Anti Thief Safe Instruction Manual

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Anti Thief Safe Instruction Manual



    The BSB/SC are the blanket and safety circle, which can be applied on the suspicious package or items to suppress the explosion intensity and to control, spread shrapnel’s of any IED

    (Improvised Explosives Devices).


    The BSB!SC are made of the Composite Aramids or Ballistic mater with multiple layers to provide the protection against the IED explosion.


    When you find any suspicious package! items, you should first place the safety circle around this, which can be stationary by the applied Velcro. They you should cover this with the blanket. Thus these devices as these covers the items would suppress any unfortunate explosion fully. After applying these BSB/SC, you must get away from the site and call the Bomb Disposal Team who can handle this device properly to remove or dispose off. Also, after applying these BSB/SC you can announce and inform to your employees that they are safe now and there should be no panic in vicinity. Yes, certainly no one should be allowed to go near the suspicious device when you applied the BSB/SC except the trained Bomb Disposal Team to handle the same.

    When the unit is in corner, where you cannot apply the safety circle, how it works?

    If the above situation is there, then you should cover this by Bomb Suppression Blanket and do not slide the suspicious device to place the Safety Circle as it may be dangerous. The purpose of the BSB/SC is to suppress the power of explosion or intensity of the device, if any. For example, if this is in a room, then the apply the BSB/SC and get away to call the Trained Team of Bomb Disposal. if this is in corner then you can cover this by Bomb Suppression Blanket and get away from the site to call the trained team. If you think that you can apply the safety circle around the suspicious package except the corner end then apply this and put the Bomb Suppression Blanket and get away for the next action.

    What other usage of these BSB/SC?

    Since these are made of Ballistic materials, therefore it can be used for the any protection of concerned with ballistic such as, this serves as an instant ballistic barrier for the doors, windows and car seats.

    What precautions for the long life of the BSB/SC?

    As all the ballistic materials are made of the composite fibers such as Aramids and water is the enemy of these fibers although the ballistic materials have been water insulated. But the user should always keep these BSB/SC away from water. In case it has been applied in the rainy season, please apply the polythene sheet over this device to provide protection from the water. The equipment/product BSB/SC is very simple to use by the end users. But always keep the safety precautions from the any suspicious package or items and get away after applying the BSB/SC around the suspicious package.




    1.0 SCOPE

    This product specification details the style and quality of a bomb suppression blanket and safety circle (BSB/SC) intended for use by members of this agency. AI BSB/SC shall provide protection against low velocity fragmentation. The safety circle (SC) is designed to he placed around the bomb containing certain aspects of a resultant detonation.

    This agency reserves the right at any time during tile procurement process to request documentation from the vendor proving compliance with any or all of the terms of this specification. An order may not be placed. or payment for delivered product made until this agency is assured that product complies in full with this specification.


    The following minimum specifications and standards are listed for the purpose of establishing a level of construction quality and ballistic performance that shall be expected in the hid sample, if required and subsequent product delivery;

    Dimension & Weight:

    Bomb Suppression Blanket-4’ x 4’ less than 22 lbs.

    Safety Circle-I x 72” 18 pounds

    * Standard

    The BSB/SC shall be constructed in accordance to accepted commercial practice.


    The bomb handling equipment is intended for use in emergency situations. The safety circle shall wrap around the bomb while placing the bomb blanket over the bomb. The safety circle shall be constructed to contain low velocity fragmentation.

    The general configuration of the bomb blanket shall be as follows: The ballistic panel is protected from moisture and ultraviolet light by use of 420 Denier nylon pack cloth, which k urethane coated. This cover is light and durable while being easy to maintain, there are four web straps, one in each corner. These straps allow for removal by robot.

    The inner ballistic panel consists of ballistic nylon along with two layers of aramid fabric. The layers are sewn together by sewing one inch in from the edge all around the perimeter and sewn in the middle in a circular pattern.

    The safety circle has the same outer cover as the bomb blanket. There is hook and pile sewn on the cover allowing for the safety circle to be closed securely.

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