Urethane Slurry Flooring System

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Urethane Slurry Flooring System


    Urethane Slurry Flooring System

    Part 1 General

    (Select optional Colored Quartz Finish see Part 2 Materials)

    1.01 Work Included

    A. Furnish necessary material, labor, and equipment required to prepare designated areas and install a Urethane Slurry Flooring System.

    1.02 Related Work

    A. Drawings and general provisions of contract including General and Special Conditions and Division I, excepting special Submittal and Quality Assurance provisions in this section.

    1.03 Quality Assurance

    A. Manufacturer's Qualifications

    Obtain Urethane Slurry Flooring System materials from a single manufacturer with a minimum of _____ years verifiable experience providing materials of the type specified in this section.

    B. Contractor's Qualifications

    Installation must be performed by a manufacturer certified contractor with skilled mechanics having not less than three (3) years satisfactory experience in the installation of the type of system as specified in this section, and must be certified in writing by the manufacturer of the Urethane Slurry Flooring System. C. Floor System Thickness Verification

    At the owner's discretion and under his supervision the contractor shall take _____ 1" random cores per 1,000 sq. ft. through the system into the substrate to verify proper system thickness. Cored areas less than specified thickness shall be removed and replaced or increased in thickness by the installing contractor, in a manner that does not affect the performance or integrity of the system. Cored areas that comply with the recommended system thickness shall be built-up to match the surrounding surface elevation prior to applying the seal coat(s). Cores taken and patched will be noticeable; therefore, cores should be taken from areas where aesthetics are less critical. Cost associate with repair of cored areas that comply with specification thickness are the responsibility of the owner.

1.04 Warranty

    A. The contractor and the manufacturer shall furnish a standard guarantee of the Urethane Slurry Flooring System for a period of one year after installation. The labor and material guarantee shall include loss of bond and wear-through to the concrete substrate from normal use.

    B. Not included in the warranty are damage due to structural design deficiencies including but not limited to slab cracking from lateral, vertical or rotational movement, and gouging or other damage due to fork lifts, other equipment, Acts of God, or other elements beyond the scope of protection of this system nor causes not related to the system materials.

    C. In case of a warranty claim, the owner will notify the manufacturer and contractor in writing within 30 days of the first appearance of problems covered under this warranty. The owner will provide free and unencumbered access to the area during normal working hours for warranty rework. Property protection is also the owner's responsibility. Remedy is limited to direct repair of the Urethane Slurry Flooring System.

    1.05 Submittal

    A. System Data

    Submit manufacturer's specifications on cured system and individual components of the Flooring System, including physical properties and performance properties and tests described in part 2.01 B and submit Material Safety Data Sheets. Each individual component of the system will be evaluated on the basis of these standards. For any tests not listed in the manufacturer's standard nationally published data, the manufacturer must supply the missing data accompanied by the independent testing laboratory's test results, which prove compliance in accordance with the referenced standard(s). Furnish _____ sets of this information. Manufacturer's standard color chart shall also be submitted and must afford the owner color selection from at least _____ standard colors and computerized custom color matching shall be available upon request. Furnish ____ sets of this information.

    B. The contractor shall submit a 6" x 6" cured system sample which the contractor has made for verification purposes and finish texture approval. C. Contractor Experience

    The contractor shall furnish a list of projects using either specified material or equivalent that they have installed during the last _____ years. Information shall include: project name, square footage, owner contact name with owner's address

    and phone number. Also, the contractor shall furnish résumés detailing the experience of key project personnel including supervisors and mechanics. D. It is the intention of this Section to provide the products as named. Substitutions will be considered only when received by the Architect, Engineer or Design Professional through a bidding Prime Contractor at least ten days prior to the date set for receipt of bids. Upon receipt of any such submission, the Architect, Engineer or Design Professional will determine whether or not the proposed product is an equal. In the event the Architect, Engineer or Design Professional determines that a proposed system is an approved equal, he will issue an addendum and notify all bidders at least 48 hours prior to receipt of bids. No substitutions will be considered after contract bid date.

