIVED WHAT’S ABOUT


    28th March (Please note records are in reverse date order) Belted Beauty (2m, 1f); Potts Corner (B Lambert) 31st March Clouded Drab, Small Quaker; German Lane (E Langrish) Common Quaker (26), Small Quaker (64), Hebrew Character (27), Early Grey; Burgh Meadows (E Langrish) Twin-spotted Quaker (12), Clouded Drab (25), Chestnut (14), Early Grey (2), Brindled Pug(5), Oak Beauty (7), Red Chestnut, Early Tooth-27th March striped (2), Purple Thorn, Mottled Grey; Millhouses (P Marsh) Oak Beauty (2), March Moth (2), Early Grey (2), Clouded Drab (3); Yellow Horned (8), Clouded Drab (10), Small Quaker (3), Common Hale (C Cockbain) Quaker (38), Hebrew Character (12), March Moth, Oak Beauty (2), Early Tooth-striped (3), Blossom Underwing, Early Thorn, Twin-25th March spotted Quaker (6), Diurnea fagella (3), Early Grey (2), Engrailed, Brindled Pug (2); Gait Barrows (R Petley-Jones) Endothenia marginana, bred from Teasel collected in January. The greyish larva emerged into the container on Feb 25th and spun a frail Double-striped Pug; Morecambe (J Girdley) silky cocoon in which it pupated on Feb 27th; Swinton (C Darbyshire) Early Thorn; Worsley (I Walker) 24th March Very unusual looking Double-striped Pug Torrisholme (A Draper) Amphisbatis incongruella, Drinker larva, Glyphipterix haworthana larva, Astley Moss (K McCabe, B Smart) Orange Underwing (7), Amphisbatis incongruella (2), Acleris hyemana, Engrailed, Norther Eggar larvae (6); Winmarleigh Moss (S Palmer) 23rd March

     30th March Agonopterix heracliana (2); Adlington (P Krischkiw) Small Quaker; Bay Horse (N Rogers) 21st March

     Diurnea fagella, Engrailed, Mottled Grey; Brinscall (E Langrish)

     Blossom Underwing emerged - reared by Roy Leverton from eggs laid

    by female light trapped at Gait Barrows in 2007. Shoulder Stripe; Silverdale (P Bromilow per E Langrish)

    Thirteen members of the Lancashire Moth Group met on a windy 18th March Sunday morning to search for Belted Beauty. A couple of hours search produced six males and one female, suggesting that the Small Quaker (new to this tetrad); Morecambe (J Girdley) season is a bit delayed in its start this year.

    Burgh Meadows (E Langrish) 16th March

    Shoulder Stripe; Leighton Moss (K Briggs) Stigmella hybnerella bred from leaf mine; Chorlton (B Smart) Yellow Horned, Oak Beauty, Pale Pinion, Caloptilia elongella, Caloptilia Belted Beauty (male) Sunderland Point (P and V Gilchrist) stigmatella; Flixton (K McCabe) Plodia interpunctella (Indian Meal Moth); Wigan (G & B Wynn) 13th March 15th March

    Satellite; Cuerden Valley Park (A Barker, E Langrish) Light-brown Apple Moth; Emmelina monodactyla, Early Grey;

     Morecambe (J Girdley)

    Swammerdamia caesiella (bred); Chorlton (B Smart)

    Nine species including: Oak Beauty, Small Quaker, Dotted Border and Agonopterix heracliana; Bay Horse (N Rogers) 11th March

    Yellow Horned, Oak Beauty, Mottled Grey, Twin-spotted Quaker, Phyllonorycter salictella bred from mine on Salix sp; Chorlton Water Brindled Pug, Ypsolopha ustella; Silverdale (E Langrish) Park (B Smart)

14th March Psychoides filicivora (mines on Hart's-tongue and Soft Shield Fern);

     Highfield (C Darbyshire)

     Yellow Horned; Rainford (A Cheney)

     8th March

    Chestnut, Oak Beauty, Small Quaker; Wigan (G & B Wynn)

     Twin-spotted Quaker; Preston (A Powell) Eleven moths of four sp. including Dotted Border (6), March Moth;

    Worsley (I Walker) Twin-spotted Quaker, Satellite (7), Red-green Carpet - all to sugar;

     Hutton (A Barker)

    Common Quaker, Hebrew Character, Chestnut, March Moth; Rochdale

    (P Stevens) 7th March One hundred and three moths and fourteen sp. including Yellow Twin-spotted Quaker; Worsley (I Walker) Horned (5), Brindled Pug (5), Twin-spot Quaker (3), Oak Beauty (20), Red Chestnut (3), Mottled Grey; Millhouses (P Marsh) Yellow Horned (4), Mottled Grey, Pine Beauty, Oak Beauty; Brinscall (A Barker, E Langrish) Depressaria daucella, Caloptilia stigmatella (2), Caloptilia elongella (2), Pale Pinion; Preston (S Palmer) Oak Beauty, Small Quaker; Lower Burgh Meadows (E Langrish)

