Hand Tools

By Tammy Ross,2014-12-03 15:25
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Hand Tools

Hand Tools Training for the Moe Build Season



     Ball peen Use with center punch)

     Soft face (plastic non mark)

     Lead (non mark steel)


     used to cut metal, plastic etc

     Cuts on push stroke only ease out on return be deliberate in stroke

     Use other hand on front of frame to guide

     Teeth face forward

     At least one tooth in work when cutting

    Center Punch

     Use to locate center of intended drilled hole

     Has 90 in degree included angle (scribe is less)

    Dial calipers

     Measures thickness, diameter, Height

     Measures in 1/1000 of an inch > called mils

     range o to 6 inches

     A piece of paper is about 3 mils or .003 inch


     Sharp point used to make lines on a layout

    Deburring tool

     Removes burrs on drilled holes or sharp edges.


     Must have a handle on them to use!!!!!!

     cuts on forward stroke only

     shapes flat round , triangular, square

     use to deburr pieces

     use a file card to clean the teeth out


     Hex or Allen used on MOE (Bondus is special type or hex wrench)

     open end wrench





     Vise grip locking

     Water pump

     cutting pliers > diagonal cutters “dikes”


     standard spade “minus sign”

     phillips “plus sign”

    Sheet metal cutting

     Tin snips

     Aviation snips (right and left than cuts

    Layout tools

     Combination square


     Compass of circles

     Straight edge

     Tape Measure


     “C” clamp

     Parallel Clamp

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