My Rich Holiday

By Sally Knight,2014-07-08 02:48
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My Rich Holiday

     Summer holiday comes again .As I`ll start my senior high school study ,I have many free time to do what I want.So I have a chance my father gives of being in Beijing for vacation.It makes my holiday more unforgetful.

    th July 7

     This is the first time I go to Beijing.After 12 hours` train ride,we arrived in Beijing station.

     Wow,the streets are so wide ,the people here are so many ,the views are so wonderful!I shouted as soon as

    I went out of the train station. I looked around ,seemed excited and came close to being lost.

     Today,we went to the Beijing Zoo,Which was comfortable for animals to live in.I saw shy pandas,pot-belled bears,huge elephants,smart monkeys and so on.Pandas are lovely but lasy,that`s why I am head over heels for them in a long time.They always ate delicious bamboo while they were lying down.Also,I knew lots of legends from the guide.I bought a panda souvenir there to memorize them.

    thJuly 8

     In crowds of people on the morning of today,we visited the most square over the world,Tian`anmen Square.We have taken photos and looked up at Chairman Mao.That building seemed solemn and imposing.behind it it`s the Palace Museum.The red walls wouldremind you of the great history Chinese had,I am sure.

     The Temple of Heaven was the next sight in our trip.It is just like a big park.There were a large number of old people singing and dancing in the Long Corridor.Not far away from here,there were many famous ancient architectures as Hall of Prayer for Good

    Harvests,Imperial Vault of Heaven ,Red stairway Bridge and more than 600 ancient architectures of the Ming and Qing Dynasties.And an intresting place the

    circular wall of the Imperial Vault of Heaven. For its famous acoustic effect, people called it The Echo Wall(



    thJuly 9

    Graduating from the Peking University or Qinghua

    University is my dream.I`ve been considering that these school`s students might be nervous and

    hard-working day and night ,today I know that they aren`t what I thought before.There are many peaceful playgrounds ,tall and old trees,modern or classical buildings and people who is taking a walk.Also the bikes are like wide rivers.Of course,they are large.I hope to study here more.I realize I must be more hard-working! Three days as I traveled ,I learnt a lot.It is certain for us to regard being in Beijing as our dream.It is really wonderful.I love Beijing forever! I make up my mind to make an effort to construct our capital!

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