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    Registration & Reception @ Forest March 3(Sun) Program Hongo


    March 4(Mon) March 5(Tue) March 6(Wed)

    Morning I Session 1 Session 5 Session 9

    Morning II Session 2 Session 6 Session 10

    Morning III Invited Talk 1 Invited Talk 2 Invited Talk 3

    Afternoon I Session 3 Session 7 Session 11

    Afternoon II Session 4 Session 8 Session 12


    Dinner Rump Session Evening @ Capo @ Fukutake Hall


    TCC2013 has Welcome Reception, Conference Dinner, and Rump Session as social events. (There is no guided tour or sightseeing.) Social events are held in the campus except for the welcome reception held in the main hotel.

    All technical sessions are done in the Koshiba Hall (main conference venue). Morning coffee will be served at the venue every day. Lunch is provided at the Chuo-Shokudo (Main Cafeteria) located within 2-min walk from the venue. Food restrictions should be noted at the time of on-line registration.


    17:00-20:00 Registration @ Hotel Forest Hongo, Lobby

    18:00-21:00 Welcome Reception @ Hotel Forest Hongo, Main Dining



    8:20-8:50 Registration& Morning Coffee @ Koshiba Hall

    8:50-9:00 Greetings from PC Chair

    9:00-10:10 Session 1 (Chair: Tatsuaki Okamoto)

; Overcoming Weak Expectations

    Yevgeniy Dodis, Yu Yu

    ; A Counterexample to the Chain Rule for Conditional HILL Entropy: And What Deniable

    Encryption Has to Do with It

     Stephan Krenn, Krzysztof Pietrzak, Akshay Wadia; Hardness Preserving Reductions via Cuckoo Hashing

    Itay Berman, Iftach Haitner, Ilan Komargodski, Moni Naor

    10:10-10:40 Coffee Break

    10:40-11:50 Session 2 (Chair: Alon Rosen) ; Concurrent Zero Knowledge in the Bounded Player Model [slides]

    Vipul Goyal, Abhishek Jain, Rafail Ostrovsky, Silas Richelson, Ivan Visconti

    ; Public-Coin Concurrent Zero-Knowledge in the Global Hash Model

     Ran Canetti, Huijia Lin, Omer Paneth

    ; Succinct Malleable NIZKs and an Application to Compact Shuffles

    Melissa Chase, Markulf Kohlweiss, Anna Lysyanskaya, Sarah Meiklejohn

    11:50-12:50 Invited Talk 1 (Char: Yuval Ishai) ; Encrypted Messages from the Heights of Cryptomania [slides]

    Craig Gentry

    12:50-14:50 Lunch @ Main Cafeteria

    14:50-16:00 Session 3 (Chair: Steve Myers) ; Attribute-Based Functional Encryption on Lattices

    Xavier Boyen

    ; When Homomorphism Becomes a Liability

    Zvika Brakerski

    ; Garbling XOR Gates "For Free" in the Standard Model

    Benny Applebaum

    16:00-16:30 Coffee Break

    16:30-17:40 Session 4 (Chair: Krzysztof Pietrzak) ; Why "Fiat-Shamir for Proofs" Lacks a Proof

    Nir Bitansky, Dana Dachman-Soled, Sanjam Garg, Abhishek Jain, Yael Tauman Kalai,

     Adriana López-Alt, Daniel Wichs

    ; On the (In)security of Fischlin's Paradigm

    Prabhanjan Ananth, Raghav Bhaskar, Vipul Goyal, Vanishree Rao

; Signatures of Correct Computation

    Charalampos Papamanthou, Elaine Shi, Roberto Tamassia

    19:00-21:00 Conference Dinner @ Capo Pellicano (Drinks start from 18:20)



    8:30-9:00 Registration& Morning Coffee @ Koshiba Hall

    9:00-10:10 Session 5 (Chair: Ivan Damgård)

    ; A Full Characterization of Functions that Imply Fair Coin Tossing and

    Ramifications to Fairness [slides]

    Gilad Asharov, Yehuda Lindell, Tal Rabin

    ; Characterizing the Cryptographic Properties of Reactive 2-Party Functionalities

    R. Amzi Jeffs, Mike Rosulek

    ; Feasibility and Completeness of Cryptographic Tasks in the Quantum World

    Serge Fehr, Jonathan Katz, Fang Song, Hong-Sheng Zhou, Vassilis Zikas

    10:10-10:40 Coffee Break

    10:40-11:50 Session 6 (Chair: abhi shelat)

    ; Languages with Efficient Zero-Knowledge PCPs are in SZK [slides]

