Ferrum Metallicum

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Ferrum Metallicum


    Primary action of Iron is characterized by increased amount of iron in the blood, increased appetite, accelerated

    heartbeat and increased stamina. Secondary action is characterized by “weakness, almost amounting to paralysis of

    the whole body and of single parts.”


    Delusion they are at war, some battle they are in, like CIRCULATORY SYSTEM ... spleen … digestive

    crusaders. They have a sense that they need to fight system ... nervous system … left deltoid … mucous and for what they have to fight is right. Task oriented: membranes

    there is a job to do, so will just do it; tremendous

    perseverance. Hard and difficult to break. Loyal to MODALITIES

    the authority and unsympathetic in their war (unlike <: NIGHT emotions EXERTION … rest, esp.

    Caust.) sitting still HEAT … during menses

     >: GENTLE MOTION (“better moving about slowly

    is a keynote) MENTAL SYMPTOMS

    - Intolerable of contradiction … aggressive …

    domineering … easily angered … remorseful after fits NOTES

    of anger (= I won the war but what’s good in killing - All pure metals have a performance aspect (we people?) … anxiety of conscience purify metals out of ores and make them “perform”).

    - Lethargic and inert (due to lack of energy) Since they are performance oriented, it takes their

    - Oversensitive to NOISE (“crackling of newspaper focus off the relationships, so they tend to be more drives them crazy”) independent.

    - Intense …forceful, determined, and preoccupied - Anemia with weakness. The cheeks are flushed as if with business matters in blooming health, but in spite of bloom in - Fears: failure (= losing the war) … evil … appearances there is pallor of lips and mucous misfortune … in crowds … crossing the bridge membranes, fatigue and breathlessness and any

    - Dreams: battles … criminals … death … falling motion will set up the symptoms. Weakness from

     mere speaking or walking though looking strong. Red

    faced old men. GENERAL SYMPTOMS

    Erratic circulation: ANEMIA … FLUSHES OF - The Ferrum constitution is easily confused with HEAT (from exertion or even at rest; even with other polycrests such as Calcarea or Pulsatilla. The anemia) BLOODLESSNESS (red parts become patient is often stout, plethoric, weak and most

    white and puffy) CHILLINESS with flushing commonly suffers with circulatory dysfunctions or

     anemia. The patient often complains of weakness

    much more marked than we expect from observing PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS

    Head: red flushed face, or pale face which flushes him. This is because the face has a rosy, flushed look easily (from least pain, emotions or exertion) which is taken as a sign of health rather than a sign of nosebleeds long continued headaches, often a disturbed circulation.

    - Iron is used in gates, fences, helmets, battle tanks, lasting 2 to 3 days

    GI: intolerance of eggs diarrhea during or right shields of amour. All these objects are used to protect, after a meal cravings: sweets; bread and butter … to prevent things from the outside from intruding into aversions: eggs one's territory. Ferrum patients have to protect and

    Female: flushes with metrorrhagia … uterine defend both themselves and their families. And so fibroids they perform by defending. It is as though they are Extremities: rheumatism of the upper extremities always at war, fighting to defend themselves

    (Ferr-m and Ferr-p are esp. for right shoulder pain) (Sankaran)

    ? 2004 Valerie Sadovsky, June 2004


    Specific for right shoulder pain with no other Throbbing

    symptoms to go on. E.g., if you had a chronic Sulph

    case and in a few years he develops right shoulder DISCHARGES

    pain, give Ferr-sulph. Blood-streaked


    - In acutes: may have symptoms of Phos (to diff. look PRIME INDICATIONS

    for circumscribed flushing (cheeks, nose): 1. Irritability. Intolerance of noise and contradiction. circumscribed flushing of the cheeks is a keynote of 2. Irregular circulation. stFerr-phos) … indicated not just for the 1 stages of 3. Flushing of face from least pain, motion, emotion,

    inflammation as books say … bleeding … thirsty for exertion etc.

    cold drinks (Phos.) 4. Chilly.

    - Mental: like Ferr. < from contradiction, from 5. Amelioration from slow motion. conflicts, but like Phos. have difficulties expressing 6. Aggravation and aversion to eggs. their anger because they are very sensitive to other

    people feelings and have a sense that people won’t SOURCES

    like them if they get angry; tend to suppress anger Morrison, Desktop Guide

    (unlike Staph. don’t usually blow up); tend to have Murphy, Homeopathic Remedy Guide Phos.’s fears Sankaran, Soul of Remedies FERRUM ARSENICOSUM Vermeulen, Synoptic Very intense, demanding patients … may intimidate the practitioner (per Eric it’s one of the nastiest

    remedies in MM: “iron fist combined with Ars’s anxiety”)


    - Use in cases with hyperthyroid symptoms (other Iodum salts too) … in case of burnt thyroid,

    repertorize based on the symptoms before the radiation, not the current ones

    - Suspicious, paranoid, impulsive, impatient, delusion

    thieves are breaking in, fear of starvation

    - Abusive to family

    - Despite hyperactive thyroid, patients are often


    - Craving for salty fish

    ? 2004 Valerie Sadovsky, June 2004

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