Using the Talet Pole - Schools and Health

By Jill Harper,2014-09-30 07:14
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Using the Talet Pole - Schools and Health



    Praziquantel (also known as Biltricide) is the drug given to children for treatment of schistosomiasis. The dose of praziquantel for each child depends on their weight

    40mg of praziquantel per kg of body weight. Since weight and height are related, height can be used instead of weight to find out the correct dose of praziquantel for each child.

    Height poles (Tablet Poles) have been constructed, made of straight lengths of hardwood, to measure the height of each child. The poles are marked to show the correct number of praziquantel tablets, to the nearest half tablet, that should be given for each child, depending on their height. --178 cm

     --160 cm Height pole consisting of five height intervals and the 3 dosage of praziquantel (in tablets) assigned to each --150 cm height interval.

     --138 cm


     --125 cm

     --110 cm

Using the Tablet Pole

    1. The pole should be held upright on a flat surface. If necessary, flatten the ground

    and then hold the pole on a large flat piece of wood. One way to make sure that

    the pole is held upright is to hold it near to a piece of string that has a weight

    attached to one end, and the other end tied to a roof beam or tree branch, making a

    ‘plumb line’. This can be used to judge whether the Tablet Pole is upright.

    2. For each child to be treated, ask them to stand so that their spine is against the face

    of the pole on which the number of tablets is written. Put the child’s feet together

    so that they touch the base of the pole. The child should stand upright, looking

    straight ahead.

    3. Place a ruler on the child’s head and press down the hair so that the ruler is flat

    against the skull. Make sure that the ruler is level and makes an angle of 90

    degrees with the height pole. Read the number of tablets that the child needs from

    the pole. If the ruler exactly touches the line between two doses of tablets (e.g. on

    the line between 1? and 2), then give the higher dose of tablets. If children are

    taller than the markings on the pole for the highest dose of tablets, they should be

    referred to a clinic, for determining the correct dose of praziquantel.

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