Module 4 Book Two

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Module 4 Book Two

    Module 4 Book Two



    2.Grammar: 1)-ing form and the infinitive 2)-ing form as subject 3.Reading material:P33 P39P88

    Words and expressions:

    1.delightful: 1)It is/was delightful to do sth._________ 2)take/find a delight in__________

    3)to one's delight_____

    4)be delighted at/ with____

    5)be delighted to do sth_______

    What ___ them most was the____ things in store for them.A.delighted; delightful B.delightful; delighted C.delighted; delighted D.delightful; delightful 2.contemporary:~ history.___________

    temporary______ permanent______

    3.aspect: discuss a subject in all aspects. _______________ 4.imitate: you should imitate his way of studying.__________ 5.n.__________He did a perfect imitation of his teacher. 6.observe/see /watch/notice observer______

     1)I observed some young men ___ into the building at 11:00 last night. A. to slip B. to be slipping C. slipping D. being slipped 2)They didn't observe Tom come in and go


    observe a rule_______

    observe a person's birthday____________

7.adopt:_____ ______ n. _____

    1)Our school has adopted a new teaching method._____________________ 2) Having no children of their own, they decided to adopt an orphan.

     adopt an idea/ a plan

     adopt a son ____

    adopted words _____



    attempt: attemp to do sth________ make an attemp to do sth________ 8.promise to do sth/ promise+ that .

     Adj________ : He is a promising student.


9.destory/ damage

    10.reality:_____ v._______adj:_______

    ) Many people go to the cinema as an escape from reality.________________________

    realise one's dream ________

    in reality______________

    bring sb back to reality_____________

    11.style____ _____

    1)this suit is in style and sells well.____________ 2)The letter is written in a formal style._____ in style_____

    out of style_______ /live /lively

    1)the film star is still alive._____

    2)living things

    3)alive animal

     A live TV broadcast

    4.) a lively boy.____

     a lively description____

    13.aim to do_____ n. aimlessness._________

     aim at sth / doing: He aimed at the target and hit it. 14.get /be tired of : I am tired of learning maths. tired from(with) _____________


    tiresome_______ a tiresome man.________ fond of

    17.develop an interest in

    18.cann't stand +doing sth.

     Cannt help doing sth

     Cannt help to do sth

    19.look forward to

    20.put off _______ put forward_____ put away_______ put out______ put through to______ put up with______ 重点句型

    1.people generally agree that Pablo Picasso, who lived from 1881 to 1973, is the

    twentieth-century's greatest western artistss. 2.People agree that Picasso's greatest Cubist painting is Guernica, which was painted


in Madrid in 1937.

    3.动词-ing 形势做宾语

     Admit,appreciate, avoid,consider,delay,

    dislike ,enjoy,escape,excuse,finis,imagine,keep,mind, miss,practise,risk, resist,suggest... be used to, can't help doing, can't stand, give up, go on, feel like.keep on, insist on, look forward to, put off ,devote to, stick to, object to, thank you for, have a good time in doing...

    It is worth doing

    It is worthy of being done/ of +n/ to be done

    It is no use/good +doing sth

    It is not any good/use./ useless

    It is of little good/use


    1.To save class time ,our teacher has _____ students do half of the exercise in class and ______complete the other half for homework. B.we C.our D.ours 1. The information on the Internet gets around much more rapidly than _____ in

    the newspaper.

    A. it B.those D.that

    2. The mayor has offered a reward of $5000 to ______ who can capture the tiger

    alive or dead.

    A. both B. others C.anyone D.another .

    3. Look out!Dont get too close to the house _____ roof is under repair.

    A.whose B.which C.of which D.what

    5.Id appreciate _______if you would like to teach me how to use the computer.

    A.that C.this

    6.You may drop in or just give me a call ,_____will do .

     A. Either B.Each C.Neither D.All

    7.My grandfather still treats me like a child .She cant imagine ______grown up. B.mine C.myself

    8.My most famous relative of all ,_____who really left his mark on America, was Rob Sussel ,my grandfather. A. one B.the one C.he D. someone 9.I dont thind weve met before . Youre taking me for ______.

