communicative approach to writing

By Kevin Miller,2014-01-15 09:34
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communicative approach to writing

1. What is the communicative approach ?

     The communicative approach (CA) was developed by Robert Langs MD .In the early 1970s. It is a new theory of emotional life and psychoanalysis that is centered on human adaptations to emotionally-charged events with full appraciations take

    place both within awareness (consciously) and outside of awareness (unconsciously).

    The approach gives full credence to the unconscious side of emotional life and has rendered it highly sensible and incontrovertible by discovering a new,validated ,and deeply meaningful way of decoding unconscious messages .

    Current methodology acknowledges

    Written exercises as means to consolidate language already studied

    Mechanical writing activities do not by themselves motivate students

    Writing a letter to a friend or parent

    Writing for a specific recipient

    Engage in an act of creative writing where their work is intended to be read by other people ------Students can be motivated by authentic writing tasks that have some communicative elements

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