pattern 7'

By Debra Richardson,2014-05-26 19:24
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pattern 7'

    1.In our life, the happy things-going out for a tour, being together with the person you love, eating the delicious dishes-dont help as the


    2. The helpless man (once wandering in the street) now has a bank-note of one million pound.

    3. The poor man (once drawing in the warehouse) now has become a famous person who create Mickey mouse.

    4. Several bright lights-the meteors-raised a burst of scream. 5. A strange scream-the cry of the cat-made me scared.

    6. When I go shopping- the beautiful dress, the wonderful shoes, the famous cosmetics- dont draw me attention as much as the delicious.

    7. When I choose a boyfriend- the big eyes, the cool hairstyle, the strong figure-dont play an important part as the patience.

    8. As time went by, I (once a pure child with great ambition) am more practical.

    9. As we were growing, our mothers (once beautiful women with slim figure) are more fat; our fathers (once strong men with energetic) are weaker than before.

    10. When I feel anxious-listening to the music, going out for a work, crying out-dont help as much as reading a book.

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