Application Form - North Box Hill Tennis Club

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Application Form - North Box Hill Tennis Club

North Box Hill Tennis Club Inc.

    PO Box 281, BOX HILL VIC 3128 2012/2013


    Thank you for your interest in joining the North Box Hill Tennis Club. The following notes will help you to determine if our Club meets your needs.


    The club has two membership categories:

    ; $136 Senior Member

    ; $ 96 Junior (under 18)/Student (under 25, proof required)

    A family group of three or more members at one address (two parents and any number of

    children, a single parent and two or more children, or junior siblings) may deduct 20% from the annual subscriptions.


    A joining fee is applicable to new members:

    ; Senior members $30.00 per person

    ; Junior/Student members $30.00 per person

    ; Family group members $25.00 per person


    People wishing to join the club at any time of the year are required to pay a membership fee up until the 31st May, 2013, which is the end of the Club’s financial year, plus the Tennis Victoria

    Player Registration Fee, if North Box Hill will be your Primary Playing Facility (see below). The fee currently is $28.00 per playing member of any age, or $98 for a family group of four or

    more. Pro rata applies to all fees, other than the Joining Fees.

    To calculate your membership fees payable upon joining, use the table below. Tennis Victoria Date of Percentage of Joining Fee Subscription only Registration * Application 1 June to $30 per person $28 per person 100% $25 per person - Family $98 per family of 4+ 31 August 1 September to $30 per person $28 per person 75% $25 per person - Family $98 per family of 4+ 30 November 1 December to $30 per person $14 per person 50% $25 per person - Family $49 per family of 4+ 28 February 1 March to $30 per person $14 per person 25% $25 per person - Family $49 per family of 4+ 31 May

    A Club access card will be mailed (one per address) upon receipt of the correct fees. The card is for the use of Club members only and must not be loaned to a non-member.

VISITOR FEES (contribute to court maintenance costs)

    There is a $5 fee for senior visitors and $2.50 for juniors. It is the responsibility of the Member to make sure any fees are paid. Fees are placed in the kitchen safe before the start of play.

    Any visitor playing regularly is encouraged to become a member of the Club.

    NB: The *Tennis Victoria compulsory registration is passed on directly to the tennis authority, Tennis Victoria, and does not go into Club funds. Please read the following carefully- Each club affiliated with Tennis Victoria is required to collect a registration fee for all playing members, regardless of age,

    who nominate that club as their Primary Facility. The fee incorporates personal accident insurance for each member,

    which means your personal details, including date of birth, will be passed on to Tennis Victoria. Tennis Victoria guarantees privacy of this information and that, except where permitted or required by law, or where your consent is obtained, this information will not be disclosed to third parties. You are able to access your personal information through Tennis Victoria or the Club upon reasonable notice. If you are a member of more than one club, you must nominate which club is your Primary Facility so as not to be charged more than one levy.

North Box Hill Tennis Club Inc.

    PO Box 281, BOX HILL VIC 3128 ABN: 26 004 655 427 2012/2013


I/we wish to join the North Box Hill Tennis Club and have calculated the following fees:

Joining Fee ($30 per Senior & Junior/Student;

     $25 per person in a family group) $ ________


    2012/2013 Subscription(s)

     (deduct 20% if family, refer to previous page) $ ________


    (Refer to table on previous page) Tennis Victoria Registration Fee $ ________


     TOTAL FEES PAYABLE $ ________

FAMILY NAME: _______________________________________

    ADDRESS: _______________________________________

     ______________________ Postcode: ________

    PHONE: Home: __________________ Mobile: ________________________

     E-mail: ________________________________


    Mr/Mrs/ CATEGORY Tennis Victoria FACILITY Miss/etc. SEN/JUN Records see membership info

    _____ _______________ _______ __________ _____________ _____ _______________ _______ __________ _____________ _____ _______________ _______ __________ _____________ _____ _______________ _______ __________ _____________ _____ _______________ _______ __________ _____________

    This application form and payment details should be emailed to

    or mailed to: - Membership Secretary, North Box Hill Tennis Club, PO Box 281, BOX HILL VIC 3128

    Payment may be made by cheque/ money order/ or Internet transfer (please mark one) to

    BSB: 013284 Account No: 293613272 Account Name: North Box Hill Tennis Club

    Be sure to include your name.

*NOTE: If a Primary Facility is nominated other than NBHTC, do not add the TV fee for that player.

Are you interested in playing competition tennis? Yes [ ] No [ ]

    Please indicate if you would like to play (you can tick more than one box) -

    Saturday Junior [ ] Saturday Senior [ ] VTA [ ] Midweek Ladies/Mixed [ ] Night Tennis [ ] Pennant

    I/we agree to abide by the Rules and By-Laws of the North Box Hill Tennis Club Inc.

    Signed __________________________________ Date ___________________

    Queries can be directed to

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