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1.1 Name/proposed name of incubator

    Have you registered or incorporated this incubator with Malaysia’s Registrar of

    Companies? (please indicate one of the following)

     Yes, the incubator is a separate legal entity

     Name of Legal Entity :

     ROC Number :

     Date of Incorporation :

     No, the incubator is not a separate legal entity

     We intend to register it with the

    ROC by :

     Note that the newly formed incubator must register with the ROC within a month of

    obtaining MSC Malaysia status

1.2 Business Postal Address

Application for MSC Malaysia Status (Incubator) Page 1

    1.3 Key Contact Persons

    Name :

    Designation :

    Telephone :

    Fax :

    Email :

    Name :

    Designation :

    Telephone :

    Fax :

    Email :

    Application for MSC Malaysia Status (Incubator) Page 2


2.1 Ownership Structure

    Name of Equity (%) Country of origin Bumi / non-

    shareholder(s) Bumi

    % Bumiputra equity participation in shareholding

    Authorised Capital RM

    Paid-up Capital RM

    Application for MSC Malaysia Status (Incubator) Page 3

    2.2 Preferred Incentive

    Kindly indicate which financial incentive your incubator chooses to exercise (select ONE only).

     Pioneer Status

     The pioneer status is in a form of five (5) years exemption from Malaysian federal

    income tax renewable to ten (10) years. A company can apply through the MDeC for a

    second five-year term depending on the company’s performance.

     Investment Tax Allowance (ITA)

     The ITA is allowed as a deduction of 100 percent qualifying capital expenditures against

    company’s statutory income. Only qualifying expenditures incurred in the first five (5)

    years commencing from the effective date after MSC Malaysia Status is granted will

    qualify for 100 percent ITA. ITA may be carried forward indefinitely to be deducted

    against its statutory income until it is fully utilized

    Application for MSC Malaysia Status (Incubator) Page 4


    3.1 Technology Focus of Incubator


     Please specify :

    1. Strategic Intent

    2. Business Model

    3. Range of Services

     Biotechnology / bio-informatics

     Please specify :

    1. Strategic Intent

    2. Business Model

    3. Range of Services

    3.2 Technology infrastructure

    Existing effective bandwidth

    Future upgraded bandwidth

    Please state when this upgraded bandwidth will be

    made available

    Application for MSC Malaysia Status (Incubator) Page 5

    3.3 Shared Services

    Please indicate if you provide any of the following shared services in the incubator

    Type of shared service Y/N State quantity and type provided

     Yr 1 ( ) Yr 2 ( ) Yr 3 ( ) Reception IT equipment for rent (eg PC, LCD)

    Meeting rooms Business Centre (eg photocopy, fax)

    Resource Centre (e.g library, data center,

    training facility etc)

    Skill based labs Others, please specify

    Application for MSC Malaysia Status (Incubator) Page 6

    3.4 Strategic Services kindly describe the following :

    1) Administration, legal and accounting

    2) Mentoring, coaching and training on

    - technology related matters

    - marketing, human resource, operational and finance

    3.5 Funding and fundraising please describe your funding strategy.

    3.6 Management Team

    Description Year 1 Year 2 Year 3

    ( ) ( ) ( )

    Management staff

    Operational Staff

    Admin/Support Staff

    Total Staff

    Local Management Staff

    Foreign Management Staff

    Please provide the following information for each member of the management

    team :

    Name Designation Part time / Core Functions

    full time




    Application for MSC Malaysia Status (Incubator) Page 7

Please include details of each management staff whose core functions have been

    outlined above into the curriculum vitae format below

Personal Data

    Name :

    Date of Birth :

    Sex :

    Nationality :

    Educational Qualification

    Degree/Diploma :

    Field :

    Year of Award :

    Name and Place of

    Institution :

    Repeat for each diploma and degree

    Employment History (starting with current employer)

    Name of Employer

    Period of Employment

    Title of Position Held

    Job Functions

    Repeat for each position held

    Other achievements

    State each achievement

    Application for MSC Malaysia Status (Incubator) Page 8

    3.7 Forecast of Growth

     Current Year 1 Year 2 Year 3

    year ( ) ( ) ( ) Maximum number of tenant (companies) that can be

    located at incubator

    Target number of seed-level companies*

    Target number of start-up level companies*

    Estimated total headcount of all tenant companies

    Floor space available for tenant companies (sq.ft)

    Number of new tenants entering incubator ie (a+b)

    Malaysian (a) Foreign (b) Number of tenants leaving incubator ie (a+b+c)

    Graduation* (c) Termination* (d) Attrition* (e) Number of tenants located in incubator ie (a+b)-(c+d+e)

    Application for MSC Malaysia Status (Incubator) Page 9

* Note :-

    Seed-level Entities that have been incorporated within the past one year, and have companies ideas or concepts that require funds for proof of concept and/or


    Start-up companies Entities that may be in the process of setting up or have been in business

    for no more than 2 years and require first round funding capital for

    commercialization. These companies may not be generating profits yet.

Graduation Successfully completed their tenancy and are free-standing entities that

    have benefited from the incubator’s nurturing activities.

    Termination Companies with tenancies that are terminated by the incubator or vice


Attrition Companies with failed business operations.

3.8 Business Support Services

    Please state the business support services provided by the incubator.

Services provided Y/N In-house/ Name of service

    Outsource provider

    Writing business plans

    Development of marketing


    Web services

    Legal services

    Financial management


    Others, please specify

    Application for MSC Malaysia Status (Incubator) Page 10

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