Unit 4 Topic 2

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Unit 4 Topic 2Unit,UNIT

Unit 4 Topic 2

    A1 --- Lets go for a p___ this Sunday.

     --- Good idea;

    2 Chang Xing is f___ this Sunday. Lets go shopping.

    3 Please c___ Dick and tell him about the picnic. 4 We will go to the zoo t___.

    5 ---W___ will you visit your friend, Tom?

     ---This Sunday.

    6 Why not have a picnic ___this Sunday?

     A in B for C at D \

    7 --- Hello,Mike! ___Wang Wei.

     --- Hello,Wang Wei

     A Im B Thats C This is D Its

    8 --- ___ he ___ tomorrow?

     --- I think so.

     A Is free B Do free C Does free D Be free 9 Please ___ her ___ it.

     A tell about B tell of C ask about D speak about

    10 --- ___

     --- All right

     A What about going for a picnic?

    B What would you like?

C What can I do for you?

    D Whats up?

    11 We dont have any classes ___ Sunday.

    A at B for C in D on

    B 1 Could you ask her ___ (call) me back this evening? 2 Would you like ___ (fly) a kite with us? 3 He likes to sing ___ (song) very much. 4 Do you like ___ (sing)?

    5 I have no ___ (time) this Sunday.

    6 May I ___ Tom, please?

     --- Sorry, he isnt here

     A say to B tell C speak D speak to 7 ---Hello;This is Mr. Wang speaking. ___

     A Whos this? B Who are you? C How about you?

    D And you?

     8 My teacher ___ us ___ water every day.

    A ask to save B asks to save C ask save D asks save

     9 Its too late(). We ___ go now.

    A have to B has to C want D would like

     10 --- Please ask Jane ___

    --- Sure

    A call me B give me a call C to call me back

D to call back me

    11 ___ I see a black and white cat. Its very cute.

    A In the way to home B On way to home C In the way home D On the way home

    12 --- Would you like to sing ___ songs with me?

     --- Yes, Id love to

    A some B any C much D a lot

    C 1 I’m sorry I cant go out with you. Ihave to do my h__ 2 He buys some bread on his w__ home. 3 --- Is he free this Sunday?

     --- No. He has no t__.

    4 How about flying k__ with me?

    5 Could you ask her to call me b__ this evening? 6 He wants ___ (take) some hamburgers with her 7 Would you like to go ___(fish) tomorrow? 8 That would ___(be) very nice

    9 He has to ___(get) some water for them. Homework

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