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    The main Bridge has narrow cycle lanes marked by a white line on each side of Parklands

    the dual carriageway, bordered by a kerb and equally narrow footway. The height Railton Road of the span: hence the steepness of the climb and strength of crosswinds, not to Guildford mention the speed and proximity of traffic, may well divert you to the latter! There

    Surrey GU2 9JX is a restaurant and an exhibition about the Bridge (the Seine and its shipping) by the tollbar on the north bank. 0870 873 0060

    Northern Access

    TOURING Cyclists can access the Route de l’Estuaire (busy with lorries during the week,

     quiet on Sundays) only via the gates of a huge ship lock in Le Havre’s dockland DEPARTMENT area 8km west of the Bridge, or go right around the end of the Grand Canal du Copyright ? CTC Cyclists’ Touring Club. This information is supplied for personal use of members only. Reproduction in any form, in whole or Havre 6km to the east. in part, for commercial purposes is expressly forbidden unless licensing terms have been agreed with the club.

    Those arriving on ferries from England or Ireland will find themselves on the edge of dockland. Note: Le Havre is one of the biggest cargo ports in Europe and one

    warehouse looks much like another. Your best landmark is the Power Station, LE HAVRE CROSSING THE SEINE whose tall chimneys are not far from the aforementioned ship lock. Head for it!

    The new Normandy Bridge, the Tancarville Bridge, and beyond One Irish ferry terminal is furthest west (there’s another, near to the Power

    Station). If arriving here, ride about ?km east along the quayside road (water on your right) to reach the P&O (UK) terminal. From here there is a road heading


    A new bridge linking Le Havre and Honfleur le Pont de

    Normandie - opened at the end of January 1995. When the A29

    (E44) is completed to join the A13 (by the end of 1998) it will be

    a link in the European west coast motorway route. At present

    the Bridge joins the A29A131 junction (north of the Seine) to

    the D580 just east of Honfleur. The highly arched 856m span

    makes it one of the largest suspension bridges in the world. It

    cuts some 30 kilometres, many of them unpleasant, from the

    journeys of cyclists heading southwest from Le Havre.

    (Pedestrians and cyclists cross for free.) But for such a big thing

    the Pont de Normandy is remarkably hard to find!

    Actually there are two bridges. Starting in the north, a flyover

    carries the motorway across the Grand Canal du Havre. Note

    that you cannot cycle on the first 3km of D929 south of the

    A131 motorway junction; and the signs for cars lead here, so do

    not follow them! Then there is a junction with a road serving the

    docks and industry on the reclaimed marshes beside the river.

    Cyclists can access the Pont de Normandie only via this

    riverside dockland road. It’s called: ‘Route de l’Estuaire’ – see Northern Access.

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    south the right direction but it goes into a tunnel (under the ferry access ramp) TANCARVILLE BRIDGE from which cyclists are banned! It is nevertheless possible to walk a bike through the forbidden underpass, ride across a swing-bridge and then through an The tourist office at Le Havre have confirmed (April 2003) that the Pont de especially grotty stretch of dockland (notable for broken glass and dangerously Tancarville is open to cyclists. In the mid-1990s it was closed to cyclists during the oblique railway crossings!) before passing the Power Station. It’s easier to start off course of major renovation works. A benefit of using this bridge is that there is a by following the traffic leaving the P&O terminal, eastwards with a dock on your quiet road and cycle path between the outskirts of Le Havre and the bridge. On right and for about 2km along the N15. Then turn right and head south, straight the south side you arrive in the Marais Vernier nature reserve. towards the Power Station. Cross the Canal du Tancarville by a swing bridge (this mid-sized canal has many bridges so it doesn’t really matter if you turn south off the N15 a bit sooner or later) cross a railway and turn left onto a dual carriageway beside the Power Station.

    Continue on the dual carriageway until you reach a roundabout where you turn

    OTHER CROSSINGS right signposted Port Sud. The road divides to cross each end of the ship lock by lifting bridges, at least one of which should be down and hence available to cross. Crossing the River Seine further upstream is also possible by ferry. Car ferries The road weaves about a bit then swings east past oil tanks (on your right) onto (which usually carry cycles free of charge) are indicated by a blue [B] symbol on the long straight ‘Route de l’Estuaire’. As the Pont de Normandie looms larger, the the Michelin maps, or 'Bac' (ferry) on the IGN 1:100k (recommended). industry gives way to saltmarsh nature reserves where cyclists report seeing

    herons, egrets, and marsh harriers. A couple of km from the Bridge road junction Quillbeuf to Port Jerome ferry a gravel track on the right becomes a cyclepath that leads to the tollbar where you This ferry is only 6km east of the Tancarville Bridge. can join the on-road cycle lane over the bridge.

    Pont de Brotonne Cyclists approaching the Pont de Normandie from the north or east should cross the A131 motorway at its junction with the D982 south of St Vigor. Then head At Caudebec the Brotonne Bridge has a cycle/pedestrian path separated from the south towards the river, turn left onto the ‘Route de l’Estuaire’ and keep the road by a low concrete barrier, with a low rail on the river side. The path has a railway on your right until reaching the Bridge road junction. Go through the steep incline and in 1991 was reported to have a broken surface. underpass and turn left onto the cyclepath to the tollbar. To Rouen Southern Access There are no further bridges until reaching Rouen, but several ‘Bacs’. Above this Find the roundabout on the D580 (was N580 on older maps) east of Honfleur and city bridges become numerous and the Seine ceases to be so much of an ?km west of the Bridge/motorway junction. Go north from this roundabout, obstacle. passing the out-of-town retail site, then turn right signposted Gare (railway station) to reach a café and car-park by the Bridge. From here the cycle route is clearly signposted: it goes under the road and up the other side.

    Cyclists coming off the Bridge reach the Café directly and retrace the above route to the roundabout on the D580. This road is busy. Go straight across it to reach a

     quieter road through la Riviere St Saveur. You can continue south on minor roads from here or turn right for Honfleur a fine old town with very pretty harbour.

    Copyright ? 1995 Cyclists’ Touring Club This information is supplied for the personal use of members only. Reproduction in any form, in whole or in part, for commercial purposes is expressly forbidden unless licensing terms have been agreed with the Club.

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