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are you with me you belong with me always with me with you lie with me come with me gone with the wind be with you all alone with you stay with me

    1.(NMET.2000) _________ production up by 60 % , the company has had another excellent year.

    A Besides B With C As D Because


     2.(Beijing. 2004) ________two exams to worry about , I have to work really hard this weekend.

     A. Besides B. With C. As for D. Because of

     ? ________our food ________, we had to walk to a village for help.?成都毕业


     A. Since; runs out B. Because; run out

    C. With; running out D. For; running out

     ?.When mother went into the house, she found her baby was sleeping in bed, ________ his lips moving.

     A. as B. with C. for D. through

     ?---You should have prepared your speech for the meeting , Mrs Smith .

     ---Yes, I know .But how could I ______the meeting date fixed so soon .2005


     A. while B. as C. after D. with

     [ ?________ more and more forests damaged ,some animals and plants are facing the danger of dying out .(2005石家庄市高三调研试题,

     A. As B. For C. With D. By

     ?Many large cities, such as Liverpool and New York , have had experiments of this kind, ________ old factories turned into successful art centers.?南京市高三模拟试题,

     A. for B. with C .as D .like

     ______so much homework to do , I won't have time to go to see the film tonight.

     A. With B. To C. For D. In

    [With nothing to do , I sat down watching TV.

    1. I saw a river with red flowers and green grass on both sides.

     ?John starts to work very clearly in the morning and goes on working until late in

    the afternoon _______ a break at midday .

     A. for B. with C. in D. as

     It was cold outside , the boy ran into the room ________ his nose red.

     A. to B. on C. in D. with

     Tom's father is used to sleeping with the window open. With so many students away , we have got more room.

    2. The young woman _______ a baby sleeping in her arms was wandering in the


     A. with B.because C. on D. like 3. Everyone should go to sleep with the light turned off.

     A. as B. with C. for D. on 4. _______ so many homework to do, Mary won’t have time to play with her friends

    this morning.

    A. Without B. With C. By D. Because

    5. _______ the door open, the noise of the machines is almost deafening. A. Because B. As C. With D. Because of 6. _______ his mother out, he had to stay at home alone.

     A. As B.For C. Because D. With 7. _______ all things considered, her proposal is of greater than his

     A. Like B.With C. On D. Without 8. _______ time permitting, we will visit the Summer Palace. A. By B. On C. With D. As


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