AP 361 - Vehicles and Parking

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AP 361 - Vehicles and Parking

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    The vehicle and parking regulations have been developed to ensure the safe flow of traffic at all campuses and to provide equitable use of all parking areas. HACC’s

    Security Department is hereby authorized to enforce this procedure.


    A. Vehicle: The term vehicle includes automobiles and other motorized vehicles

    (including electric or fuel cars, service trucks, motorcycles and motorized

    equipment) which are not used for emergency purposes.

B. Traffic Control Devices: Traffic Control Devices shall mean all posted

    traffic signs and roadway markings including, but not limited to the following:

    stop signs, yield signs, and marked crosswalks and/or painted markings on

    campus roadways and parking lots.

    C. Parking Permits: Permits issued by the Security Departments, authorizing

    regular, temporary, handicap, VIP, overnight or a special event parking in one

    of the College parking lots. The permit may be a card, hangtag, or a special

    green hangtag.

D. Vehicle Boot: The boot is an interlocking device which inhibits the

    movement or mobilization of a vehicle.


A. Vehicle Registration

    1. All faculty, staff, and students at HACC’s campuses, whether full- or part-

    time, shall register their vehicle(s) with the campus Security Department.

    Furthermore, the above parties agree to abide by HACC’s vehicle and

    parking regulations, policies and procedures, and payment of any fees for

    their violations. For registration, drivers will need to show College ID or

    proof of enrollment or employment, a valid driver’s license, and the vehicle

    registration card. Registration is free.

    2. One parking permit will be issued free, as it can be registered to and used

    in more than one vehicle. Parking permits for students are valid from

    September through August and shall be renewed at the beginning of each

    academic year in September. Replacement or additional parking permits

    may be purchased for $5.00 per permit. Upon return of a damaged hangtag,

    a new one will be issued at no charge.

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3. Hangtags shall be placed either on the rear view mirror on the front

    windshield or on the dashboard of the vehicle with the tag numbers facing

    outward. Vehicles not displaying a valid parking permit or displaying a parking permit incorrectly will be ticketed. Special green hangtags shall be issued for designated reserved parking lots/spaces.

    B. Staff and Visitor Parking

    1. Visitors may park in the area most convenient to the building they are


    2. Each campus may designate certain parking spaces/areas for staff and


    3. Access to faculty and staff parking areas may be controlled by a security

    gate that is operated by a staff ID card. All faculty and staff shall be

    issued a code for access to such parking areas.

    C. Handicapped Parking and Registration

    1. Handicapped parking is available on all campuses. Vehicles parked in

    spaces designated for handicapped parking shall display a valid state-

    issued placard or license plate and a valid handicapped Parking Permit, as

    well as the HACC hangtag. Use of a handicapped parking space is

    restricted by law to vehicles occupied by persons who are handicapped.

    2. Individuals with temporary disabilities may obtain a temporary

    handicapped parking permit from HACC’s Security Office, which will

    allow said individuals to park their vehicles in spaces designated for

    handicapped parking. The temporary disabled parking permit shall be

    issued upon presentation of a doctor’s letter indicating: (i) the need for

    such a permit, and (ii) the duration of the disability/illness. The permit

    shall be displayed on the left side of the front dash of the vehicle. All

    temporary handicapped parking permits are only valid for HACC parking


    3. Vehicles parked in handicapped spaces and not displaying handicapped

    placards, plates, or a temporary handicapped parking permit, or displaying

    invalid tags or permits, will be ticketed.

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    D. No Parking Areas

    Parking is prohibited at loading docks, in or along roadways, fire lanes, walkways, and on grass and vegetation areas. Vehicles parked in these areas will be ticketed and/or towed at the owner’s expense. Should a vehicle become disabled in a no parking area, the Security Department is to be notified immediately and the owner will be responsible for removing the vehicle. If the vehicle is in an area where it creates a hazard to drivers or pedestrians or interrupts campus operations, the vehicle must be removed immediately. If a disabled vehicle is found in a no parking area, and no notification has been received by the Security Department, the vehicle will be ticketed and may be towed at the owner’s expense.

    E. Parking Hours

    Parking is available on most campuses daily from 7:00 a.m. through 11:00 p.m. If a vehicle needs to be left on a campus, between 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m., the Security Department must be notified. Otherwise, the vehicle will be ticketed. An overnight parking request form is available at or

    F. Reserved and Restricted Parking

    Vehicles parked in reserved spaces and not displaying the special green hangtag will be ticketed and/or towed at the owner’s expense. Vehicles

    parked in a restricted area will be towed at the owner’s expense and will be issued a maximum fine.