     A.some other B.someone else C.other person other

    10.Why dont you just _____your own business and leave me alone?

     A.make C.consider D.mind

    11.You may not have played very well today, but at least youve got through to the

    next round and ______. A. tomorrow never comes B.tomorrow is another day

    C.never put off till tomorrow D.there is no tomorrow


    12.I cant stand _____ with Jane in the same office . She just refuses _____ talking while she works. A. working, stopping work ,stopping C.working,to stop work, to stop

    13.----There is a story here in the paper about a 110-year-old man.

     ----- My goofness! I cant imagine ____ that old. be hve been C.being D .having been

    14.A man is being question in relation to the _____murder last night.

     A.advised B.attended C.attempted D.admitted

    15.After supper she would sit down by the fire ,sometimes for _____ an hour, thinking od her young and happy days. long as soon as much as many as

    16.The murderer was brought in with his hands _____ behind his back. A.being tied B.having tied be tied D.tied

    17.----- Its so kind of you to do such for me.-----__________.

     A.Yes , I think so B.Im afraid not C.I dont think so D.Dont mention it

    18.The committee has ______ your suggestion and will have the novel _____ for a film.

     A.adapted, adopt B.adopted, adapt C.adopted, to be adapted D.adopted, adapted

    19.The boy is old enough to _____ the difference _______ right and wrong.

     A.speak, from B.tell,between C.say, of D.judge, from

    20.The price of the house has been agreed ______after a heated discussion. B.on C.for D.with

    21.We were enjoying our boat trip very much _____came a gust of wind and our boat was overturned. A.before B.while C.when

    22. When he was there, he ____go to that coffee shop at the corner after work every day.

     A. would B.should C.had better D.might

    23.I would love ______ to the cinema last night, but I had to look after my sick sister at home.

     A. to go have gone C.going D.having gone

    24.______ is known to everybody, the moon travels round the earth once every month.

     A.It B.As C.That D.What



     I teach economics at UNLV three times per weel. Last Monday I cheerfully asked my students how their weekend had been. One young man said that his weekend had not been so good. He asked me why I always seemed to be so cheerful, His question reminded me of something Id read somewhere before :Every morning when you

    get up, you have a choice about how you want to approach life that day,I said. I

    choose to be cheerful.

     Let me gove you an example,I continued, In addition to teaching here at UNLV,

    I also teach out at the community college in Henderson,17 miles down the freeway from where I live.One day I drove those 17miles to Henderson .I exited the freeway and turned onto College Drive . I only had to drive another quarter mile down the road to the college.But just then my car died.I tried to start it again, but the engine wouldnt ture over. So I put my flashers on ,.grabbled my books, and marched down the road to the college.

     As soon as I got there I called AAA and arranged for a tow truck to meet at my car after class . The secretary in the Provost,s office asked me what has happened.This is my lucky day,I replied, smiling.

     Your car breaks down and today is your lucky day? She was puzzled What do

    you mean?

     I live 17 miles from here .I replied.My car could have broked down

    anywhere along the freeway. It didnt . Instead , it broke down in the perfect

    place:Im still able to teach my class, and Ive been able to arrange for the tow truck

    to meet me after class.

     The secretary smiled. I smiled back and headed for class.So ended my story.

     I scanned the sixty faces ijn my class . Despite the early hour , no one seemed to


be asleep. Somehow, my story had touched them, Or maybe it wasnt the story at all.

    In fact , it had all started with a students observation that I was cheerful.

     1.What does the underlined word approached mean in the second paragreph?

     A.come or move near to in a certain way with a particular attitude

    D.take a proper method in doing something

    2.Why did the teacher think that was his lucky daly?

     A.Because his car broke dawn at the right place

     B.Because he got to school on time and was able to teach his class

     C.Because he was able to call AAA and arranged for tow truck to meet his car after class

     D.Because he was optimistic and always find something good from an event 3.The reason why the teachers story touched the students is that_______.

     A.the story was very instructive B.the story was very moving

     C.the teacher was good at telling stories D.the story was very interesting 4.Whats the best title of the passage?

    A.A Luck Teacher B.Every Day Is a Lucky Day

    C.A Teachers Story D.A Good Lesson to the Students


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