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    A. The WORK of this Section includes providing fittings, hangers, supports, anchors,

    expansion joints, flexible connectors, insulation, lining and coating, testing, disinfection,

    and accessories.


    A. The WORK of the following Sections applies to the WORK of this Section. Other

    Sections of the specifications, not referenced below, shall also apply to the extent

    required for proper performance of this WORK.

    1. Section 15050 Ductile Iron Pipe

    2. Section 09900 Protective Coating

    3. Section 11000 Equipment General Provisions

    4. Section 15020 Pipe Supports

    5. Section 15025 Pipe Identification System

    1.03 CODES

    A. The WORK of the Section shall comply with the current editions of the following codes:

    1. Uniform Mechanical Code

    2. Uniform Plumbing Code

    3. Uniform Fire Code


    A. Except as otherwise indicated, the current editions of the following applies to the WORK

    of this Section:

    1. ANSI/ASME B1.20.1 Pipe Threads, General Purpose (inch)

    2. ANSI B16.5 Pipe Flanges and Flanged Fittings, Steel Nickel

    Alloy and other Special Alloys

    3. ANSI/AWWA C111 Rubber-Gasket Joints for Ductile Iron Pressure

    Pipe and Fittings

    4. ANSI/AWWA C150 Thickness Design for Ductile Iron Pipe

    5. ANSI/AWWA C153 Ductile Iron Compact Fittings, 3 In through 24 In

    and 54 In Through 64 In for Water Service

    6. ANSI/AWWA C207 Steel Pipe Flanges for Water Works Service, Sizes

    4 in. through 144 in.

    743464 Piping, General EN04036

     15000 - 1

    C:\convert\temp\544380534.doc 12/3/2012

    7. ANSI/AWS D10.9 Specifications for Qualifications of Welding

    Procedures and Welders for Piping and Tubing

    8. ASTM A 123 Specification for Zinc Coatings on Iron and Steel


    9. ASTM A 536 Ductile Iron Castings


    A. The following shall be submitted in compliance with Section II, General Requirements,

    Item 10.0 Submittals:

    1. Shop drawings showing dimensions and details of pipe joints, fittings, fitting specials,

    valves and appurtenances.

    2. Detailed layout, spool, or fabrication drawings showing pipe spools, spacers,

    adapters, connectors, fittings, and pipe supports.


    A. The following shall be included in the OWNER'S MANUAL in compliance with Section II,

    General Requirements, Item 10.0 Submittals:

    1. Manufacturer's product data.

    2. Manufacturer's installation instructions.

    3. Manufacturer's certification of compliance.

    4. Statement from the pipe fabricator certifying that all pipe will be fabricated subject to

    a Quality Control Program.


    A. Inspection: Products shall be inspected at the manufacturer's plant. B. Tests: Materials used in the manufacture of the pipe shall be tested in accordance with

    the applicable Specifications and Standards.

    C. Welding Requirements: Welding procedures used to fabricate pipe shall be prequalified

    under the provisions of ANSI/AWS D10.9. Welding procedures shall be required for

    longitudinal and girth or spiral welds for pipe cylinders, spigot and bell ring attachments,

    reinforcing plates and ring flange welds, and plates for lug connections. D. Welder Qualifications: Welding shall be performed by skilled operators who have had

    adequate experience in the methods and materials to be used and have been qualified

    under the provisions of ANSI/AWS D10.9 by an independent approved testing agency

    not more than 6 months prior to commencing work on the pipeline. Machines and

    electrodes similar to those used in the WORK shall be used in qualification tests. 1.08 FACTORY TESTING

    A. Product Testing: Products shall be tested at the factory for compliance with the

    indicated requirements.

    743464 Piping, General EN04036

     15000 - 2

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    B. Witnesses: The OWNER and the ENGINEER (at the option of either) reserve the right

    to witness factory tests.


    A. Delivery of Materials: Products shall be delivered in original, unbroken packages,

    containers, or bundles bearing the name of the manufacturer.

    B. Storage: Products shall be carefully stored in a manner that will prevent damage and in

    an area that is protected from the elements.


    2.01 GENERAL

    A. Pipe Supports: Pipes shall be properly supported in accordance with Section 15020. C. Coating: Pipes above ground or in structures shall be field-painted in accordance with

    Section 09900.

