Students and Online Shopping

By Johnny Robinson,2014-03-21 16:28
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Students and Online Shopping

    Students and Online Shopping

    Nowadays, with the rapidly growing popularity of Internet surfing, more and more young people around the world are turning to the Internet to buy a wide range of products, including books, clothing, electronics, living goods, etc.. It is reported that among all the college students in China, over 80 percent have purchased on line. College students have become a noticeable important force on the worlds online shopping market. Then why are so many college students fond of shopping on line? From my view of point, I think there are three primary reasons as follows.

    The main reason I think is that goods sold on line are much cheaper than those in physical stores. When doing businesses, physical store owners should take rents, utilities expenses, staff salaries and other expenses into consideration. It dooms the marked prices of the commodities in physical stores to the higher side. On the other hand, online stores need not pay rents so that the online prices are generally lower——sometimes by more than half of the same items would cost in

    physical stores.

    The second reason can be seen by every person is that online market provides a greater variety of commodities than physical stores do. Enter the name of the good you want on Taobao, pictures of goods of a sort that are sold throughout the country will appear to your eyes. But if you go shopping at the mall, you can only find what the mall sells.

    In addition, on-line shopping is much more convenient than window shopping. So long as you have a networked computer, you can log on online stores and select whatever you want. You no longer need to spend an afternoon or even a whole day traipsing from one shop to another. Besides, when shopping on line, you no longer need to have your arms full of bags after you buy something, goods will be delivered direct to you by express.

    Of course, shopping on line also has disadvantages to some extent. For example, the clothes or shoes you buy may not suit you without trying on before, and the qualities of products of a kind may be uneven. Moreover, goods may be damaged in transport. However, taking all the factors into account, I believe that shopping on line confers many benefits to college students.

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