Where Does Heavy Elements And Life Come

By Debbie Martinez,2014-01-16 03:16
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Where Does Heavy Elements And Life Come

    Where Does Heavy Elements And Life Come

    1 The process of producing heavy element

     First, Big Bang creates the Universe. Everything comes from the Big Bang. It produces hydrogen, and more and more hydrogen come together. Then forms stars .When the stars formed, the combine and collide in the stars, which produce new elements. Such as Fe , He , Ca, S, C. The

    starsoutside layer is He . Inside the star is molten Fe. These elements react to each other.

     Next, when the elements react to each other, and the outside hydrogen layer bums, the stars become colder and colder. For these reasons, the stars collapsed. And the stars could not bear the pressure.

     Finally, the stars explosed and expelled the heavy elements. The explosion of the daying stars expelled the heavy elements, and it reacts to each other form the planet.

    2 The process of creating life

     These elements from the explosion of the daying stars combined, then these elements form the planets .The earth brought into existence. At the same time, a lot of comets were produced. There are some elements and lives in comts. Some comets hit the earth from the out space in high speed. After a long time, the elements in the earth and comets combined and

react, the life was produced.

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