Lesson 87

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Lesson 87

    Lesson 87

一? 词组互译。

    1?吃药______________________ in hospital ______________________ 3. 早饭后 ___________________ 4. be on TV _________________________ 5. 一天两次 _________________ 6. feel like doing______________________ 7. come along _________________ 8. feel even worse ____________________


    ( )1.There is _________________ , is there?

     A. serious something B. anything serious

     C. nothing serious D. serious nothing ( )2. Don’t get off the bus until it ____________ to a full stop.

     A. has come B. will come C. would come D. is coming ( )3. I feel terrible. I don’t feel like _____________ anything.

     A. eat B. to eat C. eating D. be eaten ( )4. -----Have you had a wash yet?

     -----Yes. I _________ a wash before breakfast.

     A. have B. had C. have had D. had had ( )5. You need something to drink, _______________ you?

     A. need B. needn’t C. do D. don’t

    ( )6.------ ___________ do I have to take the medicine?

     ------Three times a day.

     A. How long B. How much C. How soon D. How often ( )7. ----Have you had your lunch? ----Yes, I have.

    ----Where you your lunch?

     A. have, had B. did, have C. do have D. were, have ( )8. A wonderful English play will be _____________ TV tonight.

     A. over B. on C. in D. at


    1. The nurse told me to take this _________________() twice a day.

    He is feeling even _____________(糟糕).

    2. The doctor said that your __________() was not serious.

    3. Your trouble is very _________________(普通的)these days.

    4. We have watched two basketball________________(比赛).

    5. After we (到达)at the village, we felt very (疲劳


6. I’m feeling ______________(难受的) all the time.


    1. He arrived home after the TV play came to an end.

    He _________arrive home________ the TV play _________ _________. 2. We all went home when school is over.

    All of us went home ____________ _______________. 3. I’m very tired. I don’t want to eat anything.

    I’m worn out. I don’t __________ ___________ _____________


    4. It started to rain just when he got home.

    It began to rain _________ __________ ___________ he got home. 5. People have written many books on space travel.

    Many books have ___________ ___________ on space travel. 6. They did what we could to learn English well.

    They ________ ____________ ___________ to learn English well. 7. Don’t trouble yourself with such small matters.

    Don’t ___________ ____________ such small matters.

    8. We should try to practise speaking English often.

    We should practise speaking English ______ much _____ ___________. 五?完成句子。

    1. 他醒来时?已经太迟了。

     He __________ ____________ up ___________ it was too late. 2. 今晚有什么节目,

     ____________ ____________ tonight?

    3. 你最好是不要再迟到了。

     You’d better _________ ___________ late again.

    4. 你已经吃过药了吗,

    ____________ you _____________ your medicine yet? 5. 他说他现在觉得不想出去。

    He said he didn’t ___________ ___________ _____________ out now.

    6. 我们每个月相互通信两次。

    We write to each other __________ ____________ _____________. .补全对话。

     A: Hello, Tom!

     B: Hello, John! I hear you were not here yesterday. What was _____________?

     A: I _________ a cold and ___________ in bed for a whole day.

     B: I’m __________ to hear that. Did you go and _________ the doctor?

     A: Yes, I did. The doctor said it was not _______________.

B: That’s good. I hope you are ____________ now.

A: Thank you. It’s very ____________ of you.

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