By Janet Olson,2014-05-26 05:59
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    Urgent Message to All CPH Residents

     Recently we have discovered some mischievous activity around Castle Point Hall. There

    been sightings of broken windows, fruit smashed on the side of the building, and a smashed have

    printer below the window of room 511. There will be a mandatory meeting about this on 4/20/14 but we have a lead on the perpetrator. I’m talking of course about Manbearpig. There have been marks of pig claws and bear poop on campus. This means Manbearpig is at large. It is urgent that you guys make it home before dark. I’m super cereal. Guys you have to believe me. Manbearpig

    is not a myth! If you see something that looks half man half bearpig, or half manbear half pig, or half man half bear half pig contact meASAP on Facebook or Twitter. I monitor all Manbearpigrelated internet references in my super-secret operation center 24/7. A photo has been provided.

     I’m super cereal,

     Ex-Vice President, Al Gore

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