Unit4 SectionB1a-1d

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Unit4 SectionB1a-1d

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    Lesson Plan

    Section B (page fourth

    Background: students-30; middle school;Grade seven Lesson duration: 45mins

    Teaching objectives:

    a>Knowledge objects

     Guide S,s to review how to use where questions and prepositions on, in, under, behind to inquire and describe the

    position of the objects, based on Section A

     Master the simple words of objects

     b>Ability objects

    Develop abilities of listening, speaking and guide to set up effective studying strategies.

    Improve the student’s ability of reading pictures

    Train the abilities of cooperating .

    c>.Emotion or moral objects

     Make S,s adapt to their home furnishing ,love our home and can make them through the imagination to design their own ideal room with interest.

The Important and Difficult Points

    Based on the requirement of the syllabus.

    The difficult point is how to listen for key words inferring vocabulary and use objects to communicate important

    The important point is to acquire to describe objects correctly and easily

    Teaching methods

     As is known to us all, a good teaching method requires that the teacher should guide S,s to become independent,autonomous English learners. For achieving these teaching aims, (after the analysis of the teaching material,students, teaching aims,) I will use the following methods according to the modern social communication teaching theories

     1,Audio-visual Instruction

     2,Listen for key words inferring vocabulary

    3,Task-based Language Teaching

     4,Total Situational Action

    Teaching Procedures:


    1,show pictures of objects through PPT.(2m

     2,match the words with things in the picture. (2m

     3.look at the pictures for two minutes,after closing PPT to write down all the things you remember .(4m the book and check by themselves. (2m

    Step2: (15mins)

    1listen and circle the things Tom wants from his room(3m

    2.let S,s check each other(2m

    3.listen again and give answer(3m

    4.listen with where are Toms thingswrite them down(4m

    5.let one student show what get and encourage others to add(3m

    Step3: (5mins)

    1,classify S,s into pairs to ask and answer questions about the things in Toms room(3m

    2,let some S,s retell (2m

    Step4: (10mins)

    1,give them my design of my room via PPT and my ideas(2m

    2,encourage them to imagine their room such as,what furniture they want to put in room ?(4m

    3,share their ideas(3m

    Step5: (5mins)

    1,tell them a story about loving their room as well as their home and why that is important to us.(3m

    2,homework:a composition about how does your room arrange with what we have learned and give them some hints.(2m

    Purpose of my design: Enable students to listen for key words inferring vocabulary and can call object. And pictures, guess and story can arouse their interest in English learning. “Task-based” teaching method is used here to develop their

    ability of communication and also their ability of co-operation will be well trained.All these help to guide S,s to become independent,autonomous English learners.

    Blackboard Design

     Wheres my schoolbag


     Tape player




     Model plane

    Reflection :

    How to effectively listen for key words inferring vocabulary and use such method on their own as well as express their ideas freely.

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