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Uint 5uint,Uint,UINT

    Unit 5 language points The British Isles is a group of islands that lies off the west

    coast of Europe. 在。。。 海面上

    Nanking lies on the Yangtze River. 在。。。 河畔

    The British Isles is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the



    1. Please name the date for our wedding. 指定

    2. Can you name all the plants in the garden? 3. President named him Secretary of State. 指定? 任命

    4. Name a price for your car. 开出价格

    Name after 按。。。命名

    In the name of 以。。。名义

    Under the name of 用别名?用化名

    1. Name the little boy after the man who saved his life. 2. Zhou shuren wrote under the name of LU Xun.

    3. Arrest him in the name of the law.

Take advantage of 利用

    Have an advantage over 优于。。。 的优势

1.In playing basketball, Yaoming has an obvious advantage

    over others.

    2.We should take advantage of all the educational opportunities.

    To ones advantage 对某人有利

State 情形? 状态? 国家

     陈述? 阐明? 规定

    1. On a state farm

    2. State your view on the point

    3. In a state of disorder

    4. On the stated date

    5. The stated price

    6. The following statement


    Form good habits while you are young.


    1. He is a man of influence.

    2. The teacher has great influence over his students.

    3. They are both of middle height. Effect

    The medicine has a bad effect on him. The effects of cigarette smoking

Make up

    Make up before the party

    The qualities ;特质? that form / make up her characters Make up a story

    Be made up of

    Be made of / from / out of

    Be made into

    Make a plan

    Make progress

    Make out the outline

    Make a speech

    Make up your quarrel with him 和解? 调解


    He and his family are separated by the war. Separate the good ones from the bad ones

He is separated from his family by the war.

    A year is divide into 12 months.

Hold together 连在一起? 团结在一起

    We should hold together / unite in time of crisis.

    Hold up 耽搁?延误

    They were held up by fog. Hold ones breath

    Hold a meeting

    How many students does the room hold? 容纳

    Hold a book in his hand 握住? 拿住

    Hold ones head high 趾高气昂


    The surroundings are pleasant. Surrounding

    The surrounding areas

Base / basis

    The air base

The base of the tower

    The basis of his argument

    On the basis of

Run over 压过?

    The car ran over the poor child. Japan ran over China in the Second World War.

    The speaker ran over his notes before the lecture. 浏览?


    Youd better run over the instructions . The water in it is running over. 益出来

end up in hospital

    end up in prison

    end up as a lawyer

    end up with a song

     act as a tour guide 担任

    act as a teacher

act like a fool 举止象? 行为象

    act like a grown-up

come up

    If something comes up, I will let you know. 发生?

    The seeds havent come up. 张出来? 发芽

    The question came up in the meeting. 被提出

    A taxi came up and picked him up. 走上前来

Be engaged in / engage in 忙于? 从事

    Be engaged to 与。。。订婚

    He wish to engage in trade after graduation.


    Produce your ticket出示

    Can you produce any proof of your nationality?

    His humor produced a great deal of laughter. 引起? 带来? 导致

    Hard work produces good results.

Do research on / into

Carry a research on the cause of cancer

Research into the effects of cigarette smoking

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