    G. Vehicle Deliveries to Buildings

    Individuals needing to make deliveries to buildings and at loading docks must contact the Security Department for authorization. When authorization is obtained, the vehicle may be driven to the building at a speed of 5 mph, utilizing four-way flashers. When stopping temporarily at buildings or docks, parking will be authorized for a 15-minute period and flashers must be operating.

    H. Vehicle Boot

    HACC’s Security Departments will utilize the boot on any vehicle which is parked on campus illegally or in a zone which has been determined to be “reserved” or marked as a “Walking Zone”. The boot may also be used on vehicles whose drivers refuse to pay fines and/or continue to violate Campus Parking Regulations.

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    I. Enforcement of Speed Limits

    Drivers shall adhere to the posted speed limits. Officers of the Security Department, trained and certified in speed enforcement, shall monitor and enforce the posted speed limits on HACC’s campuses. These officers are authorized by the college to stop and issue traffic citations to any driver violating the following Sections of Pennsylvania’s Vehicle Code:

    3361 Driving vehicle at safe speed

    3362 Maximum speed limits

    3714 Careless driving

    Officers are authorized by state law to use speed timing devices in accordance with Pennsylvania’s Vehicle Code 3368.

    J. Enforcement of Traffic Control Devices

Drivers are to adhere to all Traffic Control Devices. Driving is not permitted

    on walkways and grass areas. Officers of the Safety and Security Department are authorized to stop and issue traffic citations to any driver violating the following Sections of Pennsylvania’s Vehicle Code:

    3323 Stop signs and yield signs

    3542 Right-of-way of pedestrians in crosswalks

    3311 Obedience to traffic-control devices

    K. Fines

    Fines must be paid within ten days of the citation being issued or within ten days of denial of the appeal.

Parking Violation Fine Amount stReserved/Handicapped 1 offense $50 nd 2 offense $100 rd 3 offense $150

All other parking violations $10

Speeding Violation Fine Amount

    Driving vehicle at safe speed (Section 3361) $25

    Maximum speed limits (Section 3362) $25

    Careless Driving (Section 3714) $25

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    Violation of Traffic Control Devices Fine Amount

    Stop signs and yield signs (Section 3323) $25

    Right-of-way of pedestrians in crosswalks (Section 3542) $30 Obedience to traffic-control devices (Section 3311) $25

All other violations related to Speed and Traffic $25

    L. Penalties for Failure to Pay Fines

    1. Students, faculty, staff, visitors and vendors who fail to pay their fines on

    time risk having their vehicles booted until the fines are paid in full and/or

    their fine(s) are turned over to the local District Magistrate for collection.

    2. Any student, faculty member, staff member, visitor and/or vendor whose

    outstanding fine is submitted to the District Magistrate will be responsible

    for any extra fees and/or court costs which may be incurred by HACC.

    3. Failure of students to pay fines will result in the inability to obtain grades

    or transcripts or to register for classes.

    M. Appeal Process

    1. An appeal of a parking ticket or traffic citation may be made. The appeal

    must set forth the reasons for appealing the parking ticket or traffic

    citation and must be submitted to the Security Departments within 10 days

    from the date the ticket and/or citation was issued. Appeal forms may be

    obtained from the Security Department or on the web at

    2. The merit of the appeal shall be decided by the Campus Security

    Supervisor, or, if the ticket was issued by the Campus Security Supervisor,

    by the Director of Security based on the arguments presented by the

    appellant as set forth in the appeal form.

    3. If the appeal is denied, the appellant may, within 10 days from the date of

    the denial, resubmit his or her appeal to the Vice President of Finance and

    College Resources. The decision of the Vice President of Finance and

    College Resources shall be final and binding.

    4. Students have a right to follow grievance procedures found in AP 592,

    Student Disciplinary Action. Faculty/Staff have a right to follow

    grievance procedures found in AP 887, Grievance Procedures for Faculty

    and Staff.

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    N. Waiver of Liability

    Although the campus is patrolled by professional security officers, the College

    does not assume responsibility for damage to vehicles or loss due to theft.

    Should such an incident occur, it is to be reported to the Security Department.

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