    D. Pressure Rating: Except as otherwise indicated, piping systems shall be designed for

    150 percent of the maximum indicated pressure.


    A. Flanges: Where the design pressure is 150 psi or less, flanges shall conform to either

    ANSI/AWWA C207 Class D or ANSI B16.5 150-lb class. Where the design pressure is

    greater than 150 psi, up to a maximum of 275 psi, flanges shall conform to either

    ANSI/AWWA C207 Class E, Class F, or ANSI B16.5 150-lb class. Where the design

    pressure is greater than 275 psi up to a maximum of 700 psi, flanges shall conform to

    ANSI B16.5 300-lb class. Flanges shall be attached to the pipe in accordance with

    ANSI/AWWA C207.

    B. Blind Flanges: Blind flanges shall comply with ANSI/AWWA C207. Blind flanges for

    pipe sizes 12 inches and larger shall include lifting eyes in form of welded or screwed

    eye bolts.

    C. Flange Coating: Machined faces of metal blind flanges and pipe flanges shall be coated

    with a temporary rust-inhibitive coating to protect the metal until the installation is


    D. Flange Bolts: Studs and bolts shall extend through the nuts a minimum of 1/4-inch. All-

    thread studs may be used only on valve flange connections where space restrictions

    preclude the use of regular bolts.

    E. Insulating Flanges: Insulated flanges shall have bolt holes 1/4-inch diameter greater

    than the bolt diameter.

    F. Insulating Flange Sets: Insulating flange sets shall be provided where indicated and

    shall consist of insulating gaskets, insulating sleeves and washers and a steel washer.

    Insulating sleeves and washers shall be one piece when flange bolt diameter is 1-1/2-

    inch or smaller and shall be made of acetal resin. For bolt diameters larger than 1-1/2-

    inch, insulating sleeves and washers shall be 2-piece and shall be made of polyethylene

    or phenolic. Steel washers shall comply with ASTM A 325. Insulating gaskets shall be


    743464 Piping, General EN04036

     15000 - 3

    C:\convert\temp\544380534.doc 12/3/2012

    G. Flange Gaskets: Gaskets for flanged joints shall be full-face, 1/16-inch thick

    compressed sheets of aramid fiber base, with nitrile binder and non-stick coating,

    suitable for temperatures to 700 degrees F, a pH of one to eleven, and pressures to

    1000 psig. Blind flanges shall have gaskets covering the entire inside face of the blind

    flange and shall be cemented to the blind flange. Ring gaskets shall not be permitted,

    unless otherwise indicated.


    A. General: Threaded insulating bushings, unions, and couplings shall be used for joining

    threaded pipes of dissimilar metals and for piping systems where corrosion control and

    cathodic protection are indicated.

    B. Materials: Threaded insulating connections shall be of nylon, Teflon, polycarbonate,

    polyethylene, or other non-conductive materials, and shall have ratings and properties

    suitable for the service and loading conditions indicated.


    A. General: Cast mechanical-type couplings shall be provided where shown. Bolts and

    nuts shall conform to Section 05500. Gaskets for mechanical-type couplings shall be

    compatible with the piping service and fluid utilized in accordance with the coupling

    manufacturer's recommendations. The wall thickness of all grooved piping shall conform

    with the coupling manufacturer's recommendations suitable for the highest pressure



    A. Construction: Sleeve-type couplings shall be installed where indicated and shall include

    steel bolts, without pipe stop, and shall be sized to fit the pipe and fittings indicated. The

    middle ring shall be not less than 1/4-inch in thickness and shall be either 5 or 7 inches

    long for standard steel couplings, and 16 inches long for long-sleeve couplings. The

    followers shall be single-piece contoured mill section welded and cold-expanded as

    required for the middle rings. They shall be of sufficient strength to accommodate the

    number of bolts necessary to obtain adequate gasket pressures without excessive rolling.

    The shape of the follower shall be of such design as to provide positive confinement of

    the gasket. Bolts and nuts shall conform to Section 05500. Buried sleeve-type

    couplings shall be epoxy-coated at the factory.

