Appetizers (for 2)

By Gail Smith,2014-07-16 23:11
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Appetizers (for 2)

Appetizers (for 2)

Assorted Cheese and charcuterie board $ 4.200

Empanada pastries filled with cheese o beef $ 2.900

    Empanada pastries filled with abalone, Chilean razor clams or shrimp $ 4.900

Assorted “Tapas” $ 6.900

Breaded shrimp skewers with pineapple sauce $ 5.900

Grilled skirt steak with merkén and oregano $ 5.900


    Ecuadorian shrimp sautéed in chardonnay wine, leeks and cream $ 4.500

Vegetable beef soup $ 3.500

Salads and Vegetarian dishes

    Zucchini lasagna with local mushroom and blue cheese $ 6.900

    Romaine lettuce, grilled chiken breast tossed with traditional Cesar $ 4.900 salad dressing and parmesan cheese

    Tex-mex Salad - fresh lettuce, avocado, pico de gallo salsa, tomato, $ 4.500 olives, tortilla chips and grated cheese

    Assorted fresh greens, sesame seeds, tomatoes, grilled baby corn, $ 4.900 tofu and sprouts with soy sauce dressing

    Smoked salmon with lemon Dijon sauce served over potatoes, $ 5.200 mix greens and capers

Traditional Chilean and Local Specialties

    Stuffed potaoes ( traditional Chilean beef stuffed potatoes) $ 4.200

    Grilled pork chops, topped with fried eggs, sautéed onions, and $ 6.200 a side of fries

Boiled and sautéed “Morcilla” blood sausage, with spicy mashed potato

     $ 4.900

    and pebre salsa

Fried fish with French fries $ 5.100

Traditional savory corn cacerole $ 5.200

Chilean pot roast with mashed potatoes and mixed salad

     $ 5.500

Fried Silver Seaside fish with Russian salad $ 4.800

Fish and Seafood

    Grilled Conger Eel, sautéed Chilean razor clams and Ecuadorian shrimp $ 8.900 served on a bed of homemade fettuccini, sprinkled with parsley cream sauce.

    “Chupe” (traditional Chilean Sea snails Gratin), topped with Edam cheese $ 6.900 Chilean razor clams and parmesan cheese

    Spicy shrimp with Peruvian tomato sauce served on baked potatoes topped $ 7.900

     with yellow chili sauce

    Grilled Coihaique Trout glazed with watercress butter served on

     $ 7.700 rösti potatoes and eggplant

    Grilled Chilean Austral Hake, served on basil pesto gnocchis and roasted $ 7.900


    Meat and Poultry

    Grilled Lamb served on mashed green peas and Chilean murta sauce $ 8.900

    Wild boar tenderloin served on beer satuteed quinoa with mushroom sauce $10.900

    Penne rigatti and turkey meat balls topped with olives, pistachios and $ 7.500 tomato cinnamon sauce

    Grilled beef tenderloin with purple onion confite served with mashed potatoes,

     $ 8.900

     bacon and chives topped with a sweet Chilote garlic sauce.

Chicken Curry ( served with white rice) $ 6.900

    Roasted Valdivian duck lasagna with seasonal mushrooms and a touch $ 8.900 of white truffle oil


Rice pudding with grilled pineapple $ 2.700

    Caramelized bourbon murta berries and bananas topped with a vanilla $ 2.900 sabayon (please allow 15 minutes for these special dessert)

    Chocolate fudge brownie sundae, with homemade toffee sauce and $ 2.900

whipped cream

Lemon cheesecake with blackberry sauce $ 2.900

    Mandioca pearls cooked in pinot noir served with crème anglaise $ 2.700

Artisanal ice cream $ 2.700

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