    E. The contractor shall submit a copy of the manufacturer's packing slip, tagged for this specific job, along with calculations, signed by an officer of the primary material supplier demonstrating that the quantity of material furnished for the project will achieve the specified coverage and mil thickness.

    1.06 Material Delivery, Handling and Storage

    A. Primary system materials shall be delivered in the manufacturer's undamaged, unopened containers. Each container shall be clearly marked with the following: •Product name(s) and/or number(s)

    •Manufacturer's name

    •Component designation (A, B, etc.)

    •Product Mix Ratio

    •Health and Safety Information

    •CHEMTREC Emergency Response Information

    B. Provide equipment and personnel to handle the materials by methods, which prevent damage.

    C. The contractor shall promptly inspect direct jobsite material deliveries to assure that quantities are correct, comply with requirements and are not damaged.

    D. The contractor shall be responsible for materials furnished by him, and he shall replace, at his own expense, such materials that are found to be defective in manufacture or that have become damaged in transit, handling or storage. E. Store material(s) in accordance with manufacturer's instructions, with seals and labels intact and legible. Maintain temperatures within the required range. Do not use materials that exceed the manufacturer's maximum recommended shelf life.

1.07 Job Conditions

    A. The contractor shall visit the jobsite prior to the installation of the Urethane Slurry Flooring System to evaluate substrate condition, quantity and severity of cracking, and the extent of repairs needed. Substrate imperfections should be repaired only after mechanical preparation of the substrate. Surface preparation reveals most imperfections requiring repair. Concrete substrates shall be tested to verify that the moisture vapor transmission of the substrate does not exceed the Urethane Slurry Flooring System manufacturers' recommendations. Cost associated with repair, leveling and remediation of the substrate are the responsibility of the provider of the substrate.

    B. The contractor should exercise care during surface preparation and system installation to protect surrounding substrates and surfaces, as well as in-place equipment. The contractor shall prepare the substrate to remove laitance and open the surface. This shall be achieved by light brush grit blasting. Surface profile achieved shall be similar to medium grit sandpaper and free from bond-inhibiting contaminants. Costs incurred that are associated with damage from negligence or inadequate protection shall be the sole responsibility of the contractor.

    C. Sub floor tolerances are specified in Section __________ (in accordance with ACI 302). Each drain in the installation area must be working and raised or lowered to the actual finished elevation of the Urethane Slurry Flooring System. D. System must be protected by the General Contractor or, as a separate bid item, by the installing contractor until it is inspected and turned over to the owner. E. The minimum slab temperature must be conditioned to 40 degrees F before commencing installation, during installation, and for at least 72 hours after installation is complete. The substrate temperature must be at least 5 degrees F above the dew point during installation.

    F. Maintain lighting at a minimum uniform level of 50 or more foot candles in areas where the Urethane Slurry Flooring System is being installed. It is the recommendation of the manufacturer that the permanent lighting be in place and working during the installation.

    G. Leaks from pipes and other sources must be corrected prior to the installation of the Urethane Slurry Flooring System.

    Part 2 - Products

    2.01 Materials

    A. System Overview

    The URETHANE SLURRY FLOORING SYSTEM with Cove consists of 4040FasTop Urethane Primer (Cove), 4060 FasTop Cove Base Binder Resin, and 5055 FasTop Cove Base Aggregate (Cove), 4050 FasTop S

    Binder Resin, with 5050 FasTop S Aggregate as slurry, 5310-8 Dry Silica Sand (30 Mesh or larger) for broadcast and 3744 High Performance CR

    Epoxy or 4844 Pace-Cote as an optional seal coat.

