Title of Lesson Talk Show and characterization

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Title of Lesson Talk Show and characterization

Title of Lesson: Talk Show and Date: October 26, 2006


    Author(s):Janet Tombre School District: East Grand Rapids High School thSubject Area(s):English Grade Level(s)/Course: 10 grade

    District Reading


    ; Differentiate styles of writing

     ; Recognize authors’ attitudes toward specific topics

    ; Analyze how authors use literary techniques: symbolism,

    character development, point of view, mood and tone.


    ; Demonstrate effective delivery techniques, including eye

    contacts, posture, voice, projection.

    ; Demonstrate comprehension through class discussion

    ; Demonstrate comprehension through note taking

    Stated The objectives of this lesson include:

    Objective(s) ; Students will do a close reading of the book The Joy Luck Club,

    by Amy Tan paying close attention to characterization and theme.

    ; Creating higher level questions concerning theme.

    ; Students will construct answers using the voice of the different

    characters and quotes from the book.

    ; Students will perform their talk show in front of an audience of

    their peers

    Explanation Day one: watch an episode of Oprah. Brain storm how she

    conducts her interviews. What kinds of questions does she use and why?

    As a class we will discuss question types and interview techniques. Hand

    out Blooms Taxonomy of higher thinking.

     Day two: I will divide up the class into groups of 5 or 6. Each group

    will assign each person the following roles: 1. talk show host, 2. writer,

    3. guest (you will need 2a mother and a daughter), 4 researcher, and

    producer. Also each group will be assigned a daughter and a mother

    from the book. For this lesson you will put on a 15 minute episode (think

    Oprah) about one of the themes talked about in class (Identity,

    communication, link between mothers and daughters, love and loss,

    connection of the past and present, expectations and reality). As a

    group you will come up with a series of questions based on your theme

    and come up with the answers based on the text of the book. (These

    must be one question from each of the levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy ) You

    will then perform your episode in front of the class.

     Day three: write out the script. With the help of the entire group

    decide which questions you will work with and then come up with the

    answers based on the book. One or two of the students can research

    and write out “Oprah’s” introduction.

     Day four: Students should begin memorizing their scripts and

    practicing the show.

     Day five--six: tart the group presentations.

    Modeling Watch an episode of Oprah

    ; Students will watch and take notes on what types of questions

     Oprah asks her guests and also how her guests respond to her


    ; Students will also take notes on interviewing and the role of the


    ; Students will model their talk show after Oprah and follow her

    methods of interviewing. There will be the intro (historical

    background on the book and the characters), the interview, and

    then final comments from the host. These different steps will be

    the responsibility of the host (introduction and conclusion)

    Opportunities ; As a group students will ask questions and come up with the to Relearn responses as their character would respond. So students are (Reteach) looking at characterization of their characters (how would they

    answer the questions if they were on an episode of Oprah.

    ; Students will become their characters and assume her voice.

    Independent Students will be given time in class to do run through of their episode


Assessment or Students will be assed on the following:


    ; A script. The script will include all the questions and answers. As

    a group the students will come up with these, but the writer will

    type it all up and give a copy to all members and the teacher.

    ; Performance: All members will be graded on the performance of

    the group. The producer is responsible for keeping people on

    task and making sure that the “guests” are keeping with the voice

    of the characters and keeping the performance with in the time


    ; Group work: All members of the group are responsible for

    research (the researcher is responsible to make sure the others

    are using evidence that pertains to the theme and the characters

    they are assigned to), question asking, and the general flow of

    the performance. The producer does have the last say in what

    questions will be asked and if the characters are staying with in

    her voice.

    Enrichment Students will have the option of videotaping the performance which will

    be viewed by the class on the day of the performances.

Closure Discussion the following day about :

    1. process (interviewing and script writing)

    2. performance

    3. taking on a character’s voice

    4. what insights do they have about the characters

    5. what would they have done differently if they were to do the

    assignment again

    Materials ; Joy Luck Club

    ; In class notes on voice, the different themes, and


    ; Access to a computer lab to type up scripts

    ; Bloom’s taxonomy: higher order thinking skills

    ; Extra space to practice their performance


    Pearson education. Taxonomy of educational. Boston: Allyn and Bacon, 1984. 2 Nov. 2006


Tan, Amy. The Joy Luck Club. New York: Ballantine Books, 1989.

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