    Nearly Ninety six moths of 15 sp. including Agonopterix ocellana, 6th March March Moth (29), Brindled Pug (2), Oak Beauty (10), Early Thorn (2), Oak Nycteoline; Worden Park (A Barker, E Langrish) Oak Beauty; Pennington (P Pugh) 60 moths of ten sp. including Yellow Horned, Oak Beauty (5); Lower

Diurnea fagella (2), Early Grey; Fulwood (A Powell) 27th February

    Agonopterix heracliana, Clouded Drab (2); Preston (S Palmer) Satellite, Common Quaker, Hebrew Character; Penwortham (E 5th March Langrish)

Satellite (5), Chestnut; Hutton (A Barker) Dotted Border; Adlington (P Krischkiw)

    Oak Beauty (4), March Moth (14), Dotted Border (2), Pale Brindled 4th March

    Beauty (5), Chestnut (2); Brock Bottom (A Barker, E Langrish) Early Grey; Morecambe (J Girdley)

     24th February

     2nd March

     Dotted Border, Brinscall (E Langrish)

     Incurvaria masculella (bred from larva in case found crawling up Oak

    trunk in late January 2008); Bretherton (A Barker) 23rd February

    1st March T. alternella (10), Ypsolopha ustella, Dotted Border (3), March Moth

     (2), Pale Brindled Beauty (9, one of which melanic), Oak Beauty, Dotted Border, Satellite & Chestnut; Brinscal (A Barker, E Langrish) Satellite, Common Quaker; Hutton (A Barker)

    Chestnut (7), Hebrew Character, Dotted Border, T. alternella (2), Chestnut (4), Dotted Border (3 one of which f. fuscata), Engrailed, Common Quaker; German Lane (E Langrish) Light Brown Apple Moth, White-shouldered House Moth; Worsley (I Walker) Satellite (4), Common Quaker, Shoulder Stripe, T. alternella (2); Burgh

    Meadows (E Langrish) Pale Brindled Beauty (10), Satellite (3), March Moth (6), T. alternella

     (6); Mill Leat (E Langrish)

    Hebrew Character; Preston (S Palmer)

    29th February Clouded Drab, Pale Brindled Beauty, Chestnut; White Coppice (E

    Langrish) Common Quaker; Morecambe (J Girdley) Dotted Border (5), March Moth (14), Pale Brindled Beauty, T. alternella, Common Quaker; Burgh Meadows (E Langrish) Satellite (6); German Lane, Euxton (E Langrish) Hebrew Character (3), Common Quaker (5), Dotted Border; Preston 28th February (S Palmer) March Moth (4), Oak Beauty (4), Small Brindled Beauty (2), Clouded 22nd February Drab, Satellite, Common Quaker; Wray (G Jones) Pale Brindled Beauty (10), March Moth (8), Satellite (19), Chestnut March Moth; Adlington (P Krischkiw) (4), Red-green Carpet, T. alternella (9), Spring Usher, Dotted Border

     (8), Shoulder Stripe (2), Hebrew Character; German Lane, Euxton (A Barker, E Langrish) 8th February

    Pale Brindled Beauty(16), Satellite (4), Spring Usher (14), T. alternella Pale Brindled Beauty; Yealand Conyers (B Hancock)

    (16), Dotted border, Chestnut (4), March Moth; German Lane, Euxton (E

    Langrish) Chestnut (3), Dotted Border (2), Pale Brindled Beauty, Agonopterix

    heracliana; Worsley ( I Walker)

     7th February

    Larval searches at this time of year can be really worthwhile. Two

    recent finds are what are believed to be Psychoides filicivora cases on Oak Beauty (2), Chestnut (3), Acleris notana/ferrugana, Light Brown

    Hart's-tongue Fern in Swinton (C Darbyshire) and an Endothenia Apple Moth; Parbold (J Kilgour) nigricostana larva in the stem of Hedge Woundwort in Rixton (B Smart)

     Engrailed, Angle Shades; Boothstown (I Walker)

     13th February

     Hebrew Character; Wigan (G & B Wynn)

     Agonopterix heracliana; Hale (C Cockbain)

     Amblyptilia acanthadactyla; Lostock Hall (R Hall)

