31st March

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31st March31st

    White Pinion-spotted, Currant Pug; Flixton (KMcC)ARCHIVED WHAT’S ABOUT

    (January-April 2007) Common Heath; WiltonQuarries (KMcC, S. Hind) (Please note records appear in reverse date order) Brindled Beauty; Orrell (PA) 30th AprilLunar Marbled Brown, Water Carpet, Early Tooth-

    Striped, Pine Beauty; White Coppice (EL)Poplar Hawk, Lime Hawk; Parbold (JK)

    Seraphim, Least Black Arches, Cochylis 26th Aprilatricapitana; Huyton (ST)

    Plutella porrectella, Grapholita jungiella, Elachista Pebble prominent, Early tooth-striped; German apicipunctella, Streamer (3rd Flixton record), Lane, Euxton (EL)Garden Carpet, Common Pug, White-spotted Pug,

    Muslin Moth (9); Flixton (KMcC) Lime Hawk-moth; Preston(SPa)

    Endothenia marginana (emerged) bred from Amblyptilia acanthadactyla, Muslin Moth; Hale larva in Teasel head Prescot Reservoirs (ST) (CC)

    Yellow-barred Brindle; Warton (ME)20th April

    25th April 78 moths of 21 sp. including Lunar Marbled

    Brown (4), White-pinion Spotted, Powdered Adela reaumurella; Birkbank (C Kaighin) Quaker, Early Tooth-striped (2), Oak Nycteoline,

    Shuttle-shaped Dart, Purple Thorn, Oak-tree Pug Emperor Moth; Millhouses (PM)and Diamond-back Moth; Dalton VC59 (CD)Pebble Hook-tip, Waved Umber, Chinese Adela reaumurella over a hundred swarming Character; North Lancs(PM)around top of Birch tree and Coleophora

    serratella case; Prescot Reservoir (ST)Muslin Moth, Pale Tussock; Euxton (EL)

    Elachista rufocinerea (300) Daltonobserved

    flying at dusk (CD)Small Phoenix, Powdered Quaker; Huyton (ST)

    Emperor Moth, White Coppice (EL) Grapholita janthinana (emerged) bred from larva

    on Hawthorn; Chorlton Water Park(BS)

    Great Prominent(2), Scorched Carpet(2), Barred

    Tooth-striped(3), Blossom Underwing, Barred 24th April Umber(2), Waved Umber(4), Grey Shoulder-knot,

    Purple Thorn(4) Gait Barrows (S&CAP)May Highflyer (emerged) bred from larva on

    Alder; Chorlton Water Park(BS) 19th April

    Peach Blossom,Common Carpet (4), V-Pug; Common Carpet, Preston(AP)(KMcC)

    Plutella xylostella (diamond-back moth), Chinese Character, Lime Hawk-moth; Orrell (PA)Elachista apicipunctella (2), Flame Carpet, Oak

    Tree Pug; Flixton (KMcC) 23rd April

    Larval cases - Coleophora lusciniaepennella on Pebble Hook-tip; Flixton (KMcC)willow, Coleophora laricella on larch; Ashton-

    under-Lyne(KMcC)Barred Tooth-striped; Pointer Wood, Silverdale

    (RG)Metzneria lappella emerged from burdock seed

    heads collected in February along Bridgewater 22nd April Canalnr Worsley (KMcC)

    Esperia sulphurella, Elachista canapennella, Small Lunar Marbled Brown; Parbold (JK) Phoenix (3), Ruby Tiger, Currant Pug; Flixton

    (KMcC)Angle Shades (Worsley) and Muslin Moth (Boothstown) (IW)21st April

Argyresthia trifasciata; Boothstown (IW) - 17th April

    earliest county record by over a week.

