Why is it Wrong for University Students to Plagiarize Or to Cheat on Exams

By Judy Peterson,2014-03-21 16:28
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Why is it Wrong for University Students to Plagiarize Or to Cheat on Exams

    Why is It Wrong for University Students to Plagiarize or to Cheat on Exams?

Currently, there is a widespread concern over university students plagiarizing or cheating on

    exams. Although many university students do not consider plagiarization as a big deal, it is a general truth that cheating on exams is wrong. Some people even equate cheating on exams with pilferage, the only difference between which is that the things stolen are different——one is

    knowledge, and the other is tangible good. So why is it wrong for university students to plagiarize or to cheat on exams? There are numerous reasons, and I will give only a few primary ones as follows.

    The main reason is that the answers you get from plagiarizing mean nothing, they neither indicating your level of knowledge nor your learning ability. Students who are always cheating on exams intend not to study hard so that they can not master the knowledge they ought to have. I once took a job interview where all the interviewees were requested to do an English test. Sit beside me was an English major from another university with high scores on his transcript. Although the test was easy, he could not answer those questions. As a result, he failed the interview. I think it is a quite embarrassing situation. From his scores and real performance, we can imagine that he must have cheated on his exams to get high scores, but did not master the knowledge. Thus, plagiarization makes no sense.

    Another reason can be seen by every one is that plagiarizing on exams violates the school disciplines. No matter in which school, the school regulations require that students can not cheat in exams on no account. If you are caught cheating in exams, you will receive demerits, be punished with academic probation, or even be expulsed from school in the light of circumstances.

    In addition, plagiarization is a form of dishonesty. Honesty is not only one of Chinese traditional virtues, but also one of the basic demanded qualities for modern personnel. Nowadays, more and more companies pay special attention to the moral quality of those candidates rather than their grades. If they find out in your files that you have records of cheating on exams, they will not employ you no matter how excellent you are.

    All in all, we students, no matter university students, or elementary school students, can not cheat or plagiarize on exams not only because it violates the school rules, but also because it devastates honesty. Besides, it really makes no sense.

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