2 WP 2 Workforce Highlight Report Qt 2 - Think Local Act Personal

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2 WP 2 Workforce Highlight Report Qt 2 - Think Local Act Personal

    London JIP Workstream Highlight Report

Workstream Workstream Lead Lynda Tarpey REPORT Quarter 2 - 2009 Workforce and

    MONTH Leadership

    Red: Highly problematic - Outside direct PM control needs senior management or cross department decisions/actions (i.e. Programme board or Delivery board intervention) PROJECT Amber/Red: Problematic Requires substantial PM attention, some aspects need urgent action/ escalation to more senior management (i.e.Programme/Project STATUS Green boards)

    Amber/Green: Mixed some aspect(s) require direct PM intervention, some Good. But, all under PMs control

    Green: Good Under Control contained within normal day to day project management activity


    Main achievements for month (bullet points only highlight key achievement):

    ; Links established between ULO and Workforce Workstreams and high level ULO workforce needs information collated into scoping report.

    ; Joint meeting with Skills for Care, LSC, London Councils, & SCIE convened. Clarified LSC leadership funding and SfC action learning set initiative. Also

    agreed strategic approach to target support to 2/3* star organisations rather than 0/1* as the latter are unlikey to survive current changes and are

    therefore not a sound investment.

    ; Met with new SCIE appointment to agree joint approach to the e-materials project.

    ; Skills for Care calendar of events is linking to JIP workstreams and participation of JIP leads is beginning.

    ; Joint consultation meeting for Transformation and Workforce leads took place 14/08/09 supported by Transformation leads. This was well received by

    stakeholders and generated valuable intelligence for future planning.

    ; Met with Skills for Care member responsible for their Leadership Initiatives and JIP Improvement Lead and agreed closer working with leadership

    activities between the two programmes.

    ; Report on scoping activities for Cultural change and CEO support activities written

Outlook for next month (bullet points only):

    ; Agree with JIP, lead Director and stakeholders the action plan and priorities in the scoping report for cultural change 2.1.1and CEO support 2.2.2 and

    action plan accordingly.

Key concerns (if any) and proposed action (describe in words here):

    ; Cross organisational links and goodwill are established now but the capacity of individuals and organisations to progress projects in the planned

    timescales remains a concern.

    ; There is significant activity around transformation underway but needs to be influenced to start addressing workforce related issues and solutions.

    ; Research by ULO lead indicates that currently workforce related needs for ULOs are not being picked up anywhere.

    Highlight Report v 1.0 May 2009

    London JIP Workstream Highlight Report PROJECT MANAGER’S REPORT: Provide a brief narrative account of progress on the project. What has happened? What factors affected performance?

    Please include any pertinent data that you feel is applicable.

    ; This month has focussed on finalising input for the 2.1.1 and 2.2.2 scoping report and the development of the recommendations contained therein. This

    identifies that there are significant and wide ranging areas which could benefit from a London wide strategic approach and support for implementing

    cultural change within the workforce. Currently the draft report is with key personell for agreement before wider circulation It now requires the JIP to

    agree the direction of travel and identify priorities within the budget allocated to this Workstream or additional funding where appropriate.

    ; Joint work with other JIP workstreams and partner organisations is strengthening and beginning to develop joint working around events and shared

    project outcomes a good example of which was the joint Tranformation and Workforce leads event on 14/08/09. Another is the developing work between

    the Dignity and Safeguarding Lead and Skills for Care around their planned Safeguarding workshops.


    Status Project Original Planned Explanation for slippage, impact on work stream and actions being Milestones/deliverables/dependencies Delivery delivery taken. G/AG/AR/R Date Date (Include all milestones from last month


    2.1.1 Engaging independent & Statutory workforce in a transformation and

    personalisation culture

    Establishment of a reference groups. Jun 09 Jun 09 Green Completed.

    Green Deadline extended to enable SCIE appointment to contribute Desk based research into e-materials June 09 Aug 09

    Highlight Report v 1.0 May 2009

    London JIP Workstream Highlight Report


    Sept 09 Sept 09 Green As above Aligning of SCIE and Skills for Care e-


    Jul 09 Aug 09 Green E-group evolving Reference group members identified (Public & independent sector groups).June 09 Group meetings. Independent sector 12/07/09 &


    Aug 09. Aug 09. Green Draft Scoping report completed Identify the content for 1-2 day workshop

    Develop materials for workshops Sept 09 Sept 09 Green Pilot workshops Oct/Nov 09 Oct/Nov 09 Green Roll out programme of workshops Dec 09 Green Dec 09

    March 10 March 10 2.1.2 Promoting Personalisation Agenda

    Green Completed Establishment of the event planning team to June 09 June 09 review requests for regional events.

    Engaging JIP Workstream leads as required. June 09 Green Ongoing Development of a Joint Skills for Care/JIP June 09 Green Ongoing calendar of events.

    Green Completed Identify the content, format and focus for the July/Aug July/Aug events/workshops 09 09

    Final evaluation report Dec 09 Dec 09 Green

     AG Pending. Anticipated commencement September 09 2.2.1 SfC leadership Network for Independent sector

    2.2.2 Informing and engaging CEOs of Green Independent Sector Organisations to

    Highlight Report v 1.0 May 2009

    London JIP Workstream Highlight Report support them in the transformation


    2.2.2 Reference group established July 09 July 09 Green Established and evolving

    July 09 July 09 Green Initial work completed but an ongoing process Identify networking and communication


Recommendations and outline framework for Sept 09 Sept 09 Green Draft scoping report completed Aug 09 future events and communication


2.3.1 Apprentice programme Amber Pending. Awaiting confirmation of Pilot sites

    2.3.2 New Types of working Green

    July 09 July 09 AG Believed to be completed SfC confirmation not available due to holiday Establishment of a task and finish group period

    Sept 09 Sept 09 Agree timeframe and content for events

    Feb. 2010 Feb. 2010 5 events delivered

    2.3.3 The Personal Assistant role AG Pending. Anticipated commencement Aug 09 SfC confirmation not

    available due to holiday period

    2.3.4 Qualification Credit Framework AG Pending. Anticipated commencement Aug 09 SfC confirmation not

    available due to holiday period

    2.4.1 Develop Joint project plan with Jun 09 Jun 09 Green New deadline planned Sept 09 for completion of scoping of workforce personalisation Workstream for ULO support and leadership related input required by ULOs to support their


    2.5.1 Integrated Local Area workforce AG Haringey announced by Skills for Care National as pilot site in London Strategies although work already underway in Lambeth will be continued. As yet

    work is at too early a stage to identify effective support requirements.

    Therefore this project will remain pending until further notice

    Highlight Report v 1.0 May 2009

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