Whether or Not to Go to Traditional University

By Joan Cole,2014-12-13 21:40
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Whether or Not to Go to Traditional Universityor,to,Go,Not,not

    Whether or Not to Go to Traditional University

    Motivating a large amount of senior high school students to chase an ideal one, traditional university has its own secrets. It is the material teaching facilities that an online university cannot offer. For example, a science student can observe cells under a microscope themselves while an art student can appreciate the drum beat on spot at a concert. Plus, a teachers eloquence

    behind a teaching desk leaves a deeper impression on students, comparing with staying at the bedroom and staring at the screen until one falls asleep. Finally, even in todays modern world, traditional university is necessary

    because it offers students an opportunity to communicate with others. Both indoor and outdoor activities allow students to get their social ability trained so that they may stay futher away from some modern diseases, which mean

    that one becomes taciturn in the collective after a long term of sitting in front of a computer.

    As convicing as the advantages of traditional university seem, some people regard its flaws apparent. Being space-consuming as well as time-consuming are its big flaws. A click of the mouse to log in the course website is definitely much easier than setting an alarm clock to wake one up, walking to the teaching building and waiting for the teacher to arrive. So does the variety of teaching sources, which has built online materials an uncomparable advantage against the library of traditional university. Besides, classes in traditional university are vulnerable in front of the weather condition

    or regular holidays while online studying is available at any time.

    Putting all aspects into consideration, the advantages of going to traditional university still overweigh the disadvantages. The Internet has occupied peoples life, including industry, agriculture, education, entertainment and so on. But traditional university has its place, it deserves existing, at least for now, and the following few years.

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