What can Students do to Decrease Waste on University and College Campus

By Ricky Bailey,2014-03-21 16:28
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What can Students do to Decrease Waste on University and College Campus

    What Can Students do to Decrease Waste on University and College Campus?

    There is no denying the fact that how to decrease waste is a popular topic which is much talked about not only by the governments all over the world, but also by ordinary citizens. As a current slogan goes, Waste reduction starts with me. So what can us university students do to decrease

    waste on our campus? To my point of view, we can do mainly from three aspects.

    On the one hand, the use of disposable products, such as one-off chopsticks, throw-away lunch boxes, and disposable plastic bags, should be minimized to the greatest extent. As is known to all, white pollution does great harm to our environment, so it is imperative for us to take actions to decrease the consumption of disposable products. For example, when going shopping, we can take a shopping bag made of cloth with us instead of using plastic bags offered by the markets. Besides, when buying meals, we can take our own lunch boxes rather than throw-away lunch boxes to hold food, and eat with our own chopsticks instead of one-off chopsticks.

    On the other hand, we can exchange or donate superfluous objects rather than throw them away as waste. For instance, every semester in our university, some certain students associations or other

    classes will organize activities like encouraging students to exchange their redundant things for potted plants provided by those associations or classes, or to donate their cast-off clothes to children in the remote mountainous areas.

In addition, we can make most of old stuffs, turning waste into wealth. I was vice-president of

    Youth Volunteers Association of our School of Foreign Languages, and we once organized an activity, the theme of which was just turning waste into wealth. At that time, nearly twenty

    classes took part in our activity. Some students made plastic bottles into a desk lamp, some made expanded plastic into a photo frame, some made waste papers into postcards, and so on. Then we put those reformed objects on display to promote the concept of reutilization.

    In a word, in order to decrease waste on university or college campus, we students should start from around things, not using disposable products, not casting aside unnecessary things easily, etc.. Although what we have done is insignificant, we are doing what we can to decrease waste on our campus to make a contribution to environmental protection.

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