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Uint 4uint,Uint,UINT

More than +any, other

    The emperor cared more about clothes than any thing else. Our life has changed more in the last 40 years than at any other time .

    No one knows more about the history of my hometown than my grandfather.

    The child was more frightened than hurt.


    What are the geographical features of Northern Europe? A feature story

    Her mouth is her worst feature. 面部的一部分

    Pleasing feature 面貌


    Why didnt you follow the teachers advice.

    He followed the ball over the fence 注视

    His inspiring lecture is not difficult to follow. 理解

    They followed closely the development of the political

     situation. 注视

Most ;副词;十分?非常

A most famous poet

    We shall most certainly come.


    The poem reminded him of what he had seen in Paris. Please remind me that I must call him up before noon.

Lead to

    Eating too much sugar can lead to health problems.

No matter+wh



    No matter who told you about the news, you cant make any

    comment on it before you check it up.

    No matter where planted, these trees grow well. No matter when asked , ,he is always ready to help

The door to knowledge

    Shut the door to improving the relation between the two countries.

Be supposed to 被普遍地 认为 ?理应?应该

    The earth was supposed to be flat in the ancient times.

    You are supposed to leave at 7:00 in the morning.

Play with

    Play with a toy plane

    Play with words

    We dont have enough time to play with. He who plays with fire get burned. She has been playing with starting her own business. 不大认

    真地考虑? 轻率地对待

Get through

    Get through the door

    Get through the exam

    Get through the difficult times Get through with your work 完成

    I you rang you many times but I couldnt get through.

Call up

    Call up : ring up

    Call up: remind

Call up : collect

    Call up memories of my childhood Call up all the information

Stand out

    They stood out till victory. She stands out in the crowd.

Apart 分开地? 距离地

    They are never apart.

    He lives apart from his family.

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