The Solution

By Curtis Pierce,2014-05-12 00:26
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The Solution

    Enterprise Gateway and Trading Grid Messaging Service Solutions

    The platform proposed for UECP is based on GXS Integration Broker and Trading Grid Messaging Service solutions. GXS Integration Broker products are behind the firewall soft-ware applications that connect systems together so they can exchange information without human intervention. Integration Broker gathers internal information and shares it with Baosteel’s external business partners. As a result, data from manufacturing, transportation,

    warehouse, accounting and operations systems can be aggregated and easily exchanged with their customers, suppliers, financial institutions or logistics providers. Integration Broker provides seamless integration with enterprise applications from Oracle, SAP and Microsoft. Featuring a high-performance translator, Integration Broker allows Baosteel to rapidly map data from any source to any destination, perform high-speed EDI/XML translations, enhance productivity, and improve the responsiveness of its many business units. The Enterprise Gateway solution allows Baosteel’s global customers such as Ford Europe and

    GM to link directly with Baosteel’s internal ERP application, SAP, as well as other internal

    applications such as Capacity Planning through IBM MQ Series gateway.

    GXS Trading Grid Messaging Service enables Baosteel to link with trading partners throughout the world and to exchange business documents in an easy, fast, secure and reliable fashion. It shields the communication complexity and provides visibility and process controls. Baosteel can monitor their order, logistics, inventory and payment activities across their value chain. Trading Grid Messaging Service detects critical supply chain signals, such as shipment or manufacturing delays and demand signals including sudden increases in sales or potential stock shortages. Track-and-trace capabilities enable Baosteel to determine whether an order has been acknowledged, shipped, received, invoiced or paid. Inventory monitoring services detect out-of-stock situations then provide updated details on goods in transit or on-order. GXS Trading Grid Messaging Service solutions have allowed Baosteel to optimize their inventory levels and receive real-time status information.

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