academic progress policy

By Francis Armstrong,2014-10-18 22:37
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academic progress policy

    Graduate Policy for Maintaining Satisfactory Progress in The Design School

    A student, who has been admitted to a graduate degree program (MArch, MLA, MSBD,MSD, MUD) in The Design School with either regular or provisional admission status, must maintain a 3.0 or higher grade point average (GPA) in all of the categories listed below:

    1. The Overall Graduate GPA

    ; In all work taken for graduate credit (courses numbered 500 or higher)

    2. The current GPA

    ; The GPA for the coursework taken during the most recent term.

    3. The Plan of Study (POS) GPA

    ; In the coursework that appears on the student’s final approved POS.

    4. The Culminating Experience Grade (Thesis; Applied Project; Capstone course)

    ; Minimum Grade of Y or B on the culminating experience project/presentation

    in order to graduate.

Academic Probation

    A. A student will be placed on academic probation if one or more of the student’s GPAs listed above

    falls below 3.0. Students will be notified by email (email notification will be sent to the

    student’s ASU email account) when placed on academic probation.

    B. A student will have one semester to earn good academic standing by obtaining a 3.0 or better in

    the GPAs listed above.

    C. A student may be recommended for dismissal from The Design School graduate degree program if

    the student fails to increase all of the identified GPAs to 3.00 or better by the time he/she

    completes the coursework for the identified semester.

    Students who are placed on academic probation are not eligible for TA appointments or other fellowship/grant opportunities. Those students who have TA appointments may be removed from that appointment should their GPA fall below 3.00 in any of the GPAs listed above. Moreover, students who are eligible for academic probation status more than one time during their course of study may be dismissed from the program.

    A student may appeal actions concerning dismissal by petitioning The Design School director.

    Academic units in The Design School can expand this policy statement to include additional policies

    governing the satisfactory academic progress of the students in their graduate programs.

    I have read the Academic Progress Policy and understand the consequences of being placed on

    academic probation.

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