    (Select FasTop S-U1 for Optional Colored Quartz Finish) B. FasTop S-U1 URETHANE SLURRY COLORED QUARTZ UPGRADE shall consist of 4050 FasTop S Binder resin, with 5050 FasTop S

    Aggregate as slurry, 5900F Ceramic Granules for broadcast and 3744

    High Performance CR Epoxy or 4844 Pace-Cote as an optional seal


    B. Typical Physical Properties

    Color Red, Light Gray, Dark Gray

    Decorative Upgrade: Selected Ceramic Carpet


    Cure Time

    Recoat 4-5 hours

    Foot Traffic 6-8 hours

    Full Service 10-12 hours

    Abrasion Resistance 20-30 mgs lost

    ASTM D 4060 CS-17 Wheel,

    1,000 cycles

    Hardness Shore D 75

    ASTM D 2240

    Tensile Strength 550-600 psi

    ASTM C 307

    Compressive Strength 5,000 psi

    ASTM C 579

    Flexural Strength 3,700 psi

    ASTM C 580

    Impact Resistance Withstands 16 ft lbs without

    MIL-D-3134, Sec. 4.7.3 cracking, delamination or


    Flammability Self extinguishing over


    Service Temperature -50;F - 300;F at 3/16”

    ASTM C=Mortar System

    ASTM D=Resin Only

    Part 3 - Execution

    3.01 Surface Preparation

    For thorough instructions regarding preparation of concrete substrates consult “Instruction for Concrete Surface Preparation” (Form G-1).

    3.02 Installation

    A. General

    Apply each component of the Urethane Slurry Flooring System in compliance with manufacturer's written installation instructions and strictly adhere to mixing and installation methods, recoat windows, cure times and environmental restrictions. The Urethane Slurry Flooring System is to be installed directly over non-moving control joints and cracks that have been treated with EPO-FLEX epoxy, and the Urethane Slurry Flooring System will terminate at the edge of isolation and expansion joints as designated by the Architect, Engineer or Design Professional. Integral cove base shall be installed where specified in the drawings.

    B. Cracks

    After preparation, evaluation of quantity and severity of cracks in concrete will determine the needed repairs. Original bid assumes repair and treatment of ____ linear feet of cracks and control joints. Additional treatment is considered excessive and must be bid on a per linear foot basis. For information pertaining to the treatment of cracks in concrete substrates, consult Manufacturer’s publication, Concrete 102.

    C. Original bid assumes repair and treatment of ____ linear feet of cracks and control joints. Additional treatment is considered excessive and must be bid on a per linear foot basis. For information pertaining to the treatment of control joints in concrete substrates, consult Manufacturer’s publication, Concrete 103.

D. Isolation/Expansion and Other Joints Subject to Movement

    All expansion joints must be honored through the flooring system. For information pertaining to the above, consult Manufacturer’s publication, Concrete 105.

E. Cove Base

    4040 FasTop Urethane Primer

    4060 FasTop Cove Base Binder Resin

    5055 FasTop cove Base Aggregate

F. Slurry Installation

    4050 FasTop Binder Resin

    5050 FasTop Aggregate

G. Broadcast (Select option)

    5310-8 Dry Silica Sand (30 mesh or larger) broadcast to excess or

    FasTop S-U1 Colored Quartz Broadcast use 5900F Ceramic Granules

H. Optional: Topcoat (Colored Quartz Broadcast must be top coated with clear)

    3744 High Performance CR Epoxy or

    4844 Pace-Cote

3.03 Curing, Cleaning and Protection

    A. Cure Urethane Slurry Flooring System materials in compliance with manufacturer's directions, taking care to prevent contamination during stages of the installation and prior to completion of the curing process.

    B. Protect the Urethane Slurry Flooring System from damage and wear during other phases of the construction operation, using temporary coverings as recommended by the manufacturer, if required. Remove temporary covering just prior to final inspection.

    C. Clean the Urethane Slurry Flooring System just prior to final inspection, using materials and procedures suitable to the system manufacturer.

    D. Some cleaners will affect the color, gloss or texture of your polymer floor surfaces. To determine how the cleaner will perform, first test each cleaner, in a small area, utilizing your cleaning technique. This precaution will demonstrate the effect of your cleaner and technique. If no deleterious effects are observed, continue with the procedure. If deleterious effects do occur, modify the cleaning material and/or procedure. For recommendations regarding types of cleaners, contact the Urethane Slurry Flooring System manufacturer.


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