Grey Birch, Meresands Wood (R Boydell)Pine Beauty; Rochdale(P Stevens)

    Powdered Quaker, Boothstown (IW)Cochylis atricapitana Heysham (J Holding) -

    earliest ever county record by two weeks. 15th April

    Lunar Marbled Brown, Wray (PM)

    Barred Tooth-striped(19), Great Prominent,

    Scarce Prominent, Barred Umber;Gait Barrows Lesser Swallow Prominent, Meal Bank, nr Wray (GJ)(PM)

    Bee moth, Spruce Carpet, Powdered Quaker, Pine Red Sword Grass and Pine Beauty out of 190+ Beauty; Parbold (JK) moths, Lower Green Bank Farm, Thrushgill (PM)Esperia sulphurella; Up Holland (CD) Barred Tooth-striped - I thought I was doing well

    with three singletons (at Silverdale) through the

    week, but my son Richard put the trap along the 14th Aprillane opposite the pond on The Row, last night

    and came up with sixIt's a thicket of ash Emperor Moth; Trough of Bowland (P Morris) saplings, but I haven't seen any privet. (RG)Dark-barred Twin-spot Carpet, Small Phoenix, V Pug, Twenty Plume Moth (10) Billinge (CD)Pale Prominent; Flixton (KMcC)

    Larvae beaten from Blackthorn blossom - Agonopterix alstroemeriana Hale (C Cockbain)presumably Sloe Pug; Chorlton (BS) Garden Carpet, Pine Beauty, Purple Thorn; Narycia duplicella from pupal cases found on Billinge (CD)hawthorn tree trunk, Flixton (KMcC)Oak-tree Pug; Worsley (IW)12th April

    Oak Tree Pug (5); Preston(SP) Shuttle-shaped Dart, Muslin Moth; Flixton (KMcC) Lesser Swallow Prominent, Yellow-barred Brindle; Elachista maculicerusella bred from reed canary Warton (M Elsworth)grass at Flixton (KMcC)

    Broom Moth, Pine Beauty; Bay Horse, nr. Glyphipterix haworthana bred from cotton grass Dolphinholme (N A J Rogers)at Astley Moss (KMcC)

    Least Black Arches, Flame Carpet, Lesser Garden Carpet; Wigan(P Alker)Swallow Prominent; Silverdale (T Riden)

    Acleris hyemana, Bowland (PA)Eriocrania subpurpurella (51), Flame Shoulder,

    Pine Beauty; Parbold (J Kilgour)Grey Birch, Glazebury (DW)

    Lime Hawk Moth, Heysham (J Holding)Ruby Tiger, Dark-barred Twin-spot Carpet; Leigh

    (DW)Barred Tooth-striped (4), Waved Umber, White

    Pinion-spotted, Lunar Marbled Brown (12); An excellent catch at the upper Hindburndale site Silverdale Moss (P Marsh, G Jones)at Botton Mill last night showed just how a few

    hundred metres up a valley can alter the Grey Shoulder Knot (1st record for site), Waved composition of the catch. The Hebrew Character Umber; High Tatham (P Marsh)were all pristine new emergents. Mottled Grey

    was very worn reflecting the considerable (up Poplar Grey; Preston (SP) - earliest county record here) temporal difference between early-spring by two weeksMottled Grey and the very fresh mid-spring Early

    Tooth-striped also Purple Thorn. (PM)Oak Nycteoline, Purple Thorn, Water Carpet (few),

    Spruce Carpet, Currant Pug (earliest county EarlyTooth-striped (IW)record by a couple of days); White Coppice (EL)

    Acrocercops brongniardella (2nd adult record Cochylis atricapitana; another early one from here), Caloptilia rufipennella; Billinge (CD) Heysham Nature Reserve (A Draper)

     Belted Beauty (22m : 20f); Potts Corner (B Snell)13th April

    Humming-bird Hawk Moth; Heysham NR (PM)

Emperor moth (male); near Botton Head upper Oak Beauty Rochdale(PS)

    Hindburndale (PM)

    Barred Tooth-striped Silverdale (R Griffiths). The Flame Shoulder, Euxton (EL)first record this year in Lancs of this nationally

    rare moth. Please could all recorders in the north

    of the county keep a good look out for this 11th April species.