    B. Pipe Preparation: The ends of the pipe, where indicated, shall be prepared for flexible

    steel couplings. Plain ends for use with couplings shall be smooth and round for a

    distance of 12 inches from the ends of the pipe, with outside diameter not more than

    1/64-inch smaller than the nominal outside diameter of the pipe. The middle ring shall

    be tested by cold-expanding a minimum of one percent beyond the yield point, to proof-

    test the weld to the strength of the parent metal. The weld of the middle ring shall be

    subjected to air test for porosity.

    C. Gaskets: Gaskets for sleeve-type couplings shall be rubber-compound material that will

    not deteriorate from age or exposure to air under normal storage or use conditions.

    Gaskets for wastewater and sewerage applications shall be Buna "N," grade 60, or

    equivalent suitable elastomer. The rubber in the gasket shall comply with the following:

    1. Color - Jet Black

    743464 Piping, General EN04036

     15000 - 4

    C:\convert\temp\544380534.doc 12/3/2012

    2. Surface - Non-blooming

    3. Durometer Hardness - 74 ? 5

    4. Tensile Strength - 1000 psi Minimum

    5. Elongation - 175 percent Minimum

    The gaskets shall be resist deterioration caused by impurities normally found in water or

    wastewater. Gaskets shall comply with ASTM D 2000, AA709Z, meeting Suffix B13

    Grade 3, except as otherwise indicated. Gaskets shall be compatible with the piping

    service and fluid utilized.

    D. Insulating Couplings: Where insulating couplings are indicated, both ends of the coupling

    shall have a wedge-shaped gasket which assembles over a rubber sleeve of an insulating

    compound in order to insulate coupling metal parts from the pipe.


    A. Flexible connectors on low temperature (below 180 deg F) water and heated

    sludge systems shall be molded wide arch Hypalon for outdoor, exposed service

    molded bellows with multi-layered nylon tire cord body flanged restrained

    connectors with vanstone floating ASTM A 285 Grade C carbon or baked enamel

    ductile iron flanges ANSI 125 lbs drilling pattern and/or to match equipment drilling

    pattern, suitable for the maximum temperature of 180 deg F and working pressure

    of 125 psi minimum.


    A. Pipe threads shall comply with ANSI/ASME B1.20.


    B. Adjustable length dismantling joints ASTM A 536 ductile iron body with ANSI Class 125

    and 150 bolt circles, ASTM A53 flange spool with Class D flange, ASTM D2000 o-ring

    gaskets, ASTM A 536 restraining lugs, high-strength T-head bolts and heavy hex nuts,

    fusion-bonded epoxy.


    A. Air and gas pipes shall be sloped to low points, provided with drip legs, strainers and

    traps. The traps shall be piped to the nearest drain. Air and gas traps shall be 150-lb

    iron body float type with copper or stainless steel float. Bracket, lever, and pins shall be

    of stainless steel.


    A. Manufacturers: Products of the type or model (if any) indicated shall be manufactured

    by one of the following (or equal):

    1. Insulating Flanges:

     JM Red Devil, Type E

     Maloney Pipeline Products Co.

    743464 Piping, General EN04036

     15000 - 5

    C:\convert\temp\544380534.doc 12/3/2012

     PSI Products, Inc.

    2. Flange Gaskets:

     John Crane, Style 2160

     Garlock, Style 3000

    3. Steel Pipe Couplings:

     Gustin-Bacon (banded or grooved)

     Victaulic Style 41 or 44 (banded)

     Victaulic Style 77 or 07 (grooved)

    4. Ductile Iron Pipe Couplings:


     Victaulic Style 31

    5. Sleeve-Type Couplings:

     Dresser, style 38

     Ford Meter Box Co., Inc., Style FC1 or FC3

     Smith-Blair, Style 411

    6. Air and Gas Traps:

     Armstrong Machine Works

     Spirax Sarco, Inc.

    7. Flexible Connectors:

     Mercer Rubber series 5500 BN


    8. Dismantling Joints:

     Romac Industries, model DJ400

     Smith-Blair model 975


    3.01 GENERAL

    A. Pipes, fittings, and appurtenances shall be installed in accordance with the

    manufacturer's installation instructions. B. Threaded pipe ends and joints shall be epoxy coated in compliance with Section 09900.

     END OF SECTION 15000

    743464 Piping, General EN04036

     15000 - 6

    C:\convert\temp\544380534.doc 12/3/2012

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