     12th February

    Small Brindled Beauty, Chestnut, Dark Chestnut, March Moth (2), Dotted Border (2); High Tatham (P Marsh) Pale Brindled Beauty; Adlington (P Krischkiw) Chestnut (40), Pale Brindled Beauty, Brindled Pug, Oak Beauty, Spring Dotted Border (3), Early Moth; Longton (A Barker) Usher, Early Moth, Hebrew Character (6), March Moth (2), Dark 10th February Chestnut; east of Wray (P Marsh, S Palmer) Light Brown Apple Moth; Bispham (D McGrath) Common Quaker, Light Brown Apple Moth; Euxton (E Langrish) Hebrew Character; Worsley (I Walker) Clouded Drab; Adlington (E Langrish) 9th February Hebrew Character (2), Pale Brindled Beauty; Preston (S Palmer) Chestnut, Common Quaker (Orrell) P Alker Clouded Drab; Heysham (P Marsh) Narycia duplicella (larval case); Chorlton (B Smart). (These can be 6th February found on lichen covered tree trunks.) Early Grey; Euxton (E Langrish) Light Brown Apple Moth; Lostock Hall (R Hall) Clouded Drab; Rochdale (P Stevens) Pale Brindled Beauty, Dotted Border, Chestnut; White Coppice (EL) Pale Brindled Beauty; Burgh Meadows (E Langrish)

    Spring Usher (6), Pale Brindle Beauty (3), T. alternella (5), Dotted 5th February

    Border; Bretherton (A Barker)

     Plodia interpunctella - indian meal moth (7); Bretherton (A Barker)

    Chestnut (2); Wigan (G & B Wynn) Hebrew Character, T alternella; Mill Leat (E Langrish)

    T alternella; Burgh Meadows (E Langrish) 26th January

4th February Spring Usher (2); Bretherton (A Barker, E Langrish)

Chestnut, Dotted Border, Satellite; Worsley; (I Walker) Dotted Border; Chestnut (2); Fulwood (A Powell)

    Tortricodes alternella; Parbold (J Kilgour) 3rd February

    25th January Dotted Border (2); Worsley (I Walker)

    Epiphyas postvittana (Light Brown Apple Moth); Fulwood (A Powell) 1st February

Dotted Border; Wray area (P Marsh) flying in sub zero temps Brindled Beauty, Red-green Carpet; Orrell (P Alker)

     thSpring Usher (12) T alternella (3); Howick (A Barker) 29 January

    Satellite; Worsley (I Walker) Pale Brindled Beauty; Billinge (C Darbyshire)

    Satellite, Tortricodes alternella (2), Early Moth (2), Chestnut (2), Chestnut (6), Common Quaker, Dotted Border; Worsley (I Walker)

    Spring Usher (7); German Lane, Euxton (E Langrish) 28th January

    24th January Chestnut (2); Gait Barrows (R Petley-Jones)

    Dark Chestnut, Chestnut, Early Moth; High Tatham (P Marsh) Dotted Border; UpHolland (C Darbyshire)

    23rd January 27th January

    Spring Usher, Chestnut, Hebrew Character, Tortricodes alternella, Pale Brindled Beauty, Chestnut (5), Hebrew Character; Fulwood (A

    Agonopterix arenella; Parbold (J Kilgour) Powell)

    22nd January Chestnut, Dark Chestnut; Billinge (C Darbyshire)

    Double-striped Pug; Morecambe (A Draper) - emerged indoors from Pale Brindled Beauty (3), Spring Usher (6), T. alternella (6), Chestnut,

    pot plant Satellite; Mill Leat (E Langrish)

20th January 12th January

    Chestnut; Brock (A Barker, E Langrish) Spring Usher (28), Early Moth (2), Chestnut (2), Tortricodes alternella;

     German Lane, Euxton (E Langrish) Spring Usher (3), Tortricodes alternella (A Barker, E Langrish)

    Dotted Border; Worsley (I Walker)

     19th January

    5th January (emergence date)

     Dotted Border, Early Moth (several), Spring Usher (many), Pale

    Phyllonorycter strigulatella bred ex Grey Alder; Chorlton Water Park Brindled Beauty (6), Chestnut, Dark Chestnut; High Tatham and

    (B Smart) surrounding area (P Marsh)

Tortricodes alternella (6), Pale Brindled Beauty, Spring Usher (49), Chestnut 4th January

    (3), Early moth, Satellite; Euxton (E Langrish)

     Satellite; German Lane, Euxton (E Langrish) Red-green Carpet, Dark Chestnut; White Coppice (E Langrish) Pale Brindled Beauty; Preston (S Palmer) 1st January 18th January

    Spring Usher (3); Mottled Umber (4), Winter Moth (2); German Lane,

    Spring Usher (10), Satellite (2), Early Moth, Chestnut; German Lane, Euxton (E Langrish) - the earliest record of Spring Usher in Lancashire. Euxton (E Langrish) Mottled Umber; Higher Tatham (P Marsh) - on window at one minute past midnight! 17th January Mottled Umber; Egerton (S Martin) Early Moth (2), Spring Usher; High Tatham (P Marsh) Mottled Umber; Preston (S Palmer)

    16th January

    Angle Shades; Southport (S Jackson)

14th January

Dotted Border; Heysham NR (P Marsh)

13th January

    Pale Brindled Beauty (3), Chestnut; Preston (S Palmer)

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