Ignatia is a large woody climbing shrub indigenous to the Philippines

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Ignatia is a large woody climbing shrub indigenous to the Philippines

    IGNATIA AMARA (St. Ignatius’ Bean)

    Ignatia is a large woody climbing shrub indigenous to the Philippines. It belongs to the Loganiaceae family, which

    also includes Nux vomica, Gelsemium, Curare, Oleander, and Spigelia. The remedy is prepared from the seeds.

TOXICITY: The toxicology of Ignatia closely resembles that of Nux vomica. Both contain Strychnine. Both

    produce similar exaltation of spinal reflexes with the resultant tetanic spasms and muscular twitches. Death is

    caused by asphyxia due to tetanic contractions of the respiratory muscles.


    Sensitive, excitable children who need a lot of love and GRIEF … DISAPPONTED LOVE (Phos-ac, Hyos) … affection. IDEALISTIC. Teenage years bring FRIGHT … ANGER … bad news … shattered hurts and romantic disappointments leading to anger idealism (life is full of disappointments) jealousy. and hysterical behavior (storming out of rooms,

    slamming doors, etc.) Life gives a few more blows, AFFINITIES:

    so to protect their sensitive side, they wall off, become - MIND.

    isolated, put up a façade of toughness and even - NERVOUS SYSTEM.

    masculinity (liberated woman type where it is carried - Cerebro-spinal axis.

    to an extreme.) Emotional expression becomes

    subdued and yet vents in outbursts of anger and MODALITIES:

    discontentment. The unvoiced suffering finds <: EMOTIONS (GRIEF, chagrin, WORRY, expression in physical discomforts such as sighing, fright, shock) ... odors … touch (but not pressure) … throat spasms, diarrhea, anal constriction, and muscle coffee TOBACCO … SWEETS … morning spasms and twitches. cold dry air

     >: pressure, lying on painful part (Bry., = pressure, MENTAL SYMPTOMS: contradictory Sx) urination … alone … warmth - Brooding over sorrows … introspective … silent. TRAVEL … rain

    - OVERSENSITIVE and NERVOUS … highly

    emotional … capricious … moody … weepy. SENSATIONS:

    - Keeps all her troubles to herself. OF A BALL IN INNER PARTS … EMPTINESS - Opposite moods alternate (e.g., laughing into weeping, a mental IN INNER PARTS (epigastrium, head, chest) calm to a furious rage). numbness … formication … tingling ... prickling - Hysterical (laughs an cries alternately, face flushes on constriction or a sense of weight in the chest. emotion, spasmodic laughing, globus hystericus.)

    - Intolerant of contradiction and consolation ... PAINS:

    ANGRY (often at herself) IN SMALL, CIRCUMSCRIBED SPOTS … - Hardened … isolated … never happy with anything ... lancinating … sharp … cutting … stitching … over-demanding … perfectionistic (and the only one griping … CLAWING … pressive … bruised who can do it right) critical … anger is a defensive soreness … as if dislocated … burning. mechanism to keep people away ... hard to live with,

    always wants to change the other person, may NAT-MUR & IGN DIFFERENTIALS: get mad and not speak to the other person for days - If you probe a painful area, Nat-mur will without him even knowing what is wrong. graciously change the subject, Ign. will get really - Children get sick from being reprimanded or scolded. irritated, angry and even rude (“Why do you need to - Fear of birds. know that? It’s none of your business”.)

    - Both averse to consolation. Ign’s grief is so close to

    the surface that she is afraid to explode. Nat-mur

    doesn’t want to show her vulnerability.

    ? 2003 Valerie Sadovsky, August 2003

    IGNATIA AMARA (St. Ignatius’ Bean)


    SYMPTOMS. This in itself constitutes one of its - Ign suffers more from grief and disappointment in guiding indications. E.g., toothache relieved while love and keeps all her troubles to herself. If angered eating, fever and no thirst, sore throat > for swallowing she is soon filled with remorse and locks her door to solids, sensitiveness > for pressure, chill > for weep and brood over it. Nux suffers more from anger uncovering, cough < for coughing.) He is mean, malicious and aggressively irritable, and - SPASMODIC SYMPTOMS (e.g., violent hiccoughs, hates the one who has crossed or offended him; he violent, spasmodic yawning, choking, globus histericus, wants to be alone because the presence of others spasmodic stomach ache, jerking and twitching.) irritates and annoys him.

    - PERIODICAL COMPLAINTS. - Ign is better from swallowing solids, passing a hard - Frequent SIGHING and/or desire to take DEEP stool, lying on painful side, and in general from BREATH. eating. Nux is the reverse in all these modalities. - Trembling. - In Ign diarrhea predominates; tenesmus comes only

    after stool; fruitless urging to stool is referred to the

    upper part of the abdomen. Hemorrhoids are attended PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS:

    Headaches: as if a nail were driven out through the with shooting pains upward, lasting long after stool. side of the head (Thuj., Coff.) congestive … Nux is usually constipated. Tenesmus occurs before < emotional excitement, odors, tobacco … and during diarrheic stool and is relieved afterward. > urinating (Gels.), lying on painful side. - Both remedies have nausea, retching, vomiting and Face: twitching of muscles of face and lips. sensation as of a lump in the stomach after meals. Throat: GLOBUS HISTERICUS … tendency to choke With Ignatia there is amelioration while eating and a … sore throat, > swallowing solids (contradictory Sx) positive aversion to warm food and drinks; with Nux Stomach: all-gone feeling, not > eating (contr. Sx) … eating invariably aggravates, and warm things are cravings for indigestible and hard to digest food, desired because they relieve.

    which is well tolerated, but simple and warm food is Puls:

    not tolerated (contr. Sx) … hiccoughs (spasm) … Has sadness and melancholy, but she is tearful, and spasmodic pains, > taking deep breath ... aversion to makes know her sorrows.

    warm food. Ign, Sep, and Nat-mur physical Sx: Heart: palpitations from any emotion, > sighing. - Ign: cramping.

    Respiratory: spasmodic dry cough (Dros., Hyos.), - Sep: bearing down.

    coughing increases desire to cough … SIGHING - Nat-mur: holding in.

    (Agar., Calc., Phos., Sec.) … spasm of glottis.

    Abdomen: painful contraction of the sphincter after REFERENCES:

    stool (contr. Sx) … tendency to diarrhea (opposite to Boedler, Psychic Causes (RW) Nux) … hemorrhoids & prolapse, < soft stool (contr. Choudhuri, Study of MM (RW) Sx) Cowperthwaite, Textbook (RW) Female: libido low/absent from grief. Farrington,Homeopathy (RW) Skin: nettle-rash over the whole body, > scratching. Morrison, Essences

    Extremities: single jerks of the limbs on falling asleep. Vermeulen, Prisma

    Fever: thirst with the chill, but none with the fever.

    ? 2003 Valerie Sadovsky, August 2003

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