CASE STUDY - 'City of Port Phillip 'Drain pit lid stencilling design ...

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CASE STUDY - 'City of Port Phillip 'Drain pit lid stencilling design ...

    CASE STUDY - City of Port Phillip - ‘drain pit lid stencilling design’ competition


    1. The problem Increase in beach litter during summer and the tourist season, caused by direct littering

    and litter entering the bay through the stormwater drainage system.

    2. Research ; Beach cleaning stats

    ; The high health risk of syringes ending up on the beach (also reputation

    management for council) an athlete suffered a needle stick injury at a high profile

    sporting event

    ; Increased costs of beach cleaning

    ; Continued need to raise awareness of the relationship between litter on the beaches

    and in the bay and the stormwater drainage system

    ; Port Phillip’s previous stencilling campaign needed an update

    3. Objectives 1. Raise and increase awareness of the relationship between litter, water and beach

    pollution and the stormwater drainage system

    2. Involve local school children in the program because of their educative impact on

    their families and communities create buy-in, leading by example, learning by

    participating, ambassadors, constant visual reminder / reinforcement

    3. To reduce litter affect behaviour change

    4. Organisational objectives Key result areas, stormwater management plan, reduce

    the cost of beach and street cleaning

    4. Target ; School children

    audience ; Local beach users

    ; Visitors to the Port Phillip and its beaches

    ; Kerbside dining traders

    ; Local environmental groups

    5. Partnerships Melbourne Water, EPA sponsorship in kind

    Local environmental groups

    6. Key 1. Council is working with its community to raise awareness and reduce litter

    messages 2. Council values the creativity and contribution of the local schools and community

    groups to the environment

    7. Program ; Run a competition for primary school children in Port Phillip kids as champions,

    build stronger links with schools draw a picture and write a message in ten words

    or less about litter, stormwater drains and the bay

    ; Exciting prizes book vouchers $100, $50 & $25. Two categories: preps to grade 2;

    grades 3 to 6

    ; Winning slogan made into a stencil fame!

    ; An exhibition of entries more fame

    ; Painting by the schools and environmental groups, traders, staff

    ; Merchandising opportunities for the slogan

    ; Sponsorship and partnership building opportunities

    ; Kids + creativity = media interest

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    ; Stencilling provides a virtually free messaging opportunity & constant visual reminder

    for reinforcement

    ; Shows council to be vigilant, pro-active, responsible and working with the local

    community to solve the problem

    8. Key planning ; Long lead time so it could be incorporated into the school curriculum art, science

    factors and society

    9. Success ; Involvement of school children


    10. Budget & $350 Prizes

    Sponsorship $350 Cost of artwork for stencils

    $140 Each aluminium stencils

    Paint road marking paint spray cans ‘dye-mark’

    Staff time quite considerable (2+)

    11. Results ; Over 300 entries were received from seven of the 13 local schools and two slogans

    were chosen for an ongoing campaign ‘Bin it or swim in it’, ‘It’s rubbish to think the

    bay needs your litter’.

    ; Melbourne Water provided ‘Drains to the Bay’ education kits to all 13 schools.

    ; EPA provided postcards and huge posters for the exhibition.

    ; The competition was reported in the local media and council’s bi-monthly newsletter.

    ; The slogans have been used consistently for a variety of purposes in the summer

    campaigns and on merchandise like calico bags, Frisbees, water bottles, cigarette

    butt personal ashtrays (film canisters with stickers), postcards.

    12. Evaluation ; Postive media coverage

    ; Buy-in from the schools and children wide involvement

    ; Very cost-effective

    Market research benchmarking in January 2002, with further sampling to be conducted

    in March 2002 (see Case Study Port Phillip stormwater funding)

    ; 95% were aware that litter in the streets could end up in the bay

    ; 62% of residents felt council is doing a ‘god’ job in helping to reduce littering with

    improvements in bin / waste facilities (41%) and education and awareness

    campaigns (24%)

    ; Unprompted 42% of residents recalled seeing advertising about reducing pollution

    of waterways, including the stencilling and slogans (31%)

    ; Prompted 54% for stencilling; 31% for council’s summer in the city campaign

    Information provided by City of Port Phillip: Clarissa Forster, litter and waste education officer, phone 9209


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