Art and Politics

By Grace Dunn,2014-07-16 23:18
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Art and Politics


    Contemporary Issues in Social and Cultural Theory:

    Art and Politics

    授課?朱元鴻 Seminar, Fall 2006

    Monday 7:10-10:00pm Classroom: T314


    9/18 Course Introduction

    I. Some Background Social Theories

    9/25 Herbert Marcuse, The Aesthetic Dimension.

    10/2 Jean Baudrillard, “Gesture and Signature: Semiurgy in Contemporary Art,”

     For a Critique of the Political Economy of the Sign, pp.102-111.

    Jean Baudrillard, “The Conspiracy of Art,” “Art Contemporary …of Itself,

    The Conspiracy of Art, pp.25-29; 89-97.

    Browse the following interviews edited in The Conspiracy of Art (pp.43-85,

    133-140, 201-4 ): Starting from Andy Warhol; Art between Utopia

    and Anticipation; No Nostalgia for Old Aesthetic Values; La

    Commedia dellArte; Too Much is Too Much, The Implosion of

    Beaubourg, The Matrix revisited.

    10/9 Pierre Bourdieu, The Rules of Art, pp.47-140; 333-348.

    II. Art as Testimony

    10/16 Theodor W. Adorno, After Auschwitz, Negative Dialectics, pp.361-365.

    T. W. Adorno, Commitment, in A. Arato and E. Gebhardt (eds.) The

    Essential Frankfurt School Reader, pp.300-318.

    Jean-Francois Lyotard, The Differend, pp.3-14 (skip the Protagoras).

    Giorgio Agamben, Remnants of Auschwitz, ? 1.1; 1.2; 1.3 (pp.15-20);

     ?2.1;2.2 (pp.41-45); ? 3.17; 4.7 (pp.120-1; 150-1). 10/23 Jacques Derrida, Poetics and Politics of Witnessing, Sovereignties in

     Question: the Poetics of Paul Celan, pp.65-96.

    Shoshana Felman, Poetry and Testimony: Paul Celan, or the Accidenting

    of Aesthetics, Camus The Plague, or a Monument to Witnessing,

    Testimony, pp.25-40; 93-119.

    Compare two films: Claude Lanzmanns videotaped testimonies, Shoah,

    and Steven Spielberg's epic film, Schindler's List (1994).

    10/30 Jean-Luc Nancy, Forbidden Representation, The Ground of the Image,


    Jay Winter, The apocalyptic imagination in art: from anticipation to

    allegory, Sites of Memory, Sites of Mourning, pp. 145-177. III. Political (In)significance of Romanticism 11/6 Philippe Lacoue Labarthe, Heidegger, Art and Politics, pp.51-104. 11/13 ?期中考;延至12/4補停課,

    Carl Schmitt, The Structure of the Romantic Spirit, Political Romanticism,

    pp. 51-108.

    11/20 Walter Benjamin, “The Concept of Criticism in German Romanticism,”

     Selected Writing, Vol.1, pp. 116-200.

    IV. Sublime: Sensible Presentation as Question 11/27 Jean-Luc Nancy, Preface, Of the Sublime: Presence in Question, pp.1-3.

    Kant, Analytic of the Sublime, Critique of Judgment, ?23-29, 39, 42, 59

    (pp.82-120, 133-5, 140-5, 196-200). 12/4 期中考補停課

    12/11 Schiller, Letter XV, On the Aesthetic Education of Man, pp. 101-109.

    Friedrich Schiller, On the Sublime, “On the Sublime: Toward the Further

    Development of Some Kantian Ideas, Essays, (pp.24-83).

    .Paul de Man, Kant and Schiller, Aesthetic Ideology, pp.129-155. 12/18 Jean Francois Lyotard, A Few Signs of Heterogeneity, The

     Communication of Sublime Feeling, Lessons on the Analytic of the

     Sublime, pp.147-158; 224-239.

    J.-F. Lyotard, The Interest of the Sublime, Of the Sublime Presence in

    Question, pp.109-132.

    J.-F. Lyotard, Postscript to Terror and the Sublime, The Postmodern

    Explained, pp. 67-73.

    J.-F. Lyotard, The Sublime and the Avant-Garde, Representation,

    Presentation, Unpresentable, After the Sublime, the State of

    Aesthetics, The Inhuman, pp.89-107; 119-128; 135-143.

    J.-F. Lyotard, Anima Minima, Postmodern Fables, pp.235-249.

    12/25 行憲紀念日放假

    1/1 元旦放假

    1/8 Jacques Ranciere, The Sublime from Lyotard to Schiller: Two readings of

     Kant and their political significance, Radical Philosophy, No.126

     (July/August 2004):8-15.

    Jacques Ranciere, The Politics of Aesthetics: The Distribution of the

    Sensible, pp.9-45.

    1/15 Potluck Party


    Each student will make several class presentations and will write a research paper expanding on the topics covered in class. A research plan (about one page) will be due by January 9. Grade will be 50% for final paper and 50% for class presentation and participation.



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