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Varndeandept.lessonplan: date: 7/10/05 period: 1 class: Yr 8 Y dt

    Scheme: lighting torch Curriculum links: Science, Business Lesson: lesson 5

    Prior knowledge:

    Students do have the following knowledge and experience;

    ; Electronic components, membrane switch technology

Main Objectives: Learning Objectives:

    At the end of this lesson all of the students will: To introduce batch production Have produced an isometric drawing, initial ideas, a finished 2D design, a complete torch and blister pack. To introduce plastics and their properties Some of the students will have made more progress and will:

     A full and detailed evaluation.

     To understand ergonomics A few of the students will have progressed further and will: and simple electronics. A diary of all practical work undertaken throughout the project.

Advanced prep./resources:

Plastic billets, forstner pattern drill bits, jig, glass paper, photocopies, batteries, LED’s, thin card, vices,

Time: Pupil activity: Teacher activity:

     Design Activity 1 Teacher 15 minutes Check on this homework: Pupils draw 4 ideas for the Demonstration on use of front and back of the torch. Sheet provided. Use colour Vacuum former. Get a pattern and annotation. of Ron. Pupils draw the finished design of the front of the torch. Sheet provided. 15 minutes Teacher Demo

    Using focus disc show the Focus on Plastics

     Vacuum Former.

    15 minutes

     Teacher Demo

     Give demonstration on the use of the vacuum former

     to create blister pack shape. Show how to cut the card,

     window and to wrap it around the moulding.

    15 minutes Discuss with students what information needs to go on

     the blister pack.

     Activity 1

    10 minutes Students use the vacuum former and some of them

     use the computers to find images to go on the blister

     pack e.g. bar codes, price, product name, contents

     detail, battery, instructions, recycling symbols.

    Activity 2

    Make up the blister pack, add graphics place torch

    inside and glue card together.

    Activity 3

    Some students may nee to complete the torch and the

    torch graphics.

    Activity 3

    Fill in evaluation sheet on the torch project.

Hwk: Research products that have a built in membrane switch

    Differentiation: Some students use Paint to resize, edit images for blister pack.

Assessment for learning:

    Write the assessment criteria on the board and students will understand ho I will mark their work. Begin

    to use the NC level questionnaires

    Assessment of learning:

Assess the complete torch and pack.

Opportunity for Accelerated Learning

    Discuss in groups why companies produce blister packs. What do customers think of them.


    Examine their torches and designs. Discuss quality control systems.

Examples of three different membrane switch torches made from silver paper, card, LED’s and a


Copy the three torches and add the battery and LED’s.

Choose one of these membrane switches and make it using the materials supplied. Add graphics to the

    top of the torch.

Electronic components

     Switches A variety of electronic components such as:

Filament bulb

    Sliding switches

     Toggle switch LED’s, high intensity LED’s

Light Dependant Resistors Rocker switch Push switches

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