    Muslin Moth; Leigh (D Wilson)Pine Beauty, Warton (ME)

    10th April Orange Underwing in flight in sunshine; Kings

    Moss (C D) and another at Leigh (DW)Barred Tooth-striped; Silverdale (R Griffiths)

    5th April Flame Carpet; Warton (M Elsworth)

    Powdered Quaker; Millhouses (PM)Pebble Prominent (2); Leigh (DW)

    Brindled Pug; Worsley (IW)Waved Umber; Hale (CC)

    Small Quaker; Boothstown (IW)Grey Shoulder Knot; Newton Hall in the Lune

    valley (PM)4th April

    9th April Humming Bird Hawk-moth; Heysham North

    harbour wall Lou Cross (per P Marsh)Pine Beauty; Euxton (EL)

    Visits over the last few days indicate we are in for Shuttle-shaped Dart; Leigh (DW)a bumper year for the Belted Beauty. Counts

    made by Brian Hancock, Eddie Langrish and Early Thorn, Herald; Worsley (IW)Steve Palmer on different parts of the Sunderland

    Point to Potts Corner site have produced

    significant numbers. It is a case of taking great Early Tooth-striped, Agonopterix scopariella; care as the numbers are such that you will need Flixton (KMcC)to keep your eyes peeled to ensure you don't

    tread on any!Agonopterix arenella, Preston (SP)

    2nd AprilBrindled Pug, Shoulder stripe; White Coppice (EL)

    Eriocrania subpurpurella (app.10) flying around Angle Shades at Sallow; Euxton (EL)oak tree and Coleophora paripennella (6) larval

    cases on knapweed; Flixton (KMc)Humming-bird Hawk-moth, Clitheroe (M Wilcox)

    Orange Underwing in Birch woodland; Worsley 8th April (IW)

    Orange Underwing (2) nectaring on Sallow; Streamer; Silverdale (TR)Burnley(G Gavaghan)

    170 or so moths at Millhouses - Highlights: Pale Shoulder Stripe; Warton (ME)Pinion, 32 Twin-spotted Quaker, 2 Early Tooth -

    striped, March Moth (PM)

    7th April

    1st April

    Blossom Underwing Leighton Moss (T Hutchinson,

    K Briggs, K Kellet)Powdered Quaker; Flixton (KMcC)Agonopterix ocellana, Worsley (IW)Humming Bird Hawk, Silverdale (P Thompson per

    D Bunn)

    Belted Beauty (3m) Sunderlandvillage end (G

    Mortimore)Comment from Dave Wilson in Leigh - Here

    March came in like a lion and went out like a Coleophora discordella (larval case on Bird's-foot lamb. Common Quaker numbers were fairly Trefoil); Flixton (KMcC)low until the second weekend when they

    rocketed to 119: on the 28th they reached

    zero, but on the same night Hebrew 6th April Characters were in double figures for the

    first time. The clear highlights were three Coleophora juncicolella (case swept from Heather) Red Chestnuts at Glazebury on the 28th and and Lampronia fuscatella (larval galls on Birch); a Tawny Pinion at home next night. Both Astley Moss (K McCabe)

    places appear to have been declared micro-

    free zones. Tawny Pinion; Flixton (KMcC)31st March Oak Beauty; Silverdale (TR)Eriocrania unimaculella, Argyresthia goedartella Pale Pinion; (picture) Worsley (IW)(larva), Coleophora serratella (cases),

    Amphisbatis incongruella, Orange Underwing; Oak Beauty, Dotted Border (still about), Astley Moss (KMcC, B S)Engrailed, Tawny Pinion (less common than

    formerly); Flixton (KMcC)Early Grey, Hebrew Character, Common Quaker;

    Lytham (A & D Wright)24th March

    Clouded Drab, Early Grey, Hebrew Character, Brindled Pug; Yealand Conyers (BH)Common Quaker; Euxton (R Hoult)

