Calumet County 4-H Opportunities Bingo Game

By Harry Howard,2014-07-09 07:10
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Calumet County 4-H Opportunities Bingo Game

    Calumet County 4-H Opportunities Bingo Game


    ; To educate members, leaders, and families about the many county,

    district, state, national, and international 4-H activities offered in our


    ; To learn through an interactive process about 4-H opportunities.

Target Audience:

    ; Calumet County 4-H members, leaders, families. There are about 200 4-

    H families and over 400 4-H members in Calumet County.

    ; Club Main/General Leaders 20 in the county.

    ; Also could be used to educate county board members and the public

    about all the opportunities available in 4-H.

Methods Used:

    4-H club leaders were asking me to come to their club’s annual awards/family night or just visit their club meeting and have me talk about all the opportunities that members have to get involved in 4-H beyond their 4-H club. The idea of standing in front of the club and talking about this sounded boring and ineffective, so I created the 4-H Opportunities Bingo Game and a brochure to go with it.

    My program assistance and I identified 28 different county, district, state, national, and international opportunities available to members in our county. Colorful bingo cards were made which shuffled those opportunities on each card (example attached). We also developed a brochure (attached) that listed those opportunities and gave brief descriptions, dates, requirements, costs, etc. One set of all the opportunities was made, by cutting the bingo card boxes (yellow examples attached). These were used to “pull and call-off” for the bingo game.

    Multiple small clover cards were made for the members to use to cover the box on the player’s card that had been called (green example attached).

    When an opportunity was called, anyone in the audience who had previously participated in the activity was asked to stand and tell about it. If there wasn’t anyone in the group who had taken part in the called opportunity, I gave a brief description of it.

    As winners emerged, they were allowed to take a 4-H prize from my prize box. The game goes on until everyone has won.

    At the end of the game I encouraged members and families to watch for more information about the different opportunities in the 4-H newsletter. They were also encouraged to get involved when they see something that they might like to try.

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Resources and costs: The cost of the game and brochure is minimal card

    stock and regular paper and a color printer is needed. Prizes can be inexpensive. I have bookmarks, pencils, suckers, key chains, cookie cutters, 4-H folders, simple puzzles, etc. in my prize box that is used for many different events in the county. For this game, I put 5-6 “better” prizes in the box for the first winners and the rest of the prizes are much less expensive.

Impact Results: I don’t have a formal evaluation of this activity, but have some


    ; As the game is played, members really enjoy being the ones who have

    taken part in an activity. They love telling their fellow club members about

    it. Enthusiasm during the game is high.

    ; Parents and leaders comment on the number of opportunities there are.

    When seen scattered throughout the year in the newsletter, the impact

    about what is really available to all members is not as great as it is when

    seen in the compact manner of the game and brochure.

    ; After every presentation of the game, several members and parents come

    to me to ask more about certain opportunities that have caught their

    interest. I always go back to the office with notes to send out applications

    and/or more information about various activities.

    Communicator Award Application January 2006

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