The happy farmer and his wife

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The happy farmer and his wife

    The happy farmer and his wife

Teaching objective:

    To get the main ideas of the text.

    To know hoe to use although

    To learn to read the text.

    To mast the simple present tense.

    Teaching procedure:


    1. Ask some students to act out the text.(a week ago) 2. Guess some key words I: coin, hard-working, healthy, greedy, comfortable (match)

    3. Guess some key words II: hut, farmer, fairy, gold coins, tiny, different, reply, disappear


    Teaching aids:

    Multimedia, recorder, a television, some other things II. While- task procedure:

    1. Let the students watch the play carefully and then try to answer the questions.

    1. How many people are there in the story? Who are they?

    2. What job does the old man do?

    3. Where did they live?

    4. What happened on a winter night?

    2. T asks: How many wishes does Lucky fairy give Fred and his wife?

     (Let the students complete the table)

    Fairy Farmer and his wife

     I am going to give you Although we are old, we work in the fields every day.

    three wishes.

     1)I can give you some gold Although we are poor, we lived happily.


     2)I can give you a big new Although our hut is old and small, it’s very comfortable.


     3)How about some Although our clothes are old, they are still comfortable

    beautiful clothes? and keep us warm in winter.

    Change although into but

    We are old, but we work in the fields every day. W are poor, but we lived happily.

    Our hut is old and small, but it’s very comfortable.

    Our clothes are old, but they are still comfortable and keep us warm in winter.

3. Further practice: True or False

    1. On a summer night, Luck Fairy visited Fred and Doris.

    2. Fred and Doris lived in an old, tiny hut.

    3. Fred and Doris are unhealthy and sad.

    4. They work hard in the fields every day.

    5. Fred and Doris are very rich.

    6. Fairy would like to give them some gold coins because they earn little money.

    7.Doris wanted to use gold coins to buy more clothes.

    8. Fred has lived there since he was born.

    9. They are always hungry because they didn’t have enough food to eat.

    10. Luck Fairy liked Fred very much.

?. Post-task procedure:

    1. Try to complete the passage according to the text.

    Fred is a good f_____. He and his wife Doris lived h______ together in a tiny h___. One day,

    Luck Fairy v_____ them and wanted to give them three w_____. But they

    didnt want anything. At last, Luck Fairy wished them happiness and health f_____and

    then d________.

    2. For more able students:

    Retell the story using their own words

     (Two or three students)

    3. Group discussion:

    (1)Do you like Fred and Doris? And why?

    (2) What do you learn from the story?

    4. Further reading (In order to enlarge the students vocabulary)

    The fisherman and the golden fish

     Once upon a time, there was an old and poor fisherman who lived with his wife in a hut by the sea. One day, the fisherman caught a small golden fish in his net. The fish asked the fisherman to let him go and give the fisherman anything that he asked for. However, the kind fisherman asked for nothing before returning the fish to the sea.

     The fisherman went home and told his wife the fantastic thing. She got angry and sent him back to the sea to catch the fish and ask for a new bucket because theirs was broken. When he returned, he saw a new bucket. The fisherman’s wife was still not happy and asked for a new cottage and the fish fulfilled her wish. The next day, his wife wanted to be lady mayor(市长) of

    the city. The fish made her wish come true.

     A few weeks later, the greedy woman wanted to be the queen of the land. This time the fish didn’t reply and he disappeared into the sea. When the fisherman returned, he found his wife in the old hut holding their broken bucket.

    (1)T: 1. Please find out how many wishes the fishermans wife made?

     2. What were these wishes?


    What are the differences between the happy farmer and the fisherman’s wife?

The happy farmer the fisherman’s wife

    ------ ------

    (3)T: Today we have learnt such a thing: Content is happiness. (4) Let the students to complete the following sentences

    A man who is satisfied will always have happiness. A man who is ________will get nothing finally. A man who __________will make his dream come true. A man who __________ will ___________________.

?. Homework:

    1. Retell the story.

    2. Write a report about Fred and Doris to the King of the Fairy.

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