    Ian Walker tried out his new Robinson 30w Early Grey, Hebrew Character, Common Quaker; Actinic trap last night in his father's garden in Lancaster (C Barnes) Boothstown which produced Clouded Drab (2),

    Hebrew Character and Early Grey 30th March

    Orange Underwing (4) (flying around Birch during Clouded Drab, Common Quaker, Hebrew day), Rainford (C Davies)Character; Bay Horse (N A J Rogers)

    Amongst other species: Brindled Pug, Twin-Early Tooth-striped; Worsley (IW) spotted Quaker; German Lane, Euxton (EL)

    Pammene argyrana; Haydock (D & G Atherton) March Moth, Small Quaker (4) White Coppice (EL)29th MarchTwin-spotted Quaker, Diurnea fagella, Pale Pinion

    Fulwood (AP)Tawny Pinion; Leigh (D Wilson)

    Yellow Horned (9), Oak Beauty, Twin-spotted Common Pug; Kirkham (M Myerscough)Quaker (8) Sidings Lane, St Helens(R Banks, C

    Davies, D Owen)Double Striped Pug; Euxton (EL)

    23rd March 28th March

    Red Sword-grass, Chestnut; German Lane, Red Chestnut (3); Glazebury (DW)Euxton (EL)

    Hebrew Character on Sloe blossom near ChorleyAngle Shades, Up Holland(CD)(E Langrish)

    21st March 27th March

    Orange Underwing (14) flying around Birch Orange Underwing; Bickershaw, Leigh (5) and during day; Bold Moss, St Helens (R Banks)Pennington Flash (8+) (DW)

    21st March Twenty Plume Moth, Billinge (CD)

    Common Quaker (4), Small Quaker (2), Clouded Clouded Drab (8), Common Quaker (8), Small Drab, Satellite (2); near Chorley (EL)Quaker (5), Hebrew character (2), Early Thorn,

    Brindled Pug, Grey Shoulder-knot; Parbold (JK) Psychoides filicivora emerged, bred from leaf of

    Harts-tongue Fern, Flixton (KMcC)Small Quaker, Boothstown (IW)

    17th March 25th March

    Double-striped Pug; Fulwood (AP)Oak Beauty, Early Grey, Common Quaker,

    Clouded Drab; Warton (M Elsworth)Engrailed, Brindled Pug; Chorley(EL)

Early Thorn, Red Chestnut; Flixton (KMcC)9th March

    16th March Small Quaker (2); Mill Leat, Euxton (EL)Brindled Pug; Mill Leat, Euxton (EL)8th March

    Twin-spotted Quaker; White Coppice (EL)Shoulder Stripe, Euxton (EL)

    Amblyptilia acanthadactyla; Carnforth (L Lyon)Twin-spotted Quaker; Flixton( KMcC)14th March Emmelina monodactyla; Lostock Hall, Preston(R


    Diurnea fagella, Small Brindled Beauty; Mill

    Houses, Wray (PM)Early Grey; Fulwood, Preston(AP)

    Yellow Horned, Flixton (KMcC)7th March

    13th March Oak Beauty; Pennington (D Wilson)Pale Brindled Beauty, Common Quaker, March Oak Beauty; Light Brown Apple Moth Billinge (CD) Moth, Hebrew Character, Small Quaker, Clouded

    Drab Hale (CC)March Moth (5), Oak Beauty (10), Clouded Drab

    (3), Tortricodes alternella (2), Hebrew Character Yellow Horned Dalton(VC59) (CD) (2), Small Quaker (7), Chestnut (2), Satellite (6),

    Yellow Horned, Common Quaker, Early Grey;

    Millhouses, Wray (G Jones)Depressaria daucella, Billinge (A Fairhurst)

    Common Quaker (3); Norden, Rochdale(P 11th March Stevens)

    Common Quaker (12), Hebrew Character (4), Humming-bird Hawk-moth; Lancaster University Small Quaker, Satellite, Clouded Drab (2); DaltonCampus (L. Blades) (VC59) (R Charles)[This surely must have overwintered in the area.]An amazing 190 moths of 16 species caught last 6th Marchnight at Millhouses, Wray. Highlights: 3 Small