    Mohammad Mahmoody, David Xiao

    ; Succinct Non-Interactive Arguments via Linear Interactive Proofs [slides]

    Nir Bitansky, Alessandro Chiesa, Yuval Ishai, Rafail Ostrovsky, Omer Paneth

    ; Unprovable Security of Perfect NIZK and Non-interactive Non-malleable


    Rafael Pass

    11:50-12:50 Invited Talk 2 (Char: Tal Rabin)

    ; Secure Computation for Big Data

    Tal Malkin

    12:50-14:50 Lunch @ Main Cafeteria

    14:50-16:00 Session 7 (Chair: Yuval Ishai)

    ; Communication Locality in Secure Multi-Party Computation: How to Run Sublinear

    Algorithms in a Distributed Setting [slides]

    Elette Boyle, Shafi Goldwasser, Stefano Tessaro

; Distributed Oblivious RAM for Secure Two-Party Computation [slides]

    Steve Lu, Rafail Ostrovsky

    ; Black-Box Proof of Knowledge of Plaintext and Multiparty

    Computation with Low Communication Overhead

     Steven Myers, Mona Sergi, abhi shelat

    16:00-16:30 Coffee Break

    16:30-17:40 Session 8 (Chair: Masayuki Abe)

    ; Testing the Lipschitz Property over Product Distributions with Applications to

    Data Privacy

    Kashyap Dixit, Madhav Jha, Sofya Raskhodnikova, Abhradeep Thakurta

    ; Limits on the Usefulness of Random Oracles [slides]

    Iftach Haitner, Eran Omri, Hila Zarosim

    ; Analyzing Graphs with Node Differential Privacy [slides]

     Shiva Prasad Kasiviswanathan, Kobbi Nissim, Sofya Raskhodnikova, Adam Smith

    19:00-21:00 Rump Session @ Fukutake Hall (Food and Drinks start from 18:20) For submission, send email to by 11pm, 3/4(Mon) with title, speaker name and amount of time (<10 min) for your talk. Program will be available

    on rump session page after 3/5(Tue) 5pm.



    8:30-9:00 Registration& Morning Coffee @ Koshiba Hall

    9:00-10:10 Session 9 (Chair: Tal Rabin)

    ; Universally Composable Synchronous Computation

    Jonathan Katz, Ueli Maurer, Björn Tackmann, Vassilis Zikas

    ; Multi-Client Non-Interactive Verifiable Computation

    Seung Geol Choi, Jonathan Katz, Ranjit Kumaresan, Carlos Cid

    ; On the Feasibility of Extending Oblivious Transfer [slides]

    Yehuda Lindell, Hila Zarosim

    10:10-10:40 Coffee Break

    10:40-11:50 Session 10 (Chair: Alon Rosen)

    ; Computational Soundness of Coinductive Symbolic Security under Active Attacks

    Mohammad Hajiabadi, Bruce M. Kapron

; Revisiting Lower and Upper Bounds for Selective Decommitments [slides]

    Rafail Ostrovsky, Vanishree Rao, Alessandra Scafuro, Ivan Visconti

    ; On the Circular Security of Bit-Encryption [slides]

    Ron D. Rothblum

    11:50-12:50 Invited Talk 3 (Char: Ivan Damgård)

    ; Cryptographic Hardness of Random Local Functions - Survey

    Benny Applebaum

    12:50-14:50 Lunch @ Main Cafeteria

    14:50-16:00 Session 11 (Chair: abhi shelat)

    ; On the Power of Correlated Randomness in Secure Computation

    Yuval Ishai, Eyal Kushilevitz, Sigurd Meldgaard, Claudio Orlandi , Anat


    ; Constant-Overhead Secure Computation of Boolean Circuits using


    Ivan Damgård, Sarah Zakarias

    ; Resettable UC-Functionalities with Untrusted Tamper-Proof


    Nico Döttling, Thilo Mie, Jörn Müller-Quade, Tobias Nilges

    16:00-16:30 Coffee Break

    16:30-17:40 Session 12 (Chair: Mohammad Mahmoody) ; A Cookbook for Black-Box Separations and a Recipe for UOWHFs

    Kfir Barhum, Thomas Holenstein

    ; Algebraic (Trapdoor) One-Way Functions and their Applications

    Dario Catalano, Dario Fiore, Rosario Gennaro, Konstantinos Vamvourellis

    ; Randomness-Dependent Message Security [slides]

    Eleanor Birrell, Kai-Min Chung, Rafael Pass, Sidharth Telang

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