How well can we listen

By Rose Hawkins,2014-12-11 15:28
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How well can we listenwe,We,WE,How,well,can,how,Well,Can,HOW

    How well can we listen?

    There is a clear and pressing crisis in todays society, one that

    involves complaint from all age groups.

    In our daily life ,people often complain when they think no one listens to them or age nobody understand them so that they feel frustrated or even annoyed, and then conflicts happen. But, why will they think like so? Who is to blame? Experts are apt to resort to the term generation gap for an explanation when there are conflicts

    between parents and children. There is no denying that it is truly a good reason. However, its far from wrong to fetch the rest in making an analysis.

    A lack of communication is to blame .Curiously enough , not a few advanced technological means of communication such as tell phone and pager have provided us enough opportunities for personal contact while speakers still find their listener neglect what they said just now. Clearly, something is wrong. What I want to say is that hearing ability is different from listening ability. Hearing is physically sound, but listening requires hard work and energy.

    To be a good listener, you need be concentrated. As is known to us all, the average persons rate of thinking is faster than that of speech. Thus, distractions must be overcome when you are listening, especially the mental distractions.

    Each person has his own range of interests. Its immature to

    demand everyone to fancy what you fancy or listen to every word you speak. He or she may skip part of your words unconsciously when the topic is a bore.

    Misunderstanding also arises from other psychological factors. The first image including appearance or whatever of the speaker plays a great role in their listening ability. If they have a poor impression of the speaker, its no wonder that they would not pay

    much attention to you.

    Good communication not only results from talking and hearing but also something else. Please give them a reasonable explanation if someone complains.

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