    Brindled Beauty (unexpected and a new 1km

    record), 97 Small Quaker, 17 Oak Beauty, 3 Caloptilia elongella, Agonopterix heracliana (6),

    Brindled Pug (first of the year), 9 Yellow Horned, M.sturnipennella, Yellow Horned, March Moth (2), Shoulder Stripe (one of these at Heysham Nature Dotted Border (2), Engrailed, Common Quaker, Reserve as well) Small Brindled Beauty (3) (J Hebrew Character (9); Flixton (KMcC)Roberts and PM)

    Oak Beauty; Euxton (EL)

    Early Grey, Twin-spot Quaker; Worsley (IWr)

    Amblyptilia acanthadactyla; Hale (CC)

    Herald; Flixton (KMcC)

10th March

    4th March

    Engrailed, Pale Pinion, Diurnea fagella; Worsley

    (IW)Oak Beauty, March Moth, Hebrew Character,

    Clouded Drab; Parbold (J Kilgour)Agonopterix ocellana, Amblyptilia acanthadactyla,

    Emmelina monodactyla, Small Quaker, Angle Hebrew Character, Euxton (EL) Shades; Flixton (KMcC)

    Big contrast between the lower Hindburn valley Yellow Horned; White Coppice (EL)(Millhouses) and the upper Hindburn (Botton Mill)

    over the last two nights. The composition of the Small Quaker, Early Grey; Preston(SP)Millhouses catch was quite a shock and shows

    just how advanced this season is at the lower

    levels with the hoped-for species, Small BB, Small Quaker (38), Yellow Horned (2), Twin-spot perhaps long gone? (PM) Quaker, Red Chestnut, Oak Beauty (8), Early

    Grey (5), Red Sword Grass, Pale Pinion; Mill

    Houses, Wray (PM)3rd March

    Hebrew Character (2), Small Quaker, Oak Beauty Dotted Border, March Moth; White Coppice (EL)(3), Tortricodes alternella, Satellite; Millhouses

    (PM)Oak Beauty, Pale Brindled Beauty (3), Dotted

    Border; High Tatham (P Marsh) Common Quaker Hebrew Character; Parbold (JK)

    Chestnut (3), Worsley (IW)

    Agonopterix heracliana, Endrosis sarcitrella

    (white-shouldered house moth), Billinge (CD)Oak Beauty and Hebrew Character; Leigh (DW)2nd March 22nd February

    Tortricodes alternella (4), Spring Usher, Pale Tortricodes alternella, Pennington; (IW)Brindled Beauty (3), March Moth (2), Chestnut

    Botton Mill(P Marsh)Clouded Drab, Hutton (AB)

    Common Quaker, Euxton (EL) Dotted Border, Chestnut; Parbold (J Kilgour)1st March Chestnut, Pale Brindled Beauty; Worsley (IW)Early Grey, Billinge. Phyllonorycter strigulatella 21st February bred from Grey Alder (CD)

    Satellite, Euxton (EL)26th February

    Engrailed, Worsley (IW)As an example of what can be achieved even in

    late winter when little is on the wing, fifteen 20th February species of micromoth were recorded by larvae or

    larval feeding signs on Bridgewater Canal

    towpath, south Manchester(KMcC)Dotted Border,Howick Brook torch search (AB)Endothenia gentianaeana, Worsley (KMcC) - two Pale Brindle Beauty, Hebrew Character, Common larvae in seedhead of Teasel (checked against Quaker; Hutton (AB)the larval pictures in UK Moths as there are a few

    other species that use Teasel heads as a 19th February foodplant).

