a miracle

By Cynthia Alexander,2014-12-13 21:29
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a miracleA,a


    Once upon a time, there was a girl called Shitty who was never popular among her friends only because her name Shitty which sounds like shiting. Her friends

    were not to blame and we all know that no one want to hang out with a friends who was alway shiting, right?

    On an sunny morning, Shitty made a decision after being upset for a long time because her ridiculous name, that she wanted to surprise the world. Pondering what to do, something came to her mind. Without hesitation , she went to the toilet directly. No one saw Shitty for a whole day and her parents were worried about her and they even tried for ask help from the police. What surprised everyone is that the toilets were totally different from what it used to be -dingy, smelly, stuck with shits on the next day. Everyone took it for granted that it was Shitty who cleaned the toilets. When they saw Shitty the next day , they all complimented on her behavior, which greatly confused her.

    Every Monday morning , people would find out the toilets became fresh again and Shitty because more popular among her friends because of her hard work.

    There is a secret about her.

    On that day , while Shitty was wondering why she was not attractive to her friends, an angel came from the heaven.

    why aret you happy?, asked the angel.

    I am not popular and even my parents dont like me as the way they like my

    brothershe said to the angel.

    Do you know why you are called Shitty? You parents didt pick name randomly.

    God sent you to the world. Your obligation in this world is to shit. Havent you find

    out you have special taste for shit? So ,just eat the shit and help the whole world.

    said the angel.

    Everyone who is born in this world has obligation to help others. You are either

    shitting or eating shit.

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