Does Earning an Advanced Degree Enhance One's Job Prospects

By Chris Cook,2014-03-21 16:28
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Does Earning an Advanced Degree Enhance One's Job Prospects

    Does Earning an Advanced Degree Enhance Ones Job Prospects?

    With the constant increase of employment pressure, more and more university students believe as if it is a truth that earning an advanced degree can enhance their job prospects so that a fever for graduate diploma booms. But to be frank, I can not agree with them. My arguments for this point are listed as follows.

    First of all, the requirement for educational background varies at different jobs in terms of market demand. A recent analysis on job market in Nanjing shows that it is really not the truth that the higher the education degree is, the smoother the applicants road to job search is. According to

    analysis on market needs, there is a big difference between different kinds of jobs. For example, jobs like insurance, finance, computer, and electronics have a big demand for applicants with college degree; while as for jobs like e-communication, marketing management, secretary, and advertising, applicants with bachelor degree or above are in great demand.

    Furthermore, nowadays employers will not just take degree as the single standard for selecting employees. They now will pay much more attentions to applicants comprehensive quality and

    personal trait, such as sense of responsibility, thinking ability, and professional attitude. Besides, specific positions will have specific requirements for employee selection. For instance, sales position values applicants interpersonal skills, verbal communication skills, and team-work spirits. In contrast, IT and technical jobs regard strong professional competence and good practical ability as important.

    In addition, an increasing number of employers deem that applicants with higher degree lack of a down-to-earth spirit. Lately a human resources manager said when interviewed about his feeling about campus recruitment, University students, especially students from key universities, are less dependable than junior college students. They are always thinking too much of themselves, unwilling to start at the bottom, and expecting too much too soon. If they get a better chance, they will quit the present job immediately.

    However, I must admit that earning an advanced degree sometimes benefits applicants a lot in job search process. Still there are quite a number of companies requesting their applicants to have bachelor degree or above. Some even require that only students with master degree or above can apply for their jobs. Apart from that, some companies will determine their employees wage scale

    in accordance with their degrees. Doctors have the highest wage, and then wages decrease one degree by another.

    Although earning an advanced degree has its advantages and disadvantages, I still think that it does not always enhance ones job prospects. So long as you have talents and are willing to make arduous efforts, you can find a good job.

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