    Small Brindled Beauty (2) at its only known Hebrew Character, Worsley (IW)10km square in Lancs and one of only 2 in NW

    England, Pale Brindled Beauty (2), Chestnut, March Moth; High Tatham (PM)

    25th February 18th February

    Early Tooth-striped, Double-striped Pug; March Moth, Euxton (EL)Silverdale (R Griffiths)

    Chestnut, Worsley (IW)24th February

    17th February Early Moth, Satellite; Worsley (IW)

    Dotted Border. Worsley (IW)Clouded Drab, Leigh (D Wilson)

    16th February Larval cases of Narycia duplicella (monilifera) on

    a hawthorn trunk, Flixton (K McCabe)Pale Brindled Beauty (3), Spring Usher, March

    Moth, Chestnut, Common Quaker (3), Hebrew March Moth, Dotted Border (2), Pale Brindled Character, Dotted Border; Lightfoot Green (SP)Beauty, Common Quaker (3), Clouded Drab,

    Hebrew Character (8), Satellite (2), Red Sword-15th February grass; Lightfoot Green (SP). But no micros at all

    - I would have expected Tortricodes alternella on Tawny Pinion, Heysham (J Holding)a night like this in February.

    Satellite, Light-brown Apple Moth; Euxton (EL)23rd February

    Pale Brindled Beauty, Spring Usher, March Moth, Dotted Border (2), Chestnut Churn Clough torch Chestnut (2); Parbold (JK)search (A Barker)

    13th FebruaryEarly Moth, Euxton (EL)Pale Brindled Beauty, Silverdale (RG)Oak Beauty, Mere Sands Wood (R Boydell)12th February 27th January

    Hebrew Character, Fulwood (AP) Chestnut, Preston(AP)

    Plodia interpunctella, Southport (AB)18th January

    5th February Plodia interpunctella; B&Q store, Preston (AB) Emmelina monodactyla sitting on Juniper bush in 15th January

    daytime, Yealand Conyers (B H)

    Light Brown Apple Moth, Satellite, Chestnut;

    2nd February Euxton (EL)

    Light-brown Apple Moth (2), Spring Usher (2), 11th January

    Dark Chestnut; Hale (C Cockbain)

    Spring Usher, Wray area (PM)Chestnut, Dotted Border ;Worsley Hall Garden

    Centre (IW) 10th January

    Glasson Dock area: I was somewhat amazed to Hebrew Character, Flixton (KMcC) see a half grown Drinker caterpillar wandering

    about. According to the reference books they 9th January don't normally resume feeding until mid-April. (B Dyson)Hebrew Character, Yealand Conyers (BH) 1st FebruaryMottled Umber, Flixton (KMcC)Early moth (2), Chestnut, Brimstone Moth larva Tortricodes alternella seen flying by Hawthorn torch search on Blackthorn, Hoole (AB)hedge in Dalton (VC59) (CD)Red-green Carpet, Lightfoot Green (SP)6th January

    31st January Several Early Moths were found by torchlight

    emerging in Hawthorn hedge about 9pmat Grey Birch, March Moth, Pale Brindle Beauty Barnoldswick (K Briggs)(melanic), Hebrew Character, Satellite and

    Chestnut (2); Flixton (KMcC) 2nd January

    Light brown apple moth (2), Chestnut (2), Pale

    brindle beauty; Euxton (EL) Herald (7) hibernating in a shed and an active Mompha subbistrigella, Golborne (C D) Chestnut (12), Satellite, Pale Brindled Beauty (6), Red Admiral fluttering about in porch at Billinge Small Brindled Beauty, Early Moth; Old Moor which then settled down again in a slightly darker Road, nr Wennington (PM) corner (CD)

    Small Brindled Beauty, Pale Brindled Beauty, 1st January Chestnut; Ashley's Farm, nr Wray (PM)

     Acleris hastiana at light, Flixton (KMcC) Dotted Border; Heysham Nature reserve (PM)

Dark Chestnut, Chestnut, Pale Brindled Beauty (2); Leighton Moss overnight (PM)

    30th January

    Mompha subistrigella, Birkdale (AB)

    29th January

    Chestnut, Acleris hastiana (3), Oak Beauty

    (earliest known Lancsrecord); Flixton (KMcC)

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