Anne Frank and The Holocaust

By Carl Carter,2014-07-16 23:05
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Anne Frank and The Holocaust

Anne Frank and The Holocaust

    Project Options


Project is due MONDAY APRIL 5th!

    You are to choose one of the following optional writing assignments AND you must complete assignment #6.

Each piece of writing must be at least 600 words in length - that’s roughly one typed

    page in size 12 font, single-spaced with one inch margins. That’s 1200 words total, 600 for EACH piece of writing.

    Everyone MUST complete choice number 6 as well - so you will be handing in TWO items, the project you select AND #6, the reflection essay.

Optional Writing Assignments (Pick One)

    1.Imagine that you are a newspaper reporter who happens on the scene of the Frank family being arrested. Write a newspaper article or articles about the event. You will have interviewed witnesses on the scene, some of whom will be anti-Jewish while others will be sympathetic. You may write from the perspective of either a pro-Nazi newspaper or a Dutch paper sympathetic to the plight of the Jewish people. Remember to include an attention-getting headline. You may use the Newspaper Printing Press we used for the Newspaper Writing Unit we did earlier in the year. 600 word minimum.

    2.Write a persuasive essay/editorial on whether on not the story of Anne Frank and The Holocaust should be taught in middle school, or should it be saved for high school when students are more mature. Do think the material is appropriate? Would students be able to handle it better when they are older? Should it be taught in both middle and high school? Is it important to learn about it at all? Why? Your essay should have three supporting reasons and have a total of at least five paragraphs. 600 word minimum.

    3.Write at least five diary entries from the perspective of one of the other characters in the Secret Annex (NOT ANNE!). You should focus on events that we know about from Anne’s diary (relationships between characters, the food stealing incident, the relationship between Peter and Anne, Margot’s role in the house, Mr. Frank’s private thoughts, etc.) Try to capture the voice

    of this character as best you can. 600 word minimum.

    4.Create an epitaph for Anne that captures her outlook on life. Then write a eulogy that expresses what you think were her finest personal characteristics.

    You must deliver this eulogy to the class as if you were speaking at a memorial ceremony for her. You may pretend that you are Mr. Frank, Meip Geiss, or anyone who knew her who survived. (See me for help on how to write an epitaph and eulogy). 600 word minimum.

    5.Do an oral presentation on the life of Anne Frank and the impact her writing has had on later generations. Your presentation must have a visual aid and should detail what you have learned about Anne and the legacy she left behind. Try to focus on information that we have not already learned by reading the play and seeing the movie. You may want to focus exclusively on the Secret Annex. (See me for ideas for your visual aid). This oral presentation should be at least 5 minutes long.

    You MUST do the following writing assignment: (Answer ALL these questions):

    6.Write a reaction essay about The Diary of Anne Frank. The essay should have a thesis and paragraphs including and introduction and a conclusion. Think about the following: How did reading the play and seeing the movie affect you? With what impression of Anne Frank have you been left? In other words how do you feel about Anne after having read the play and watched part of the movie? Would you rather not have learned about Anne or how she died? Is she a hero or a victim or both? Do you think this is an appropriate book for eighth graders to have read, or should the book be saved for high school students? Explain your thinking. Finally write about what you have learned as a result of reading this text. Is intolerance still going on today? Are there lessons to be learned from having read this book? Has it in any way changed your thinking? For instance: will you think twice before you judge someone because of his or her appearance or beliefs? Ask yourself:



(Hint: That's the question - Your thesis is the answer...)

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