Should People Have a Close Relationship with Their Pets

By Pauline Black,2014-03-21 16:28
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Should People Have a Close Relationship with Their Pets

    Are Close Relationships with Pets Good?

    Nowadays, more and more people are keeping pets at home, with which they have a close relationship, just as family members. Consequently, there rises the question: are such relationships good? Some may hold the opinion that treating pets as family members is beneficial, but others, in contrast, disagree with it. For my part, I believe that it is good for people to have such a close relationship with their pets. There are numerous reasons why I think so, and I would explore only a few of the most important ones.

One of the primary reasons is that a close relationship with pets is beneficial to peoples

    psychological health. Pets are better listeners than ones family members and friends, for pets will

    not ignore you for reasons as too busy or too tired, and they will not give away your secrets. When you are down, you can improve your mood by talking to your pets, and they will comfort you by licking your face or fingers. Besides, pets can help people reduce pressure. As a research by Buffalo State College in USA shows that when people are contending with intense work schedules, their pressure can be reduced better by pets company than by familys or friends company.

Another equally important reason is that keeping pets at home benefits childrens growth a lot.

    Nowadays, more and more children are the only child in their families. Therefore, they will inevitably feel lonely. But keeping pets will make them feel that they have brothers and sisters, and that relieves their sense of loneliness. It is reported that pets are conducive to treat autism. Moreover, children can develop a sense of responsibility through taking care of pets.

What is more, pets can increase peoples opportunities for social intercourse. The CEO of a pet

    food company said that every time he walked his dog, he had to stop for five to ten times to talk to someone who were walking their dogs, too. In addition, a research in Canada shows that the social participation of pet owners is higher than those who do not own pets.

    I admit that being too close with pets do have some disadvantages, such as bringing people to some serious diseases. It is said that more than one hundred kinds of human diseases are related to pets. Still I believe that the advantages of a close relationship with pets carry more weight than the disadvantages of that. Thus, I encourage more people to have a closer relationship with their pets for their own sake.

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