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XI StructuredWritingXI S

     XI StructuredWriting

    Schools have to change rapidly and radically to meet the demands and expectations of innumerable special interests

    from the changing world. Nowadays few people will remain in the

    same occupation for their whole lives. Many of them will move

    frequently from one position and company to another. School;;

    education must enable youngsters to educate themselves and to prepare themselves for a constantly changing job market.The

    education that was essentially designed to make sure that

    individuals could carry out a single job has been seriously

    challenged. Besides, there is a strong demand that schools should permit a degree of individual instruction to every

    student. Every student should receive a curriculum designed and modified according to his own needs, his own learning style and his own lea

    rning pace. The time when all the students were working on the

    same materials and doing the same drills is gone forever.

XI StructuredWriting3

    As China is increasingly integrated into the global economy, more and more Western festivals are entering and influencing

    the Chinese people's lives, especially the university students' life.Take Christmas for example. As long as one month before December 25th, the students begin their preparations for this most important Western festival. Most activities are for entertainment in nature since the students are not much concerned with the religious meaning of Christmas. And most activities are evening parties, often lasting all night long. As a result, quite a few students feel tired or even fall asleep in class during that month.

     Another incident still fresh in my mind took place last April. Some of us English teachers received a note on April I st to say that all the English classes were to be canceled the next day. But actually we were fooled! Likewise, students act in a pretty westernized manner on Valentine's Day. They say to everyone they meet "darling, love" and so on and so forth. In general, the Western festivals add a lot of fun and variety to a student's life. At the same time, one must realize that they do challenge the Chinese culture and customs to a certain degree. (Words: 201)


     With the development of a market economy in China, some

    traditional values are being changed or lost, to be replaced quickly by new ones.

     First, the value of "modesty" has been replaced by "self-display". The traditional Chinese economic system made it necessary for people to remain modest in social life, because they did not have to show off their personal ambitions to earn a living. But, in today's job market, if you remain modest as tradition has required, you may give the prospective boss an impression of being "timid" and "incapable". Modesty could well lead to failure in the job interview. The full display of personal ambition, therefore, becomes a necessity. Secondly, in the past, poverty was regarded as an advantage because wealth was associated with the capitalist class. But now, we often hear the saying to be born poor is no choice, but to die poor is something to be condemned". ~Wealth" has become the synonym of "success" and of "hard work". That is to say, the pursuit of material wealth has become a goal in a person's life.

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