My favorite part of the Year

By Denise Reed,2014-05-30 20:52
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My favorite part of the Year

    My favorite part of the Years Eve

     As we all know, Spring Festival is our traditional festival. It has been a major part in traditional Chinese culture. However, every New Years Eve is the most special part of every

    Spring Festival. That symbolizes the ending of the year and the beginning of the next year. Meanwhile, reunion is the most important thing, which is symbolized by family reunion dinner. Family reunion dinner, the banquet, made by the whole families, is my favorite part of New Years


     Generally speaking, cooking is the duty of the women, but on the New Years Eve, it is

    not an ordinary dinner which needs all family numbers efforts. Every year ,on this day , my

    father , as the head of our family , often leads used except my mother, to buy Stuff of banquet .Its

    maybe a hard task ,because we need get up early and make choices which hardly do , while I still enjoy these in this day because of accompanying with my families . After that, it’s time to share

    the work and cooperate with each other .Womens cooking while mens cleaning can show our

    families solidarity and love. Because the reunion dinner is not like other dinner, it represents reunion, happiness and love, after separating for a long time.

     The reunion dinner is my favorite part on the New Years Eve, which is a major factor for

    integrating the whole family .In spite of these, we can also enjoy the delicious food , I’m not to

    say how I love eating ,but to express how deep I love my families .

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