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    日期? 教学反思? 学校? 授课人? 班级? 学科? 课题?Unit4 What would you do?

    (period 2)


    学素材 导入 3’ 任务一 12’ 任务二 10 任务三 15 小结 5’ 课本 (have a think) (have a talk) (havea practice ) (have a write) (have a review) Unit4 自主学习? Read the instruction 1Ask the What problems do you have 我学会了 SectionA(3a-4) 1too…to 的意思 s .Then point to the students to act at home or at school?What 相应课件 并用tooto造个句blank line in each iteouttheconversation advice do your classmates 课型?要素组合 m in the first columin pair give you?

     n and say , you can 2We heard Larry

     write the letter of thtalking about his

     2、用if写三个句子 e correct advice froworries and his

     1 m the second columsister’s advice to

     n here . him. please do the

     Ask different studenGROUPWORK on

     2 ts to read the problepage 28.

     ms and pieces of ad

     vice to the class .

     Ask the students to c

3 omplete the activity

on their own.

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