Oral Functions Bank

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Oral Functions Bank

    Oral Functions Bank

    Sentences are going from form to informal

1. How to ask for an opinion How (exactly) do you do ?

     Could you fill me in a bit on . ?

    I was wandering where you stood on Can you put me in the picture the question of …… ? about ?

    Whats your opinion on .. ?

    Whats your opinion of ? 4. How to interrupt

    What do you think of / about ?

    How do you think ? Id like to add something here, if I How do your feel about ? may .

    What do you reckon about ? I have a point ( to make ) here. What about ? May I say something right away?

     Can I interrupt (you) for a moment? 2. How to give an opinion Sorry to interrupt you, but

     Excuse me, but

    It would seem to me that . Wait a moment!

    As far as I am able to judge Hold (Hang) on! I

    As far as I am concerned

    Id like to point out 5. How to ask for clarification Id just like to say

    From my point of view, I think Im afraid I am not quite clear what If you want my opinion, you mean by

    Personally, I think Im sorry, I dont understand what As I see it you mean by

    Frankly, I think Im sorry, bout could you explain I reckon what you mean by

     What (exactly) do you mean by ?

    3. How to ask for more detailed What (exactly) are you trying to say? information What (exactly) are you getting at?

    I wander if you could explain about 6. How to give clarification in more details?

    Could I ask you a little more about Well, the point Im trying to make is in (rather) more detail? that

    Im afraid I am not quite clear Well, what Im trying to say is that

    about ? What I mean is that

    Im afraid I am not quite clear how All Im trying to say is that

    you do ? Well, what I am getting at is that

    I am interested in knowing more

    about ? 7. How to rephrase your own


Thats not quite I meant

    Let me put it another way

    Sorry, let me explain

    8. How to make generalizations

Im inclined (not) to do

    I tend (not) to do

    In the vast majority of cases, I

    In most cases, .

    In my opinion,

    Generally speaking,

    By and large,

    On the whole,

    Note: that the more informal expressions are appropriate for friendly relationship, and the more formal ones are for talking to strangers and people older or senior to yourself.

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