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By Glen Garcia,2014-09-26 05:27
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    Des Moines Best Practice

    Remote SRD Modification

    TKS Press

    In our on going task for quality improvement, we developed an electrical system for the tower SRD’s. This system allows you to adjust the SRD’s from the quiet room allowing

    quicker changes in the registration, thus a better and more concise product. It is also ergonomically efficient saving countless trips up and down the stairs to manually adjust the SRD’s. Below is an overview of the system.


    PURPOSE: To be able to control the SRDs on the towers, from the quietroom.

    MODIFICATION: Installed motor drives on the SRD shafts, with local and remote control of the SRD movements.

    There are local rocker switches mounted at each tower level, close to the manual control door to operate the SRD motor drives.

    On the remote box there are rocker switches which moves the DC motors in one direction and then back in the other direction, depending which way is desired.

    A light on the box, next to the switch, illuminates when the SRD is out from the paper, at 0. It takes approximately 38 40 seconds to close to a full contact. .


    1. 1 ea. 8 inch by 8 inch by 4 inch Hoffman electrical box, to be mounted in the quietroom, to hold the remote switches and positioning lamps.

2. 12 ea. Two position rocker switch. Allied part no. 757-5531

    3. 6 ea. Indicator, ? inch. Snap mount LED, 12v, red lens. Allied part no. 5002-121QC

4. 6 ea. 620 ohm ? watt resistor put across the LED.

    5. 2 ea. Power supply 12v, 4.2amp. COSEL manufacture Allied part no. 800-1090

    6. 2 ea. 4amp din rail mounted circuit breaker. ( Used 2 that we had in house)

7. 6 ea. Proximity sensor, E2E2-X3D1, Allied part no. 834-2094

8. 6 ea. 12 rpm gear motor, McMaster part no. 6409k15

    9. 12 ea. ? inch plain bore, #35 chain, 14 tooth sprockets McMaster part no. 6793k122

10. 6ea. Fabricated steel plate, for mounting motors.

11. 18 gauge wire was run between the quietroom and the tower units.

    Refer to the attached photos to assist in fabrication and a visual of Des Moines installation.

    The pictures above show the mounting plate that we made in house, and the drive motor with gear attached to the mounting bracket.

    (Picture at left) Proximity sensor with flag (inside unit) (picture at right) finished mounting of motor to existing SRD hardware.

    (at left) Rocker switch mounted at location of specific SRD. (at right) The SRD remote control box mounted in the quiet room.

    We have complete mechanical and electrical drawings if anyone is interested, For more info or any questions, contact Jeff Russell at 515 222 4911 or e-mail: or Ron Crabbs at:

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